Groomsman Duties: Are You Doing It Right?

Kudos to you, if you have been requested to be a groomsman. It is really a big honour, as you will be the one attending the groom in the wedding ceremony. Usually, the groom prefers the eldest or most responsible person to be his head usher. And, it is his responsibility to ensure all the other attendants come on time and are properly dressed.

Just like the way bridesmaids assist the bride, groomsmen are supposed to assist the groom. He behaves like a Dutch uncle, assisting the groom to succeed in dealing with wedding planning stress. Besides, he also helps the husband-to-be with selecting tuxedos for his attendants. Here are some of the roles and duties that you should perform as a groomsman.


Pay for Your Tuxedo

Whether you decide to wear a rented tuxedo or buy an expensive one, the groom expects you to pay the dough yourself. The next important thing is to get your tuxedo fitted. A loose-fitting Armani suit is worthless than a well-tailored, £80 blazer that you can get from any local fashion store. If you are short on time, then the best way is order it online through Matalan (a leading British retailer). Before buying your wedding attire, you are expected to confirm and look into the groom’s dress.

Attend the Pre-wedding Parties

It is quite necessary for you to attend the rehearsal dinner to have thorough instructions about your roles for the big day.As a groomsman, you are expected to attend all pre-wedding events such as ring ceremony, cocktail party and couple show event.

Reach the Venue before Time

A groomsman should reach the wedding venue at least 45 minutes before the actual celebration. It is a big day for your best friend or brother, but he doesn’t have anything to do apart from getting worried and anxious. So, this is your responsibility to entertain him by playing pool or enjoying the Grand Theft Auto V game on Xbox.

Besides, if the groom is confused with the wedding reception venue, you can also offer him some suggestions. And Thecitycollection is the best place to look for the best wedding venues, ranging from marquees and gardens to historic buildings and cruises.

Serve as an Usher

When guests arrive, you may be asked to usher them to their seats. Before doing that, you should ask if they expect to be seated on the bride’s side or the groom’s side.

According to the Christian traditions, guests from the girl’s side sit on the left and guests from the groom’s side sit on the right. At Jewish weddings, it’s just opposite. The groomsmen should also ensure that the front rows remain held in reserve for family members, if so needed.

Manage Decoration

Of course, supervising a little decoration for your best friend or brother is not at all a problem. You might be requested to roll out a red or white carpet down the aisle for the bride to walk on. Ribbons are placed along the aisle and the groomsmen are the ones who can put up and take down these decorative items at the venue.

Hold onto the Groom’s Ring

Entering the venue with the groom is not where your job ends. It is your duty to keep the groom’s ring safe in your pocket and to give it out at the right time during the ritual. Once the ceremony is done, you may be introduced with the bridesmaid you ushered in the beginning. A groomsman may also join the dance floor with bridesmaids or single female guests during the evening. It sounds quite exciting, right.

These groomsmen responsibilities will not only ease off the stress of the groom, but also help the wedding day go more smoothly.

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