Decor Ideas for a Girl’s Birthday Party in London

The best way to make your daughter’s birthday even more eventful is by throwing an astounding shindig for her. And, a whirlwind bash needs an equally impressive decor to complement it.
The decor for your little lady’s party should not begin with paper cups and end with birthday candles. Think unique and change the atmosphere of your little lady’s birthday venue in London to her likings. Here are some decor ideas which will aid you in achieving this. Whether your girl is a preschooler or a teenager, these decor ideas will add an unparalleled razzmatazz to her bash.

Pick an Appropriate Theme
Appropriate theme does not mean handpicking a theme by yourself. Consult your daughter before finalising on it. This will help in avoiding confrontation between you and your daughter regarding this. For example, if you know that your little lady is a big fan of Hannah Montana, then throwing a rock star birthday party will be sublimely apt.

Plan the Events
Plan the order of the day and stick to it. Stick with the normal pattern, i.e. greetings, games, birthday celebrations, activities, gifts and departure of guests. Divide the categories distinctly and allot an approximate time to each so that you have a rough itinerary in your mind.

Choosing the Right Colour Combination
Have the venue painted with colours that are your daughter’s favourites. Applying the mix and match pattern of your little lady’s favourite colours would be even more appealing.
While you are adding crepe paper streamers on the walls, see to it that the streamers are matching with the colour theme. Unroll streamers of two different colours at once and twist them to make them more visually attractive.

Venue Decor
Hang a large party banner at the entrance announcing your little lady’s bash. String white lights all around it to create a fascinating contrast.

Place twinkle lights all around the venue ceiling and at the walls as well. Make sure the lights do not hang too low as it would create disturbance for guests.

For the main party area, choose large printed pictures of your daughter that catalogue her journey. Paste these pictures on large cardboards and place them all around the main party room.

Table Decor
For table centrepiece, have six or eight pieces of tissue paper in a stack and cut them all in 8-by-8 size. Then, fold the tissue papers like an accordion and tie the centre. Twist successive pieces of paper and then pull them from centre to create flower petals. In the end, put your tissue paper flowers into a beautiful vase and stick balloons at the outer edges of the vase.

Afterwards, tie some balloons with a heavy object and keep them around the centrepiece. For chairs, tie bunches of balloons at their backs.

Nailing the decor part for your girl’s bash in London needs delving into the mindset of your little lady and creating a decor that is acceptable to her. Use the following tips and create the perfect rocking ambience for your little lady’s birthday bash in London.

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