7 DIY Christmas Gifts for Everyone

With Christmas ringing the doorbell, the excitement level of each individual reaches its peak, irrespective of the person’s age. It’s that time of the year when you want to spend some quality time with your favourite people, away from the corporate and commercial chaos. This year, show them what they mean to you and how much you care for them by gifting them some precious fruit of your efforts and time.
Christmas gifts diy thecitycollection
These 7 kinds of DIY gift are not only easy to make but they might as well work like a magic spell on some hearts on its receiving end. From cards and wreaths to Christmas decorations and unusual gifts, TheCityCollection suggests everything to make your Christmas celebrations, a memory to be cherished forever.

Have a look:

1. With Love, from Santa
diy christmas cards thecitycollection
Just take out that old colour box, stationary kit, and you surely don’t have to be Salvador Dali to paint the canvas for your loved ones. This plan will not fail as everyone loves a card.

2. Give it a Christmassy look
christmas decor diy thecitycollection
These small decorative items take no time, but made out of love and affection for the person who is going to receive it.

3. What’s Christmas without FoOd?
christmas food recipe thecitycollection
Who can say no to Christmas cookies, gingerbread, Stollen, panettone, pie, and Christmas cake? Only a fool, right? Show off your culinary skills with these mouth-watering treats.

4. Say it with the wreath
christmas wreath diy thecitycollection
The wreaths are not only Christmas’s symbols, but also bend the curve between nose and chin, and stretch it from ear to ear whenever a wreath is found on the door. Its purpose is not limited to that, a wreath is one of the ideal gifts for your family, friends, and neighbours.

5. The Christmas tree, a.k.a. the gift shelter
christmas tree thecitycollection
The Christmas tree is that gift shelter, which children love the most and decorate it with sheer enthusiasm. If you want your relationship with someone to last forever, gift them this similar symbol in the cutest way possible. Well, not a whole fir tree, but a tiny hand craft will do.

6. Unusuals
unusual christmas gifts thecitycollection
You don’t have to go out of the box and give some extraordinary gift to your near-dear ones, even a stocking is worth a thousand gifts.

7. Wrap it up nicely!
christmas gift wraps thecitycollection
Now it’s all up to you, whom will you gift your best masterpiece after wrapping it with colours and joy. You can grace it with ribbons, sparkles, candies, pinecones, threads, buttons, and whatever you feel is worth shining on the top. An ideal wrapping is equal to an ideal gift.

These DIY gifts will certainly make your favourite people happiest individuals on this earth. If you don’t believe, just ask them once you gift them your efforts, your time, and your hard work. Well, a little bit of the last one.

Now go and make everyone “Merry” because it’s “Christmas” !

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