Dazzling DIY Decoration Ideas to Popularize Your Event

Wonders happen when your creative mind meditate to bring out something out of the world. Putting together some of the simplest things with extremely innovative ideas can be so interesting. And, as the saying goes, charity begins at home. Have you ever thought how creative can you go with those casual serving glasses, getting bored on your table? It is going to be a super fun while playing around tastefully with kitchen crockery, waste paper, umbrellas,and even pumpkins.

Be it a birthday, a wedding, Halloween, Christmas or any other special occasion, DIY decorations always work to impress your guests. We have got a superb collection of exclusive artistic concepts to add an edge to the décor of your next gala event.

Offer Wings to Birthday Bash

DIY ideas for birthday in london venues

Keep aside those monotonous and repetitive decoration pieces and try out these artistic moves this time. Grace up the charm of birthday venue by embellishing it with your arty eye. Tantalise kids’ appetite with delicious cupcake parachutes hanging all around with glittery ropes and balloons. Treat their eyes with colourful fete of ribbons and paper art. Let them relish every bit of their special day with a blast of creativity and bliss.

Super Creative Wedding of the Fall

DIY decoration ideas for wedding in London venues

Lend a magical touch of exclusive DIY decoration ideas to accelerate the beauty of your wedding space. Bless the day with innovative shower of the tints, novelty, and grandeur. Let the ambience of your special day spark with a heavenly glow, just as a crystal pearl shines beneath the water bed. Set a serene and enchanting realm with artistic candle stands, luminous jars, and floral art.
You can plan a lavish wedding reception incorporating all your decoration concepts at the Draper’s Hall. Send us an enquiry on Thecitycollection.org to hire this venue on handsome rates.

Lend Shower of Tint to Summer Parties and BBQs

DIY decoration ideas for summer parties and BBQ

What comes at first in our mind after listening the term summer party is hues, juices, food, chilled drinks and hell lot of fun….Yeaahhh!! What if you make an eccentric mishmash of all these fascinating features? Garnish the table with multi-hued summer delight recipes of fruits and vegetables. Turn the refreshing drinks more tempting by serving them in dazzling glasses beautified your creative vision. Beat the heat of summer by embellishing the ambiance with cool colour scheme and aromatic flowers.

Sparkling Christmas Fete

DIY decoration ideas for Christmas

Jingle Bell…Jingle Bell…Oohhoo… Actually it should be Glitter Bell…Glitter Bell…Glitters all the way!! Spread the melodious sound of Christmas bells dipped in the music of shimmering embellishment. Bedeck the Christmas party venue just the way you want. Create glittery pines and flamboyant balls accessorized with adorable buttons making a fine designing on it. Hang these art pieces on walls and ceilings to elate Santa with a flash of delight, the moment he arrives your party place.

Amused by the ideas, you can hire The Medieval Banquet to arrange DIY decoration Christmas party. It is a quirky venue to host a grand and sophisticated celebration in London. Contact us at Thecitycollection.org to know more about such exclusive venues, their special offers and booking facilities.

This is how you give a whole new flair of panache and merriment to your special occasions with utmost ease and creativity. Check these out and through a super hit bash, surprising all your guests.

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