Crashing the Christmas - Organise the Craziest Party in London

‘Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it.... as if you can stop the snow?’

Well, well! Its Christmas and the biggest party extravaganza of the year, isn’t it?

To see your face light up at the very thought of ‘party’ can mean just one thing - yes, you are crazy. Hear us out before you go on to the next website on your browser, with a frown on your face!

You are crazy to not have fun party ideas seeing the Christmas time approaching in London. This year is special as this year is NOW. Why just put all your hopes of organising that insanely merry Christmas party to distant future? You are alive and kickin’, aren’t you? Then let’s do this!

Take down all your Halloween-decorations-worth-inhibitions aside for a minute and think about it on a more serious note. And then tear that serious note into million tiny little pieces, to use as confetti later. After you are done with that, come back to your computer screen so we can corrupt your brain with these ‘nutty-as-a-fruitcake’ Christmas party ideas, extra roasted below!

1. Tongue-in-Ice:

Hey! We said crazy, not mean. Whether it is an office party or some pals gathering up for a barmy night, a few games can just crack the nut. But beware of the games that can turn all your spirits and alcohol into a wonderfully slow tea party. How about a mysterious twist with Death by Winking, or bust a gut with Laughing Game?

2. Decorating People:

To decorate a Christmas tree is a tradition. But doing that to your invited guests may cause some awkward trauma or just more funny pictures in your collection. This is where the weird party ideas drop out of your genius mind, in the form of party supplies. You see where we are going with this? We bet all you can imagine by now are moustaches flying around, glowing red devil’s horns swaying with music, and so on.

3. Icing on the Cake:

Who cares about the cake? Well some hungry people and foodies do. But our focus is on the icing to your party, the snow. What can be more Christmas-y than artificial snow falling or carefully placed for people to trot about in. To make it appear as a sinister production of your unstable mind, you may organise a snowball fight for your guests. It can also get a mound of fake snow to push people in, and no one will know. Shhhh.....

4. Putting the Toe Back in Mistletoe:

While conjuring up the guest list, why not invite that special someone you have been meaning to ask out for forever now? So, here’s the plan. Invite the person and while you engross them in some made-up chatter, walk them under the mistletoe and innocently imply to its presence. If you need a plan after that then we request you to spare that poor human and make out with a mirror.

5. Let it Slide or Something:

Props and decorations are always great to make your party seem lively, at least appear like one. But with your strong determination and our dirt, let us take things up a notch. Get in a slide, roller blades, or carnival rides, surely the ones which can fit into your party venue, for your tripping guests.

6. And Surprise!

To find the missing puzzle piece is always a delight, even if that means a venue which is as unusual as your one-in-a-million brain. Some likeminded people at have put together a list of Christmas party venues in London. These include ‘suitable’ party venues on land, water, and almost air. Medieval Banquet is a Gothic themed venue at St. Katherine Docks for meeting mock royalty with a polite greet. West End on Thames lets you hire cruises for parties, so you can pretend to float over Thames on Christmas. Maybe you would want to take a Titanic-like selfie while out there, but beware! Don’t drop drunk in Thames, in your effort to validate your highest levels of crazy.

7. Theme is the Cream:

Just like a war plan, if you don’t scheme your party plan intently, then things and people can definitely go haywire. Deciding a theme for your Christmas party in London can completely work in your favour. No matter what crazy theme or idea your wayward mind decides to pursue, you can always blame it on London!

8. Tasting Your Own Medicine:

Yes, we know you will be giving your time, unholy soul, money, and office hours into making this Christmas party airborne. Try out a clueless but experienced party planner to take care of your crazy business. Let your wig down and put the dance floor in gyration mode with your thunderous dance moves. Oh dear!

This is a statutory request for all you budding cuckoo enthusiasts reading this. The above list is based on tried and tested real life events, voluntarily conducted by some actively regretting but happy humans. Let your crazy stint at organising a ‘Memorable Christmas Party in London’ stay ‘memorable’ enough. Don’t drink and drive too! Not even in a stationary car.

Top Christmas Party Venues in London

HMS President

Victoria Embankment

In & Out

No. 4 St. James’s Square

Vintners Hall

Upper Thames Street

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