Hen Do Ideas for the Sophisticated Bride

Forget all about the L-plates, silly wigs, and all that ‘last night of freedom’ stuff! All of this might be fun but not for everyone. If the bride-to-be is a little skeptical of all these ideas, there are endless alternatives. And modern hen parties are all about style and sophistication rather than cheesiness. So skip the feathery boas and look for some clean and sophisticated ideas. And by good fortune, London offers you many. Take a look at our favourite clean and sophisticated hen party ideas that the bride will thank you for.

Shaken not Stirred
You are a pro at sipping cocktails but why not learn the art of making cocktails. A professionaltapsterteaches you how to make tantalizing cocktails mixing and shaking different ingredients. The bride will love the ‘Sex and the City’ style night out. You all will get to make your very own margarita and also taste it. And of course, it will definitely help the bride impress her groom later with her skills. A few favourite bars offering cocktails classes in London are no doubt, Dirty Martini at Covent Garden and Bitter Sweet at Soho, where you decide whether you want it to be bitter or sweet!

Dance like a Diva
If the bride loves to dance, plan a dancing divas night for her at a swanky London club. A flashy dance floor, cocktails flowing all night, and yummy bar snacks, there isn’t a better way to dance the night away. You can take her into 5000 party animals at clubs like Fabric or plan an intimate and private dance party at one of the lesser-known clubbing joints in London. Hire the full space or a Private Booth at Club Ten, Kanaloa, or DukeBox.

Grab the Microphone
It can be the best hen do experience but only if you see a rock star hidden in the bride-to-be. You don’t want to embarrass her as Michael did to Kimmy (Cameron Diaz) in My Best Friend’s Wedding. You don’t need to make her feel embarrassed by taking her to karaoke club nights full of strangers. Plan a private karaoke night at venues in London offering karaoke facilities like jukebox, microphones, and speakers. Let her sing it out loud to her favourite tunes in the company of her best mates. Don’t worry you won’t shatter mirrors.

Pamper Yourself
When the overwhelming days of wedding planning are almost over, what the bride needs is a spa session to relax her weary muscles, stressed mind, and chaotic soul. A day of relaxing massages with scented oils, steam bath, manicure, pedicure, and facials is all that she needs to shine out on her big day. It’s the best gift you can give her ever. Take her to the most loved women only spas in London like Sanctuary or The Beauty Lodge. Expert therapists will wear off all your tiredness for you to get picture-perfect faces on the big day.


  • Buy fun party favours for the bride but that doesn’t mean that you have to give something cheesy. Nobody knows the bride better than you so it’s easy to guess whether a naughty necklace will make her uncomfortable and embarrassed or make her laugh. Choose something fun but make sure to fit it with the bride’s taste.
  • Try and go off the beaten trail. Don’t run after traditional people only bachelorettes. If the bride wants to have a join hen and stag, better call it a “Hag Do”, go for it. Now it’s not that uncommon and is perfect if the bride and groom share same interests and have mutual friends.
  • Don’t surprise her with something that she hates. Every bride is different. Her idea of hen may be jewellery making class, a vintage tea party, and not male strippers strutting their stuff. It’s a big event for her so make sure things are as per her interests.

London has become quite a favourite amongst modern hens and lads. If Las Vegas is for the naughtiest, London is for the classy.

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