Fun Games to Make Your Hen Night Special

While a majority of brides is eager to step into the love life, some still wish one last whoop before walking down the aisle to their husbands-to-be. The hen party is a night of freedom or an escapade of the bride’s last night being single. This party is hosted in a vibrant hen night venue where bride-to-be and girls can enjoy a couple of drinks while playing some interesting games. From beautify the bride to truth or dare; here are some of the popular games that help the bride to enjoy her last night as a bachelorette.

Beautify the Bride
Have you ever tried to give someone a makeover with blind eyes? It sounds offbeat. However, this game is just like that. The bride-to-be is seated on a chair in the middle of the space. Every girl takes her turn to put on some amount of the makeup (i.e. foundation, lipstick and other cosmetics). Unfavourably, the girl carrying out the makeover must be wearing a blindfold. The results are extremely amusing.

Pass the Parcel
As the name suggests, this hen night game involves passing the parcel. This game makes the party more lively, as it involves some crazy prizes and risqué challenges. For prizes, consider night out party whistle, drunk and disorderly labels, bride-to-be award ribbon, and gaga glasses. Some daring challenges to consider are hug random men, kiss a stranger or a solo performance in the club.

Forbidden Words
Forbidden words game is also a childhood game with a lot of adult twist. All you need to do is prepare a small list of words that are banned for everyone during the event, like a bride, honey, or possibly more indecent words. Fix a “fine” for using the forbidden words, like taking certain types of shots or performing a solo dance on any random song. Make sure to forbid the most common words to enjoy penalties a plenty. To make the unforgettable hen party experience, it is advisable to determine the “fines” as amusing, and embarrassing, as possible.

Truth or Dare Games
A quite popular in hen night, truth, or dare is another game set to embarrass the bride-to-be. Just before starting the game, all the hens write a dare or naughty question for her to do or answer through the entire night. Usually, the questions asked in a truth part may revolve around marriage or relationship topics to respect the wedding-theme of the event. The ‘dares’ can be anything depending upon the hen in attendance. There is generally no winner or loser in the game, however, the bride is awarded with a prize or something memorable for all her efforts and embarrassments.

Make your hen night a memorable one with these fun games. You can also share your embarrassing and interesting stories with the bride to make the evening go with a bang.

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