Cocktail Party Planning Made Easy: Ideas and Tips

Putting together a classic cocktail party is quite exciting. But great cocktail parties don’t just happen, do they? In fact, they are created, with much effort and thoughtfulness. The secret to an eventful cocktail party lies in planning. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. If cocktail party is a dish, the major ingredients are food, fabulous cocktails, and of course guests. And in such important social gatherings in London, you just can’t afford to disappoint your guests. But keep in mind, that nobody expects you to serve them the moon and you can’t please everyone.
With that in mind, let your imagination and our expert ideas be your guide in planning a smashing party this time.

Be it any celebration, your choice of venue can make or break your party. Don’t just jump the gun. First, consider the ambience you want, the number of guests, and most importantly your budget. And then choose one of the cocktail party rooms in London.

Good menu is what makes a venue popular and keeps a cocktail party alive. And when you have professionals to take care of your catering needs, you need not worry at all. A venue with in-house caterers might seem an expensive choice at first, but it has its benefits too. All you need to do is state down your requirements and rest assured. They are the sharpest knives in the drawer who know their work very well and have years of experience at the same venue.

Guest List
This is the major factor that influences your choice of venue. Whatever is the number, make sure there is ample space for all your guests for dinner, drinks, and dance. Also, check whether the venue offers flexible seating arrangement. Decide beforehand whether you want a standing cocktail reception or a sit down function.

Outdoor or Indoor
Outdoor venues add a certain magic to any celebration but when in London, there are a few things to consider. If anything that’s unpredictable in London, it’s weather. You need to find a venue that has both outdoor as well as indoor option. You can rest assured to have a great party even if the weather turns bad.

Popular Choices
Londoners! You are blessed with some of the trendiest cocktail party venues in central London. Whether it’s your wedding cocktail hour, a corporate gathering, or a summer fiesta, there is a cluster of venues to host your special party. Popular choices among London partiers are:

Keep the fun up with a delicious food and drinks menu that will leave everyone satiated. Here are some ideas.

A Fully Stocked Bar
If you really want to get away from the hassles of cocktail party planning, hire a bar. This way you give you guests the option to choose their favourite drink and enjoy the evening. The expert mixologists will create the best cocktails to leave everyone rocking on the dance floor. You can also set up small stations on every corner, so the main bar doesn’t look overcrowded.

Drinks Menu
What should be there in the drinks menu? … cocktails, right? Yes, cocktail but not just cocktails. What about those who don’t prefer cocktails or just prefer non-alcoholic drinks. Along with the stock of mixers, liqueurs, and spirits, make sure to have other alcoholic beverages like beer, wine, rum, and punches. Also, add some non-alcoholic drinks to your menu like lemonades, sodas, iced tea, and juices. Make sure to hire a bartender if your venue doesn’t have one.

Cocktails with a Difference
Serve something that makes guests’ drinking experience more fun. Why not serve cocktails with a difference like movie themed or season inspired cocktails. Read on to get wonderful ideas.

Themed Cocktails
Cosmopolitan: How about the fun pink drink widely popularised by HBO series, Sex and the City. It was Carrie Bradshaw’s favourite order whenever she was out with her girlfriends. Here is a great guide on how to create Cosmopolitan drink:

Goblet of Fire: Are you a Potter fan? Well, who isn’t? Why not prepare little goblets of fire for your guests and leave them awe-struck. But you need a professional bartender to make these.
Vampire Vodka: Love Twilight movie series? Thrill your guests with a bloody Twilight inspired drink. Serve red wine and martinis and put blood group labels on glasses like type O negative, type A positive, or I’m thirsty.
Shaken not Stirred: Want to party like Bond, James Bond? Make Bond’s favourite martini your signature drink. Vodka Martini is his favourite as he consumes it over 20 times in the movie series.
Patriotic Pint : Apart from movie themed cocktails, there are some exciting cocktails that will fill your heart’s guests with thrill and excitement. Why not show your love for your region and serve patriotic drinks. Serve red wine and blue margarita and let the fun begin.
Chemistry Cocktails: Is your party going to be full of science geeks? Pay homage to their love with chemistry lab inspired cocktails. Serve colourful cocktails in Erlenmeyer Flasks, beakers, and other lab glassware.

Seasonal Cocktails
  • For colder months: When the freezing days knock the door, people tend to turn towards drinks that warm up. Brandy and rum cocktails are great options in colder weather. Serve hot buttered rum, Irish coffee, and chocolate cocktails to help beat the chills outside.
  • For warmer months: Warmer months call for refreshing cocktails that help to beat the heat. Frozen strawberry margarita, lemonades, iced tea, watermelon margarita, and tequila are some quite alluring options for spring and summer cocktail parties.


Do you have a creative culinary creation in your mind? Then leave it for your next dinner party in London. Food isn’t going to be the star of the show so it’s better to keep things simple. You need not serve a full meal. Instead, go for simple hors d’oeuvres and other finger foods like Salmon tarts, cheese, crackers, and fruit plates. This allows guests to graze throughout the party and have fun.

During all the preparations, don’t forget that it’s your chance to dress up to the nines and leave your guests with their mouth wide open. But the term “cocktail attire” often seems confusing. Here are some ideas to make things easy for you.

When it comes to cocktail party dresses, there is one outfit that never goes wrong and that is the Little Black Dress, especially if it’s an informal affair. Keep in mind that a cocktail party dress length ranges from above the knees to near ankles. If you have a full length evening gown, keep it for another occasion. And men! Either ‘go big or go bond’ for your cocktail party attire. When we say ‘big’ we mean, the classy look of Mr Big from Sex and the City. And if the LBD is a safe choice for ladies, James Bond’s black tie look is for gentlemen. Perfect for a formal affair, a tuxedo works well with evening cocktail parties.

The best friend of a cocktail dress is a pair of stilettos. Colours like black, red, and nude shades can be worn all year round. Peep toe pumps also look great with cocktail dresses. If you really want to make a statement, choose a bold colour that creates a sharp contrast with your dress. Red stilettos or beige peep toe pumps with black dress look super-sexy yet elegant.


To complete your cocktail party look, make sure to accessorise. If you have diamond dangling earrings, it’s time to use them. Faux diamonds are also fine as nobody knows the difference. Besides, carry a clutch in metallic gold, black, or silver and turn all eyes on you.

These ideas will help you go a long way in planning a perfect party in London. Plan an eventful cocktail party that becomes the hot topic of discussion amongst your guests.

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