Fall Wedding Ideas that You Will Fall in Love With

Fall is the most romantic time of the year to fall in love and say “I do”. The season of love will soon be here than you know it. If you have planned to get married in fall, then be quick as a wink. Many things are to be done like choosing the right venue, dress, decorations, and a lot more. Short of time and ideas? Do not worry. Here is a quick guide to help you plan a magical fall wedding that all guests will cherish forever.

The season gives you the opportunity to adhere to Mother Nature’s palette. But be careful when choosing the colour scheme. Orange works for spring nuptials while burnt orange belongs to autumn. Your choice of colour will decide the mood of your wedding. Here are some ideas to help you choose a perfect colour scheme.

Seasonal Colours: Autumn gives you plenty of charming colours like orange, mustard, and deep red. But you can always add an unusual touch with unexpected tones like grey, eggplant, and green.

Festive Touch: Give a modern twist to the traditional autumn colour scheme by adding some jewel tones in the colour scheme. Rich colours like golden, emerald green and ruby red give a celebratory vibe.
Mix Metallic Shades: To add more drama, add metallic shades like copper and bronze.

For Outdoor Weddings
Outdoor weddings give you the chance to make the most of nature. Here are some wonderful decoration ideas that will help adorn your outdoor wedding.

Back to Nature: Decorate the space with fall items to enhance the natural bounty and beauty. Use pumpkin, gourds, fall leaves dipped in gold, and bales of hay. Why not exchange your vows under an arch covered with tree branches and leaves.

Leaves: Nothing says fall more than orange and brown leaves. For instant effect, scatter leaves on your tables. Also, ask your baker to decorate the cake with autumn leaves and foliage.
Fireworks: Why not display the rich colours of fall in the sky. Light up the sky with glitzy fireworks and impress your guests.

Lighting: For an evening reception, light up the space with paper lanterns in different shapes and colours. To create a festive ambience, hang strings of twinkling lights. Also, use candles to illuminate the space and create a romantic and warm setting.

For Indoor Venues
Do not worry if you have chosen an indoor venue. You are blessed with plenty of exciting decoration ideas. You can also buy fall wedding decorations by colour online at http://www.confetti.co.uk/shop/. Read on to get great ideas for decorating an indoor venue.

Add Glamour: You are not confined to the rustic and casual look. Why not create a lush autumn ambience. For pillars, use lush velvet drapes in rich tones like plum, chocolate brown, and gold. Enhance the rich effect with golden chandeliers with crystal leis, gold branches, and antique tableware.

Lighting: Bring the season in with effective use of lighting. Use gobo lighting effects and create a branch or leave pattern on the dance floor or on the ceiling of the tent or room. It will create a look as if early sun beams are pouring out through the trees. Also, you can change the mood and setting with mood lighting. Start the cocktail hour with a sunny effect and move to pink and purple sunset effect during the dinner. As the night approaches and guests head to the dance floor, create a deep blue ambience.

Indoor Foliage
To add natural elements to your reception site, incorporate some seasonal charms like tall centrepieces filled with golden branches with hanging crystals. Also, scatter leaves and place a large centrepiece filled with gold tree branches.

Autumn gives you the chance to skip the all-white dress and opt for something that reflects the season and is yet elegant. Here are some alluring dress ideas for brides and bridesmaids.

For the Bride: Off-white, cream, or even beige wedding gowns go well with a fall wedding theme. Add drama to your dress with a golden brown waist sash and some lace detailing.

For the Bridesmaids: Bridesmaids will look gorgeous in deep plum, mustard, and forest green gowns made of rich fabrics like velvet, silk, or lace. Also, to protect them from fluctuating weather, ask them to wear matching stoles or scarfs.

Way to a man’s heart goes through his stomach. To win the heart of your guests, serve delightful food that exudes the fall theme too.

Classic Crowd Pleasers: You can’t go wrong with the traditional favourites like roasted chicken, filet and salmon for starters. Seasonal standbys like red potatoes, turkey, and green beans will definitely please the taste buds of your guests.

Soups: To beat the chill of the autumn air, make sure to serve some delightful autumn inspired soups. Serve sweet potato soup served in a baby pumpkin or butternut squash. For garnishing, use toasted nuts and spicy pumpkin seeds.

Thanksgiving Feast: Why not turn your wedding dinner into fall’s most beloved holiday. Make arrangements for a Thanksgiving feast complete with a roast turkey, gravy, and stuffing.

: To please the sweet tooth of the guests, serve delightful desserts. Apple tarts, chocolate brownies, coffee ice cream, all evoke the autumnal spirit.

No wonder, picking a location and venue is half the battle in wedding planning process. Not sure whether to choose an outdoor or an indoor venue? Get inspiration from these ideas and tips.

Outdoor Splendour: The lovely season definitely calls for an outdoor venue that reflects the charm of the season. Some alluring ideas are parks, gardens, marquee, vineyards, barns, or something unique like grounds of a historic mansion.

Venue with a View: If an outdoor venue is not for you, look for a venue that boasts views of a garden or fall foliage.

Outdoor and Indoor Options: There is one thing unpredictable in London and that’s weather. Fall temperatures can fluctuate between anything from very hot to very cold. Good rule of thumb is to choose a venue with both indoor as well as outdoor options. Find a livery hall with a courtyard or a conservatory with a garden or even a rooftop venue will work.

The City Collection brings you a choice of wedding venues that will make your fall wedding stand apart. Here are three of the best fall wedding venues London.

Guildhall: This lovely livery hall is perfect if you are looking for an indoor venue. What makes this grade II listed building ideal for an autumn wedding is its Great Hall. High arched ceilings, stained glass windows, and lush chandeliers give a perfect setting to arrange a fall inspired wedding. Perfect for a grand and glamorous fall wedding, this hall can easily seat up 900 guests in reception style seating arrangement. Along with an unusual backdrop, Guildhall offers best catering to complement your event.

Tower of London: Why not give your wedding a historic touch by getting hitched at this unique fortress in London. The stoned walls, tables lit with gold lamps, and chandeliers give a unique feel to your wedding. Besides the historic charm and fall inspired colour scheme, Tower of London boasts unrivalled views of Thames and the city. The wonderful panorama serves as a perfect backdrop for your nuptials.

The Conservatory and Garden: Looking for an outdoor space? Arrange your fall wedding here at The Conservatory and Garden. Plan a great cocktail hour in the lush garden with chairs, benches, trees, and flowers giving a rustic feel. Then arrange for a delicious dinner in the Conservatory offering views of the greenery. With both indoor and outdoor options, this venue promises a wedding to remember forever.

Fall is a magical time to exchange vows. Take inspiration from these ideas and let your creative eye work to plan a magical fall nuptial in London.

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