Corporate Event Planning – The Essentials

When planning a business event in London, it is important to find an ideal venue within your company’s budget. The venue helps you to organise an event as per your requirements. From finalising the guest list to outlining the proposed itinerary, a venue in London plays a crucial role in your event.

To ensure that you find the right venue, in right location – and at right price, we at TheCityCollection brings you a perfect checklist for planning a corporate event in London. You can stay assured with us about your business event, as our team helps you plan everything the way you wish.

Find out the essentials to organise a great meeting, training, or conference in City of London:

Find the Right Venue
This is an obvious question, but most essential one – How many delegates you wish to invite to your corporate event? When planning a business seminar or conference, it may be difficult to be accurate, but then you should have a clear idea about how many people you wish to invite.

Meeting and conference venues in London at TheCityCollection usually work close to maximum capacity. Empty rooms are always lost to your company’s revenue. If you can guarantee them, a minimum number of guests or revenue, then you can get amazing offers for your events. But, make sure you give a long lead time, i.e., book a space with these venues in advance.

You must also consider who will be your event delegates. How many people are expected to attend? If you know these little elements, then it will be easy to budget your gathering. It is also essential to consider whether there will be any media representatives or special guests, who need special facilities. In this case, you may need additional security or specific requirements.

When to Book
It is always important to book a conference space as early as possible. Otherwise, arranging other factors will be difficult, if not impossible. As soon as you confirm your conference date, book a venue in London. Some people like to source their own venue, and others use a professional venue finding company like us to find and book a venue. TheCityCollection offers great experience and expertise along with excellent service to find a professional conference venue in the City of London.

Just provide an exact date for your corporate event, and our team will assist you finding the right choice of space as per your capacity and requirements.
If you are specific about a particular date, then you have an opportunity to hire the perfect space for your event. The duration and format of a business event are important. A meeting, conference, or a seminar needs big syndicate rooms, an auditorium, and separate dining facilities. So, in case you need to meet all these requirements, book a venue as early as possible.

Things to Consider
When planning a corporate event, you must consider following things so that everything turns out to be smooth. A little bit of planning and effective execution of plans will help you organise a great event in the capital.

Where is the Conference?
Who is coming and from where? Will delegates be travelling by air, rail, or road? All these elements will decide whether you a need a venue easily accessible from tube, a railway station, an airport, or a motorway. These elements are essential and help you decide the exact location for your event.

Why Do You Need a Conference?
What is the purpose of the event? Decide whether you need a meeting or conference for a training course, a sales conference, or any other business affair. All these events require a different style of venue. So, choose a business space that can help you achieve your objectives.

What Venue Do You Need?
Do you need a single room or breakout spaces for the meeting? Do you require a private dining area or just need a dining space within the room? Do you wish to have different rooms with different layouts for different sessions? Consider all these factors and pick a space with all the facilities you want.

There is a lot to consider when it comes to choosing different layouts of the meeting room. The room layout is essential, because it sets the style of the event. And, getting it right will make sure that the meeting runs smoothly.

Remember that your company’s budget is important. Thus, settle down on a fixed budget for room hire, speakers, wines, audiovisual equipment, entertainment, and staging. At TheCityCollection, we always try to work according to your predetermined budget. We always make sure that you get best space in the City, without spending too much from your pocket.

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