Halloween Party Ideas: Zombie Theme

Let all the walking dead gather at a zombie party! No doubt, when it comes to Halloween party themes, zombie theme tops the list. And there are enough reasons for that. It provides plenty of decoration and food options and above all, it is spooky, making it apt for Halloween. And the best part is, the guests’ intension would not be to dress up to the nines but look worst. Throw a spooktacular Halloween party this year in a zombified ambience. Do not stress your brain, we have gathered all the ideas for you.

Setting the Stage
Zombie party has to begin outside, so simply turn your backyard into a graveyard. If there is not enough space at your home, do not worry. Our historic city is brimming with Spooky Venue Options. No matter where you are throwing the boo-bash, create a right effect is important. And all you need to do is make your place look messy (Gee, that’s so easy).

  • Use fog machine to blow creepy shoots of smoke in your walkway
  • If it is a garden party, place tombstones haphazardly across the place
  • Fake hands seemingly coming out of the ground
  • The place should look abandoned, so you can use fake cobwebs for that
  • Warning signs are a must! Beware! Infected! Zombies! And a lot more
  • To turn things up a notch, hang a zombie on the door that drops down to scare guests

Achieve the Zombie Look
Do you want to create a signature zombie look? These ideas may help you.

  • Wear old clothes, tear them, and make them look crumbled and dirty
  • Remember how your hair looks when you wake up? Yes, that is the look you have to create, messy and dishevelled. All you need to do is take a nap
  • Add splashes of red dye on your clothes to make them look bloody and grotesque
  • Cover your face with green or grey colour and wear red or yellow contact lenses for the maximum impact
  • If you want chunk of flesh falling from your face, use a peel off mask. Peel it off carefully to achieve the perfect look

Zombie Party Food
You have to keep feeding them unless they will run after you. Thinking what zombies would love to eat. It is the brain and other body parts. Do not worry you do not have to serve all non-veg to make it authentic. Here are some dishes that will do justice with your ghoulish gathering.

Zombie Fingers
Who doesn’t like finger food? Not the usual but food that looks like fingers. Here is how you can make it. Make a cheese and tomato pizza. Cut it into strips to make fingers. Decorate the one end of each strip with tomato sauce to make it looks like fingernails.

Brain Jello
Zombies simply cannot resist brain! And gelatin is just perfect to make brain food. Get your own brain shaped mould and use food colouring to get the right look. To make it look even more realistic, gruesome, and opaque, use some dehydrated milk with red food colouring.

Eye Ball Punch
Simply make your favourite red punch and float gummy eyeballs in it. If you are serving alcohol too, add some rum to make it even better.

Hope these ideas will help you throw a happening zombie apocalypse that your guests will never forget.

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