Christmas Party Themes for Kids

Unless you have Santa with gifts and presents grabbing the attention of kids, hosting a fun Christmas party requires a lot of planning. And choosing a creative theme is really going to make a difference.

The same old candies and carols are not going to work every time. This time around, if you really want to make it special for your little one, throw a themed Christmas party.

Although Christmas is in itself a theme but you can always spice it up. And consider the fact that all kids want out of a party is to have fun. These exclusive themes will definitely make your kids Christmas bash quite exciting this year.

Ice Ice Baby - Narnia
If you and your kids are fan of the “Chronicles of Narnia”, this theme is really going to take things up a notch. Due to the snowy scenery, Santa Clause Figure (Father Christmas), and several Christian references, this theme works well for Christmas parties.

Props like strings of white lights, satin white drapes, and a snow machine will make everyone feel they have actually entered the magical world of Narnia. Ask all the kids to come in themed attires; it is really going to add to the atmosphere.

Kids can dress as the princes, knights, lions, woodland creatures, or the white queen. If you have lots of medieval clothing at hand, create a special wardrobe area for kids where they can play dress up with crowns, swords, and robes.

Christmas Carnival
Nothing excites kids quite like a carnival. Turn your Christmas party venue into a carnival zone. Let the Christmas tree not be the only thing illuminating the venue. Hang strings of fairy and LED lights all around to get everyone in the carnival mood. Use bright red drapes all over the place to keep the carnival quotient up.

Also, make sure to hand candy canes along with ornaments onto the Xmas tree. To make it more fun, set up a face-painting booth and give it a twist by offering Christmas inspired designs.

Candyfloss and toffee apples will satisfy the sweet tooth of the little guests and do not forget to serve popcorns.

Crafty Christmas
It was not long ago when Christmas gifts and presents were made, not purchased. Indulge into this crafty tradition by having a Crafty Christmas party. Set up a craft station with lots of crayons, cardboards cut into different shapes, papers, glitter, and beads.

Ask them to decorate the star, bells, and crescent shaped paper with glitter and beads to make Christmas tree ornaments. Or host a little tree decoration or Xmas card making activity. These crafts will be enough for favours, however, you can send them home with a set of crayons too.

These wonderful and unique Christmas party themes are sure to add that fun quotient. Choose one of these themes and plan a fun Xmas party this year.

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