First Birthday Party Themes for Boys

Your little boy is turning one and you are still not sure how to make it special. You have seen Little Man, Aliens, Jungle Animals, and Superhero themes done many times. Do not worry you don’t have to pick a usual theme to celebrate this important milestone as we have some exciting ideas in store for you. These themes will turn your baby’s first birthday party into a magical affair.

Rustic Cowboy
Yeehaw! Your little cowboy is sure to fall in love with this rustic theme. The venue is going to play a major role. So, a good rule of thumb is to hire an outdoor garden venue to complement your theme. Decorate the door with two cartwheels, place hay for little guests to sit, and tie yellow and white balloons with black and brown cow print. Also, cover the table with red and white chequered fabric. Once you are done with the rustic details in the venue, it’s time to think of the menu. Serve BBQ dishes in steel buckets instead of bowls. Ask everyone to dress in chequered shirts and torn denim lower coupled with cowboy hats, long boots, and of course, moustache.. If there’s enough space, why not arrange a pony ride for little ones. As the party winds down, send everyone home with a foam pistol.

Nautical Theme
Ahoy! Birthday boy! To create the perfect setting, red, blue, and white are the colours of the day. Suspend a live raft with Welcome Abroad sign at the entrance. Place graduated chequered, striped, or polka dots pinwheels in red buckets on tables as centrepieces. Fun details like mini anchors and steering wheels, fishnet, and sea shells will definitely take it to another level. Don’t send the little ship captains home empty handed, give out bubble tin favours with pipe cleaner wands! To take things up a notch, why not hire a cruiser in London. When in London, you are never short of boats, ships, and cruise museums for hire on Thames.

Safari with a Twist
Even if your little boy loves jungle animals, you need not make it a usual safari party. Instead, turn it into a carnival circus where all stuffed animals are dressed in glittery carnival caps and clothes. Hire a clown to make sure little guests have a giggling time. To ensure your dessert table becomes the centre of attraction, choose a unique cake blending the elements of both circus and a carnival. How about circus animals under a carnival tent or how about a carnival tent with a monkey on top? Zebra and leopard patterned cake pops will add to your delicious menu and will definitely satisfy the sweet tooth of guests.

Planes embody the potential of kids to reach new heights, so there isn’t a better theme for your son turning 1. Besides, it gives you a lot of opportunities to be creative with décor, costumes, and venues. A rooftop venue will be the ideal choice offering unparalleled views of London’s skyline. However, if it’s an indoor venue, don’t worry as you have a lot of ideas to play with. Start with hanging cloud shaped balloons or cotton from the ceiling and cover the tables with blue-sky inspired tablecloth. As for cake, a blue-tiered cake with cloud frosting and airplane topper will surely be the highlight. To complement your airplane-inspired menu, include earth themed cupcakes, and cloud cake pops too.

Themes always help to keep the fun quotient up in the party. Get your creative juice flowing and create everlasting memories with these creative themes.

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