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Bored of the usual, boring themes for Halloween party and looking for an insanely nerve-chilling party idea for this year’s Halloween? Then, how about decorating your halloween venues in London as a haunted asylum? It is not only unique but will also evoke chill down the spines of your guests. Here is how you can achieve this:

Creating a Medical Experiment Room
The best way to create a replica of a medical experiment room for your Halloween is to put metal tables accompanied with splashes of blood all around them. Along with this, have blood stained knives, walls stained with blood, chain saw and other such items at the venue.

For keeping the ‘haunted’ pitch even more, have dummy corpses on some of the tables with lobotomy tools hanging off the walls.

A Haunted Pharmacy
No haunted asylum is complete without an equally horrific pharmacy. Have lots of medicine bottles filled with fake blood. Spill some medications all around the pharmacy to give it an extremely authentic look. In addition to this, have a pharmacist stained with fake blood for serving up the medications. If you want to spice up the theme even more, then keep large containers filled with mysterious bubbling liquids (non-toxic of course) and have a warning saying, “Keep out of the danger area”.

The Main Room
Pad the whole room with mattresses stained with blood drops and medication spilled all around the place. Have one of your friends as a prison inmate of that haunted asylum and chain him/her. The make-up should be such that it evokes fear in your guests’ mind. For that, create dark circles under your friend’s eyes so that they look ghostly. Further, put fake blood around his/her lips and on his/her hair to give him/her a vampire look.

Along with make up, ask your friend to behave like an insane who has witnessed ghostly activities and now babbles about his/her ghost experiences in incoherent language.

The Medical Office
Have a dusty old-looking reception table with toy rats scampering around it. Stains of mysterious liquids and fake blood will add up to the horror. In the inside room, have your friends act as psychotic doctors and nurses shouting like ghosts. Additionally, there should be some beds covered with old stained bed sheets with patients waiting for their medications.

You can also put weird looking medical equipments and medicines at the spot. As far as lighting goes, keep it very dim so that it creates a ghostly, supernatural ambience.

The whole idea behind celebrating Halloween is to come up with your ‘horrific’ best. Decorate your venue as a haunted asylum filled with insane patients and doctors and let your guests scream out loud!

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