Halloween Costume ideas from A to Z

Ready to trick the kids or give them a treat? All set with your spooky decorations and Jack-o’-lanterns? If you still have not decided the right costume for yourself, then nothing to worry, just sit back and relax. We at TheCityCollection have gathered some evergreen and new costume ideas for you to try on and scare the cow out of those little ones, your friends we mean. Well, nowadays the kids are way smarter than we think.
halloween costume ideas A to Z
Check out these amazing costume ideas in an alphabetic order -
Halloween costume ideas A
Addams family
- Whether you like Wednesday Addams or cousin Itt, just go with the plain black and long hair. And who knows if it’s the right time to nail that Morticia Addams’ look?
Antman- If budget is not a problem then red and silver suit is just your thing this Halloween.
Alice- The little girl lost in the wonderland, unable to figure out the right and wrong. You may also give a horrifying look to it for the fest.


Halloween costume ideas B
Bellatrix Lestrange
- The Harry Potter witch is one of the hottest villainess in the fictional world
Bombshell- If you want to flaunt it, just do it. But do it right!
Black Widow- All you need for this marvel lady is a plain black body-fit suit and an attitude saying out loud, “I’m gonna kill”.

halloween costume ideas C
Cruella de Vil- Hairstyle stuck between black n white and mind stuck on black n white spots.
Creepy Clown- Quite a look to scare the world, kids, adults, dogs….Sorry, not the last one. Beware!
Cleopatra- The bold Egyptian queen always wants a treat. No tricking her!


halloween costume ideas D
Daenerys Targaryen
- If you are a GoT fan then don’t give it a second thought.
Deadpool- The most talked about anti-hero of 2016. You might get some desired awes and applauds.
Deadshot- The villain turned hero in Suicide Squad can be the right choice for you. Come on, try him on!

halloween costume ideas E
Edward Scissorhands- Although a bit hard to pull on this style, but worth your time. Keep your hands clear for the treat. Oops!
Evil Queen- Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the evilest amongst all? Quite a tongue twister though.
Elsa- The snow princess is every little girl’s dream. Fulfil her fantasy this year.


halloween costume ideas F
One of the best things Marry Shelly did. All you have to do is just put the safety pins and cork at the right place and Voila!
- Be the fastest man alive and keep the party charm going.
Fred Flintstone- The Stone Age man is not that scary but you can make him.


halloween costume ideas G
Ghost rider
- The flames are optional but the bike is a must.
Guardian of the galaxy- You can either try the Groot, or Rocket, or keep it whole party’s theme.
Green lantern- The green doesn’t necessarily mean envy, sometimes it’s superpowers.

halloween costume ideas H
Just wear a half torn pants and paint your body green, and the giant is all set to scare.
If you want everyone to hail, then be the king from the Hell.
Harry Potter
- The overcoat, broom, broken glasses, a wand, and the mark on the forehead is not all. You need more, and that is whole atmosphere to be Harry Potter like.


halloween costume ideas I
What is better than the blue and white man in black jacket, all set to welcome his season?
- Be the root of conspiracy theory and try some fictional stories on your friends. They might as well believe you or something.
Iron man- Kid’s favourite costume for any fancy costume party since the comic character has been brought to life after the RD Junior’s movie release.

halloween costume ideas J
Jigsaw Killer
- Don’t go with some mask, rather try the paint for this creepy look.
Joker- Ladies are quite taking over this look than the guys at Halloween.
Jafar- The whole costume of Aladdin’s antagonist is incomplete without abducted genie lamp. Include that as well.

halloween costume ideas K
Katniss Everdeen- The daredevil lady has all the traits to be your ideal. So why not try being Katniss this Halloween?
Killer Frost- All the ladies looking for cold hearted villains’ costume, watch out for Killer Frost.
Kill Bill Girl- The Bride with a sword in yellow suit will certainly steal many hearts.


halloween costume ideas L
Just take out that old leather jacket of your father or elder brother and do the required alterations with it. Horns are optional.
- Princess Leia is not only Ross’s fantasy. Any guy who is a fan of Star Trek might be thinking about her right now.
Lion tamer- An antagonist does not necessarily has to be a renowned personnel, a normal man working at circus can be scary sometimes, just like the creepy clown.

halloween costume ideas M
Mad Hatter- Try Johnny Depp’s look from the last movie.
Megamind- A huge-head costume for this Halloween.
Marilyn Monroe- The Goddess, the boldest, and the courageous lady of the 40’s and 50’s is still one of the favourite characters for any costume party.


halloween costume ideas N
Neytiri Avatar-
If you are planning not to spend on any costume, try the Neytiri look. All you need are some braids and blue paint’S’. And obviously, light clothes.
- Be any anime ninja, ninja turtle or samurai jack. Your costume your call!
Nerd- Be some scary nerd or geek guy. Show the world how it is when the innocent one is no more innocent.


halloween costume ideas O
Oogie Boogie- WE know it’s bit early for Christmas, but Oogie Boogie doesn’t...
Orphan girl- Remember that movie where a 9 year-old turns out to be a 33-year-old lady? Yeah! That creepy one!
Orange costume prisoner- Not spooky but he’s not even innocent or a good man. Man in the orange jumpsuit is a bad man, a very bad man. Tell others too! If you know what we mean!


halloween costume ideas P
- From Jack Sparrow to Captain Hook, you can be anything, anybody, on any day. So go for it this Halloween.
Pumpkin- We are not talking about Jack-o’-lantern here. Just imagine a toddler sitting while wearing an orangey fluffy ball? Cute, right? (Note: adults are advised to carry it on their own risk)
Punisher- If you are looking out for some vigilante, then you may consider being the Punisher.

halloween costume ideas Q
Quinn, Harley Quinn- We know that’s not her name, but James Bond have no exclusive right to use his surname twice.
Queen of hearts- Try making a dress with deck(s) of cards. But plastic, not paper. :P
Quicksilver- If not DC, then Marvel, there can always be 2 fastest men in the single room. Right?


halloween costume ideas R
Red Riding Hood
- Add the Halloween touch to the innocence of this vulnerable one.
Robin Hood- Be the public’s hero, save the world, loot all the candies, spread it among the needy ones. Go Robby Go!
Roman emperor/ empress- Whoever you are, you can always be whomsoever you want.


halloween costume ideas S
Snow white-
She also has the right to be all bad and spooky.
- Black Curtain and a white skull mask screaming ‘Haww’ are incomplete without a knife. Don’t hurt anyone please. By anyone we meant, don’t hurt yourself!
Superman - So simple and easy right? Wrong! Use your imagination, it’s Halloween after all.


halloween costume ideas T
Tinkerbell -
Don’t spoil it with scary looks. Let this one be as she is.
- Not necessary to have six packs and huge built-up to be the Thor. All this heavenly creature needs is a red cape, huge hammer and confidence to kill.
Topgun - Go rough and raw with the Top Gun look.


halloween costume ideas U
- Disney Villains needs some publicity this year. Take her out for a walk.
Ultron - The avengers know him very well. It will be amusing if you keep the whole team of avengers on your side.
Uhura - Another Star Trek lady in the town to look out for.


halloween costume ideas V
Vendetta - The bad guy look is the easiest to pull off with a mask.
Vampire - Very classic but still in fashion to go with anytime anywhere.
Viking- You can be some out of the lead character if you are a fan of the Irish Canadian series.

halloween costume ideas W
Walter White- You need nothing more than a yellow jumpsuit, black galoshes, a mask, and a bald head to outshine.
Wonder Woman- May sound typical but no one is stopping you from trying the sizzling Gal Gadot look.
Wolverine- He can certainly bring any party to life. Like literally!

halloween costume ideas X
X wing Starfighter- Just like we keep saying, you can be anybody so why not this one?
X-ray man- Very typical but still worth a display to the others. Everybody wants to know what’s going inside. So show it to them!
X-man- Here you have a wide range of characters to choose from.


halloween costume ideas y
Yeti- Or big foot, whatever you want to call it.
Yoda- The man on one of the highest authorities is ideal for Halloween party where you need someone to keep things in order. Kidding! It’s party where chaos is the essence!
Yoshi- Bring him to life with green, red and white. Not Christmassy but yeah, you got the idea...we guess!


halloween costume ideas Z
- One of the classic and evergreen costume for the Halloween. You can be any zombie, be it cheerleader, superhero, or even some politician.
Zoro- He can also be a Zombie.
Zelda- Even the video game can be brought to life if you want to. Or life after death. Make this one a Zombie too.

Now you have some ideas who you want to be or how you want to dress up. If it’s a house party, then utilise all your creativity and get some awesome ideas over here. On the other hand, if you are planning a huge party somewhere else, then check out some of the best venues for Halloween on our website.

Happy Trick or Treat-ing!

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