Great Gatsby Inspired Wedding: Flapper, Feathers, and Fitzgerald

Gatsby glitz and glamour does not have to end on the big screen. Art deco sequins, feathers, pearls, sensational costumes, wild parties, and glittering chandeliers are totally wedding-worthy. There is something magical about this classic novel, which has really set the tone for vintage weddings. It is an over the top theme for modern and offbeat brides or to be more precise, flapper brides. Set in the roaring twenties, Great Gatsby is all about old world glamour, glitz, romance, and opulence. And no place represents that charm better than London. You do not need a time machine to step back in the 20s but just a little bit of inspiration. And look no further to get the best Gatsby inspired wedding ideas.

Art Deco Invitation
Nobody needs an invitation when it’s a snazzy soiree hosted by Jay Gatsby but since it is your wedding, you cannot do away with that. Set the right mood for your Gatsby inspired wedding with a retro invitation. Add some geometric patterns, symmetrical designs, and little design elements like gramophone, martini glasses, and so forth. Use swoopy Venetian font so your guests can have an idea that it is a formal affair while the gold ink wills suggest that you have some tricks up your sleeve.

Classy Venue
Time travelling brides! There are a few venues where it is easy to imagine F. Scott Fitzgerald’s hero making a grand entrance and sipping his favourite champagne cocktail. Let us take a sneak peek at a few.

Drapers Hall
There could not be a better place for a high-end Gatsby wedding in London than Drapers Hall. Bathed in history, this lavish hall is an epitome of grandeur and affluence. Glittering crystal chandeliers suspended from the engraved ceiling, walls adorned with paintings, vintage furniture, all add to the Gatsby flavour. Its lush livery hall is a grand ballroom, which has borne witness too many lavish society weddings.

Big Day Look

Brides are turning towards Daisy Buchanan for bridal dress inspiration to get that picture perfect look for the Big Day. Go for a jazz-age gown with some lace detailing and beading embellishment. Avoid voluminous bridal silhouettes and stiff fabrics. Remember you want to look like Daisy not Cinderella. Go for soft old-world fabrics like silk with dramatic back detailing.

The Headpiece
Carey Mulligan’s pearl and diamond headpiece truly turned out to be a standout accessory in the movie. Go for Swarovski studded headbands, combs, clips, or tiaras. Or choose something like soft tulle or lace headband with crystals like Daisy’s.

The Veil
Veils were highly popular during the 1920s so it is a good idea to wear one. Go for a full-length silk tulle veil in ‘Juliet Cap’ style. Named after Shakespeare’s most celebrated heroine, the style dates back to 16th century but came back in trend in 1920s.

Other accessories you can use to take it up a notch are a feather clutch and strappy sting shoes.

The First Dance
Want to make sure that your first dance is as grand as Gatsby soiree? Well, Gatsby gatherings were grand parties. Remember how Nick Carraway was wide-eyed after his first Gatsby soiree. Leave your guests as wide-eyed as he was by learning some authentic ballet moves. Or, join ballroom dance classes in London. Learn some Gatsby moves like fish tail, the scarecrow, and the bunny hop.

The Music and Ambience
Add some 1920s flavour to your wedding day music with a live Jazz band. If you do not prefer a live band, hire a gramophone DJ to play some 1920s records. Hire vintage event specialists like Butler & Taylor and other duos like Shellac Sisters and its A Wind Up. To take it up a notch, you can even hire ballet performers.

The Photographer
1920s period photography was black and white or sepia toned. But you’re not going to choose that, are you? Instead, you can hire a professional photographer in London who can employ different techniques to add a dreamlike quality to your wedding photographs.

The Cake
In Jay Gatsby’s world, everything is extravagant and extraordinary and so is food. You can be as playful with the cake as you want. Go for a dreamlike creation like a sheet white cake with golden accents like ribbon, flowers, and pearls. A grand cake like that is sure to impress your guests when it comes to cake cutting event.

The Cocktails
The action in the movie may take place in the Prohibition era but that did not stop the alcohol flowing. Retro has truly taken over London be it local events, fashion, or even pubs and speakeasies. Why not hire cocktail mixologists to serve guests delicious 1920s inspired cocktails. Serve lots of Sidecar or Bee’s Knees in lush champagne saucers. Take inspiration from Nightjar bar in London.

There is no better theme to have a glitzy and glamorous wedding than Great Gatsby. If wedding bells ringing for you soon, think about pulling together this theme.

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