Finding the Right Venue for a Fashion Show in London

Organising a catwalk is not cakewalk, especially in a fashion-forward city like London. Such events demand acute attention to detail and more importantly an out-of-the-box thinking. And like everything in the fashion world, fashion show venues are becoming more and more unpredictable. When organising a fashion show, you need to keep a few things in mind before falling in love with a venue. Here are things to be kept in mind.

It’s a high profile event; you cannot afford to disappoint your fashion conscious guests. You need to choose a central location so your guests can easily reach the venue. Central London is well-connected to transport links like tube, rail, and road, making it easy for all to reach on time. Also, make sure that the venue offers private parking space too. Why not browse through the website of London Fashion Week here and get venue and staging ideas.

Type of Venue
Creative minds are coming up with new and unique venue choices in London. A simple hall is not going to do here. But since choices are plenty, you need not worry. Just keep your theme in mind before choosing a unique venue. Like, to showcase a Victorian inspired collection, a chic bar or nightclub may not be the right choice whilst a historic venue is sure to wow your guests. Another thing to keep in view is whether you want to throw an after-show party or not. In this case, a hotel venue would be a perfect choice. Arrange a lavish fashion show at its function room, then, treat your guests to a cocktail party at the bar. You can even offer accommodation to your guests.

Size of the Venue
Lights, camera, and fashion! Super models walking the ramp, showcasing the collection, and media covering the footage; all of this happens in about 20 minutes. For the smooth running of the event, a good venue needs to have proper backstage area for models, make-up artists, hair dressers, and designers. Plenty of space for photographers is also needed. So, when choosing the of the venue, don’t just look into your guest list.

Seating and Staging
A lavish hall with a ramp with chairs arranged around it is a popular seating and staging style. But you don’t need to stick to that. Even a theatre with tiered seating will work where models will walk across the stage, pause in the centre, and then again walk across. If your venue doesn’t provide a runway, roll out a red carpet between chairs and your runway is ready.

Proper lighting helps to turn a good fashion show venue into a magical one. Incorporate some great lighting effects into the ambience to give your models the limelight they need. Many of the venues offer appropriate lighting like LED mood lighting and Gobo effects to add that glow to your event. But make sure to pay a personal visit to the venue so you can be rest assured that the event will turn out to be an illuminating one.

Along with lighting, other amenities that will give you a helping hand in making a fashion show event are AV aids that include microphones, sound systems, and plasma screens to cover the event live.

Your choice of fashion show venue can truly make or break your event. Plan your prestigious fashion show in London at a venue that’s as wonderful as your collection.

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