Go Green! Party with a Purpose

Once all the carousing is over, all you’re left with at the end is a mountain of pizza boxes, plates of piñatas, streamers, confetti, and a lot of disposable products that goes straight to the trash. But before you end up with something like this, consider throwing an eco-friendly party. Parties sometimes can be a hefty price, both for your pocket and the environment. There are in fact a lot of ways to plan a birthday that even Mother Nature showers her blessings upon.


Don’t be surprised! Your venue plays a key role in making your party easy on the planet. If you’re in London, avoid hiring a boat on Thames. Rather look for a livery hall or even a courtyard or garden. Wouldn’t it be perfect to celebrate your special occasion right in the lap of nature? Besides, make sure that the venue is in close proximity to your house so guests can easily reach and you don’t have to waste so much of fuel. Simply explore thecitycollection.org and shortlist venues based on type, location, and of course your budget.

Eco friendly venues in London

Eco-friendly London Venues
You’ll be surprised to find that there are quite a few eco-friendly venue choices in London. Let’s shed light on few of the best we have in our listings.

1. Barbican Centre Conservatory
What can be a better place to celebrate than a venue that houses 2000 species of flora and fauna? Celebrate amidst unusual plants and wildlife at the Conservatory in Barbican Centre. Spectacular banqueting facilities ensure your kid’s birthday turns out to be a memorable event. Besides, there are quite a few unique photo opportunities for you like the wooden bridge amidst unusual plants.

2. The Conservatory and Garden
In the tranquil corner of Bloomsbury lies this lush green garden along with a glass-fronted conservatory. It’s just a short stroll from Holborn tube station, making it easily accessible for guests. It’s a perfect outdoor venue budding with unique flora and park benches offering a perfect serene setting to plan outdoor gatherings. The Conservatory and Garden allows you to host creative outdoor games and activities too. The garden can easily hold up to 160 guests in its tranquil setting.

3. Inner Temple Gardens and Marquee
Inner Temple offers a visually impressive garden and marquee for hire that provides a wonderful and tranquil backdrop of Thames. The impressive garden also features a giant chessboard and pieces for kids to play with. From BBQs to sports day, you can give an unusual twist to your birthday in more than one ways.

Environment friendly decoration ideas

Dazzling Decorations
This is the party planning aspect that’ll risk a lot of money and green credentials, so you’ve to prepared to spend some time, think, and come up with green ideas.

Balloons or Banners
The least you can do is skip the balloon altogether. Yes, it will ruin the surprise moment but when left deflated in the land, it can be a danger to the wildlife that may even die ingesting them. If you’re keen to use little décor details, it would be better to use banners that can be reused for parties in the future.

Skip the Cone Party Hats
Don’t use the same old cone party hat to make your child feel special, instead, you can opt for something like felt wool crown and make your kid look like queen or king. This can also double up as a keepsake of the party and can be reused rather than getting dumped in the dustbin.

Felt Confetti

Popping confetti is just not acceptable for Green parties! Metallic confetti is not biodegradable. So avoid using it! Instead, as an alternative, you can use petal confetti or felt confetti garlands to spice up the look and feel of the venue.

Go to Local Flower Market
No matter what’s the occasion, flowers always work! And keeping that in mind, make sure to head to the local flower market to find flowers that gel well with your theme. Don’t order in bulks but look for giant ones that can add that dramatic touch to your party ambience and make it look like Alice’s wonderland. Don’t go for imported flowers but for locally grown. Flowers are always the quickest and easiest way to jazz up a party.

Skip the paper napkins, plastic plates, glasses, and all the disposables you’re thinking to purchase as all of them will go in trash. Choose cloth napkins that can be used again after a wash. Use cutlery that you have at home! And make sure that whatever you buy whether tablecloth, napkins, or plates are durable enough to be reused.

A great party table doesn’t always require an elaborate centrepiece. To add a sense of style, you can create your own centrepieces that are cheap as well as green. Any colourful product can be used to create eye-catching centrepieces, from the lemons and limes to peppers. if you’re hosting the party during fall or winter, why not use pinecones as centrepieces. They’ll provide a perfect winter inspired rustic look to your table and look stylish too. Fill mason jars with wild flowers or remove the glass tube from the light bulbs and put them upside down on a napkin ring to balance them. And don’t forget to add a windflower to it! You must be having old bulbs not working anymore or wine bottles. Both can be used as creative centrepieces. If you’re planning to give out potted herbs to guests, you can use them as centrepieces at first and later give it to the guests.

Eco-friendly party invites

Paperless Post
Why not go paperless when spreading the word for your child’s birthday. And there are more than one ways to do that.

  • E-Invites: Along with Evite, there are plenty of newbies emerging on the cyberspace allowing you to create digital invites that you can send to your guests through emails. It’s a great way to manage RSVPs online. Plus, you save the money you could have wasted on paper invites and postage cost.
  • Recycles Invites: If you’re still keen to use paper invites, make sure to use recycled paper. Although it won’t have that plain texture, but the roughness and flower petals pressed in it will definitely evoke the theme.
  • Plantable Paper: There are plenty of websites from where you can order wildflower plantable paper invites. Lay these invites in the pot of soil and place it in plenty of sunshine and them cover it with a thin layer of dirt and soil, and keep watering.
  • Coconut Shells: Painted Coconut shells are a great unusual eco-friendly invitation idea. You can get your message written on the shells and ship them to the guests.

Eco-friendly party favours

Frugal Favours
If you’re really keen to give out eco-friendly favours, a bag of seeds is not the only option. There are plenty of earth-friendly favours that are inexpensive as well as quite unusual. Think of Sandalwood fan, soap favours, bamboo plants, wooden coasters, soy wax candles, Australian wooden toy animals, Eco pencils and pens, sea shells, and a lot more. However, nothing pleases kids better than edible favours. So to make sure the little ones are happy with their goodie bags, you can give out chocolate Pops, Cioccolada, homemade pickle in reusable Masan jars, Jars of jam or fresh honey from the local farmer markets, dry fruits in jute bags, organic, and herb teas in reusable tote bags.

Eco-friendly party food ideas

Eco-Friendly Party Food
Frosted cake, artificially coloured candies, and juicy drink cans are all form an essential part of kids’ party menus. But you’ll have to skip all these. Remember that the local is best! If possible, you can choose lots of fruits, veggies, and herbs from your own garden. Or you can visit the local farmer market to buy organic products. Organic poultry and dairy items, grass fed beef, and fruits are all available in these markets.

Bake Your Own Cake
It’s always better to bake the cake on your own rather than getting it from your local grocery store or baker. In this way, you add the ingredients you want and make it “Green”. But before you put your creation in the oven, keep these basic things in mind.

  • Go Organic: When purchasing ingredients, make sure to look for certified fair trade chocolate, fruits, veggies, and flour. This way you can ensure that your cake is GMO-free.
  • Choose Vegan: Why not go for a Vegan cake and prevent the cruel animal treatment at the farms. There’re many recipes available on the web, so you need not fret!
  • Sweet as honey: Sugar, no doubt, is a great sweetener, but offers little when it comes to nutrition. On the other hand, honey can be quite a nice alternative full of vitamins and minerals. And with bees dying at an alarming rate, it can be a good gesture to save the environment.
  • The Colours of Nature: Don’t go for artificial food colouring as it can dangerous for your health and are not eco-friendly. Make use of the natural colours to dye your cake like the hue in berries by crushing it and mixing in your batter. And if you can’t achieve a nice colour that way, you can still decorate with different types of fruits in different shapes.
  • Celebrate the Environment: When it comes to design, a garden inspired cake or an earth shaped cake would be a nice addition to your party. And make sure to use eco-friendly candles for the cake.

Go Vegan or Not
This is the big question that pops up when deciding the menu for a green party. A whole vegan menu won’t be the ideal choice for everybody, so keep that in mind first. If you want to serve non-veg dishes, look for vendors that buy goods from humanely raised pasture fed animals. However, you can include some interesting Veggie options in the menu to go with the theme.

Beverage Options
Those coke cans are not eco-friendly! But that doesn’t mean you’re short of choices. If you’re celebrating in summer, juices, water in reusable cups, and lemonade can be good choices. And if the weather is cold, you can go for hot drinks like organic herbal teas, hot chocolate, and fair trade coffees to beat the winter blues. if alcohol is your thing, green wines and beer from the local brewery are also open options.

Environment-friendly part gift ideas

Gift that Keeps on Giving
Gifts probably will be the least green aspect in your party, as majority of people will try to look for something that’s pleasing for the child, not easy on Mother Nature. But here are a few environment friendly choices that’ll get your kid jumping with excitement.

Kids just love saving, unlike adults! And a recycled leather piggy bank will be the perfect gift for the child so he can save pennies for the future and unlock it at his next birthday to see.

Avoid toys! Getting so many toys on one birthday and that too of plastic that is neither durable nor recyclable, just doesn’t seem sensible. So make sure to give out something out of the box.

How about giving wooden toys? Or rather than giving them something tangible, take them out for a movie, their favourite play, or show. Or you can also gift tree branch pencils or books. You can also donate money on your child’s behalf to a non-profit organization or NGO or contribute to the education fund of your kid.

It pains to see how much paper people waste during holiday season. But you can avoid that by using old paper shopping bags that you have. To spice up the look of the bags, you can decorate it with fabric ribbon or recycled ones.

You must be having a lot of unused stuff at home that can be used for gift-wrapping. Just think out of the box and you’ll be surprised to see what you’ve come up with. Think of magazines, newspapers and even containers and mason jars depending upon the gift.

If you want to show a little love for Mother Nature, planning a green party is a nice gesture towards the environment. Follow these ideas to party with a purpose!

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