Do’s and Don’ts When Planning a Wedding Reception

Wedding reception ideas

Your wedding reception can be one of the glowing moments of your life. But to do that, you need to plan everything exactly how it’s supposed to be. Whether you dream of saying I DO barefoot on the beach or jetting off for a private and romantic reception, you and your partner don’t need to worry about the party at that time.

Simply pay attention to these do’s and don’ts that will help you to plan a super fun and enjoyable evening. These things will ensure that you will have nothing to anxious about when it comes time to kiss your gorgeous bride.

Do: Be on Time
No matter whether you are a close friend or just a distant relative, you should be on time. Reach the venue at least 20 to 30 minutes before the ceremony, as your presence can bless the event.

Do: Hire an Event Planner
It is true that many budget-conscious lovebirds don’t hire wedding planners, but you may determine that the nominal charge of a planner is worth the stress you’ll avoid. An event planner can help you to make the most of your budget. Prior making a decision that you want an independent wedding planner, though, don’t forget to ask whether your wedding venue offers on-site coordinators. If the venue offers the event planning services, then you will be able to save a great deal of money.

Wedding reception activity ideas

Do: Arrange Fun Reception Activities
Entertainment is a key to an amazing reception. Games are a good source for entertainment and should be mandatory for all. Hula-hoops, giant chess, and tug of war are some of the fun games that can make your reception ceremony more special.

Do: Wear What You Want to Wear
Some brides stick to a decision to wear a vintage gown, while the smart ones pick the wedding dress according to their body shape. Every bride only gets one opportunity to wear the dress of her dreams, so it’s okay to do it.

Do: Meet and Greet Every Guest
Make sure all your guests enjoy your wedding day. Greet everyone and make him or her comfortable. If you are a little nervous what to say, then why not choose some pick up lines. Some of the few examples are “Good to see you”, “Thanks for Coming”, and “Your Presence Fills this Place”.

Do: Get Married in London
Many lovebirds feel, “This will be simple, we’ll go to London”. Historic wedding halls, quirky reception venues, and riverside spaces will surely make your reception special. All these spaces are set-up under a one-stop-shop system where you will get everything from food to the photographer. All you need to do is to get married and enjoy a romantic time with your best mate.

Don’t Forget to Read the Terms and Conditions
Don’t sign any contract without reading it carefully. Many event coordinators will show a primrose path and freak you out with the unexpected bills later. So, avoid getting yourself into a debt through hidden terms and conditions.

wedding do

Don’t Forget to Switch off your iPhone
Your iPhone can swing the whole mood with a random ringtone outburst of “I’m friends with the monster”. Whether you are a special guest or a close friend, don’t spoil the couple’s wedding day by interrupting their vows with Rihanna or Taylor Swift.

Don’t be Anxious about Having an Open Bar
It is true that guests don’t drink like a fish when it comes to wedding receptions. So, get relaxed about having an open bar.

Make the most of these do’s and don’ts to plan an unforgettable wedding reception. Most significantly, smile because you just tied the knot with your love!

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