Fall Wedding Decorations

With a nip in the air and fresh aroma of autumn leaves, fall is the most romantic time to marry someone in London. If you are planning a fall wedding, then pay attention to the decorations. The wedding decoration is the most important element to plan a ceremony.

With leaves on trees changing colours from green to red, orange, and yellow, it is time to tie the knot with someone whom you love. Celebrate the most important day of your life with this celebration of nature in full bloom.

A fall wedding in London can be a bit ceremonial or even pleasingly casual. Everything depends on your choice. So, just have a look at these wonderful fall decoration ideas for your wedding:

Picking the right colour scheme can set the mood for a fall celebration. Fall symbolises change, and thus choose not just one colour, but from a rainbow of colours, such as burgundy, red, gold, orange, copper, bronze, and so on. These bright colours signify a feeling of warmth and cosiness, as in a fall wedding.

A fall wedding in a luxury hotel is always a classy affair. But, why not think out of the box. Pick a wedding venue, with an advantage of the fall beauty. A courtyard or a garden will just be the one you need for your fall wedding in London. Some other options include vineyard, an orchard, or may be old barns. All these venues give a fairytale effect. So, pick the right location, as the perfect wedding venue can leave you and your guests with beautiful memories forever.

Fall wedding ideas are many, but choosing the right ones if often difficult. Here are few stunning decoration ideas, which you can use at your wedding:

  • Flowers are one of the key elements in a fall wedding. There is a lot of choice including mini calla lily, sunflowers, roses, hydrangea, iris, daisies, and others. Choose flowers that go well with your colour scheme. Use them as centrepieces to add a magical touch to your fall decorations.
  • Use pumpkins as place cards to give a perfect look to your celebrations. Choose small size pumpkins. Cut into the stem and stick place cards with glue.
  • You can even use fall leaves to decorate chairs and aisles. Go for different colours and sprinkle them all over the place.
  • Place nuts and fruits in hanging baskets along with flowers on the table. You can try making an arc of dried leaves, haystack, or dried grass to give a cosy feeling at your wedding.
  • Fall is also the harvest time. So, plan using lots of flowers, fruits, and vegetables that are available in the season. This will give the venue an earthier and natural look, making is adorable for a fall wedding.

There are plenty of options for decorating a fall wedding in London. Using these ideas will help you to throw a fun, beautiful, and lovely ceremony as per your requirements.

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