Dos and Don’ts of Planning a Team Building Event

You must have heard corporate teams head out for parties and team building activities like rock climbing. The question that pops up is; do these gimmicks really work? And the answer is; results vary.

Sometimes the best efforts to enhance team spirit fail since people who organise such events don’t understand the real worth and purpose. However, avoiding some pitfalls can help you plan a successful team building program as smoothly as possible.

Do: Pick the Right Type of Event

Choosing an event that suits the majority is a tricky task. Not everybody will prefer a physically demanding task whereas other may prefer it. You have to keep the diversity of the group in mind before choosing an event. It’s better if physical ability does not play a major role in your event. Try and plan an event where everybody can participate. From scavenger hunts, dance contest, to puzzles, you can choose anything keeping your team in view.

Don’t: Hold the Event in Office

Team building events are designed to enhance communication, team spirit, and build trust. No employee would want such an event to take place in office. An event at the workplace can turn out to be extremely uninspiring therefore, it’s better to take your team member offsite. Tony Robbins was right when he remarked, “By changing nothing, nothing changes”. If you really want some positive changes in team, think of changing the venue. The mere mention of a new event venue will generate enthusiasm and become the hot topic in office. You can take them on-board and have a boat party too. brings you some of the best corporate venues in London to suit your requirements and budget. Hire these venues for organising team building exercises and workshops.

Do: Make it Fun

The very purpose of a team building event is defeated if it’s not exciting. It is a way to break the ice and improve interaction among all. And to get the ball rolling and inject some fun, some ice-breakers and activities have to be the part of the event. Be creative and get inspiration from reality TV shows.

Don’t: Ignore Boredom

Don’t ignore the signs of boredom like yawning and watching the clock. It is a signal that your event is not gaining the desirable results. Here comes your role as a great host or leader. It’s your responsibility to keep everyone involved. Pay attention to those who you think are losing the connection or are not participating.

Do: Encourage Participation

If you want the event to work, make sure to include the whole team. Also, ensure that all the new members and part-time workers are also invited; you don’t want them to feel left out, do you? During the event, encourage all the team members to participate in different activities. Arrange some contests, give them challenges and promote healthy competition in the team. Also, don’t forget to reward the winning team.

Don’t: Make it Competitive

Before choosing any activity, it’s important to take into consideration how the team interacts on regular basis. If there are personal conflicts within the team, then a competitive activity like paintball may only increase hostility. The purpose of a team building event is to bond the team and not increase rivalry among the members. Hence, it’s better to opt for non-competitive games. Keep your focus on communication oriented exercises.

If done right, team building activities can turn out to be quite beneficial. Keep these dos and Don’ts in mind when planning a team building event in London.

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