Halloween Party Themes: Malice in Horror Land

Calling Jabberwocky, Jub Jub birds, the knave, and the queen of hearts! It is time for a horrific Halloween party. Let us get together and fall down the wrong rabbit hole into the horror land. Wacky décor, funky finger food, and weird costumes, this party is sure to be a big hit. All you need to do is play off the childhood story of Alice but with dark undertones. Add some spice to the Alice in Wonderland theme and make it ‘Malice in Horror Land’. Bring your favourite characters to life and have your very own hit Halloween bash.

Wicked Wonderland
Remember that a spooky Halloween venue is the key to unlock the best Halloween party you have ever had. Any dark and mysterious tropical place will serve as a perfect venue to house your monsters, witches, dragons, and devils. Thecitycollection.org offers you a number of Halloween venues in London that give you goose bumps as you step in. If you have the budget, the choice is endless. If you do not have a deep pocket, do not worry. Look for some special packages and deals now.

Deadly Decorations
Create a wonderland that even a brave girl like Alice would never wish to visit. Decorate the space with Alice’s adventures inspired creepy stuff like black clouds, giant flowers, fake tree branches, and creepy stuffed animals like dressed White Rabbit, Caterpillar, Flamingos, Croquet, Cheshire cat, and of course Jabberwocky. Create a spooky atmosphere with fog machine. Make your door look like a large looking glass that guests have to pass through to get in. Place a large banner saying, “Enter at your own risk”.

Send out invitations that evoke even the sleepiest ghoulish souls to come and join you. Start your invitation with the wording like:

The Queen of hearts commands your presence
At the most horrific Halloween party,
Or it will be off with your head!
Join us if you dare!

Do not forget to remind your guests to ‘not be late for this very important date.’ If creativity is on your mind, send your invites in a vial like the one that Alice finds whilst looking for ways to get through the door. Roll up your invites, slide them in the bottles, and put a label on them saying, ‘Open me’ or ‘Read me.’

Creepy Costumes
This classic fantasy novel gives you plenty of ideas for Halloween costumes. Dress as Alice who has fallen down the wrong rabbit hole into Zombie land. Little Alice turned into a wicked zombie with an axe in her hand, ready to eat up anyone who comes across, sounds fun. And how can we forget the queen of hearts when talking about wickedness? Dress like the queen of hearts with a pink flamingo in your hand and you are sure to be the centre of attraction.

Men! You too have plenty of costume ideas to play with. Add a twist to Mad Hatter’s usual colourful costume with some dark undertones. A long black jacket coupled with black and white pinstripe trousers will look perfect. Complete the look with fingerless gloves, overd bow tie, and long hat with checked trim. Or why not dress as one of the queen’s guards. A red full sleeve T-shirt with a heart card printed on it. Carry a yeoman and you are ready to go.

Food Ideas
No doubt, Alice in Wonderland gives plenty of delicious food ideas for parties. But make sure that you pick those that gel with your theme, which is Halloween. The food has to be spooky and quirky too. Serve liquor in large vintage intricate glass decanters and label as ‘poison’ or ‘drink me’. On your buffet table, place an overd clock reminding everyone that they are late. In Alice’s wonderland big is gigantic and small is tiny. You can also play up the extreme s. Serve a giant cupcake that is actually a cake. Do not forget to include the Queen of hearts’ tarts. Cherry field pastries with small hearts cut from the middle will remind everyone of the tarts. To keep up the fun, buy marshmallows and cut into cubes, and garnish them with raisins so they look like dices. Add a bit of Halloween flavour to your party food with orange desserts. Remove the inside of the orange and carve the sides with a knife. Place a sweet cream or mousse in it and enjoy.

Quotes from the Movie
The movie is a treasure trove of sayings that one can spend hours reading and remembering. And fortunately, there are some scary and weird quotes that can be used in a Halloween bash too. Here are some of the ghoulish golden words that you can use for party banners or in invitation wording.

  • Off with her heads!
  • We are all mad here!
  • ‘It is better to be feared than loved.’
  • It is all in your head, Alice

With a little bit of creativity, you can truly give an unusual twist to a usual Alice in Wonderland themed party. Make it your theme and throw a horrific yet fun Halloween party this year.

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