Eureka! Here’s How to Throw the Best Birthday Bash for Girls!

Every little girl loves the idea of birthday celebration with her best pals and being treated like a princess. So, why not make your girl feel special on her birthday? She might remember this occasion in the future and love digging down the past memories in awe.

Tips to Best Girl

To make your girl’s celebration special and memorable, you need to be sensitive about her choices. Your baby girl may have a penchant for ‘Alice in Wonderland’ birthday theme or may have a fondness for ‘Hello Kitty,’ ‘Disney Princesses’ or other birthday idea. Be in favour of her suggestions and plan accordingly. Here are some tips and tricks to help you plan a hearty little party for your little princess.

Hire a Kid-Friendly Venue


Your girl’s birthday is approaching, and you’re not sure where to host it. Planning an outdoor celebration in summers can be really fun. Why not opt for professional planners and you just shop the best dress for birthday girl.

If indoor venue is your choice, choose a colourful and kid-friendly space to easily set the mood of the party. A theme party complimented by intimate ambience of venue will offer many moments to remember. A barbie-themed restaurant or cafe that is magnificently decorated with pink flowers would be a great option for you.

Besides, themed cafes, local zoo, and garden venues are some spots that you can take into consideration. Before choosing the venue, make sure that the location is easily accessible for all guests attending with kids.

Birthday Girl Says It All


It’s always good to plan a theme including Disney and comic characters she loves. Hey! Why not let her decide the theme for her special birthday. We are sure she won’t ask for more than a glittering celebration with her darling characters. Something you are already planning. Isn’t it? But, it’s good to treat her like princess and obey her. (winks!)

Rainbow Hello Kitty, Alice in Wonderland, American Girl Doll, and Luau also make for interesting themed parties.

The Charm of the Celebration

Birthday Party for Girls in London

Obviously, no birthday bash would complete without a cake. Let her friends drool over a delicious customised cake relating to the theme. Kids love cake and other bakery items like pastries, muffins, apple pie and quiches. Make sure you don’t get out of stock for these as this might spoil everyone’s mood.

Get the decoration as per the theme and choice of the birthday girl. Using doll accessories, blow driers, purses and other girly stuff as cake toppers will make every girl giggle.

Invite in Style


As off now, the venue and theme planning is all set. So, let’s head towards invitations. There is no end to creativity that you can show with the invitations. You can strike a pose of your girl in the invitation or butterfly shaped invitations for butterfly themed parties. The best way is to use bright colours and patterns, as your invitations will set the tone of the party.

Serve a Kid-Pleasing Menu

Birthday PArty for Girls Planning in London

There’s no doubt, kids always have their own food choices and are usually picky eaters. So, setting the best food menu can be a little tricky. It is possibly one of the most difficult and imperative tasks in planning. Try serving healthy food that doesn’t stain kid’s attire and is loved by elders and kids. One’s menu can include pizzas, pastas, veggie dips, bite-size cupcakes and much more that kids love.

Capture Moments

Your girl’s birthday is a milestone which certainly calls for special photo shoot sessions. You can get tons of pictures and some great shots. Capturing cake shots, kids stuffing their mouth with cake, merry making scenes and friends covering ‘the birthday girl’ in frosting from head to toe will make for great memories. Nowadays, candid photography is in trend to get everything captured in a larger-than-life frame and enjoy attention.

Relax ’n’ Go with the Flow

The juices will spill, kids might cry along with other random stuff going on in the party, but you shouldn’t sweat. It’s your princess’ birthday, so just relax and have fun. Don’t get caught up in little details. It’s the smile on your wee one’s face that matters and nothing else.

Follow these tips and suggestions that will help you plan a special and hassle-free bash for your sweet little baby girl.

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