Christmas Countdown: Last Minute Party Planning Checklist

When organising any party, the first question that pops up in your mind on the big day is ‘have I forgot something?’ There is so much to decide, that your party plans are bound to fall flat especially if you are organizing a last minute party. And when it’s the Christmas bash with all your friends, family, and colleagues, you cannot afford to disappoint your guests. To make sure that your party runs like clockwork, here is a checklist of what all is needed to be done at what time.

Three Months Before

  • Choose a suitable date and time
  • Set an event budget
  • Create a party guest list based on which you can start looking for a venue
  • Book a suitable Xmas party venue in London

One Month Before

  • Book any vendors first you may need like caterer, baker, florist, DJ, or entertainers
  • Send invitations a month in advance so guests can schedule your event in their calendar
  • If the party venue doesn’t provide in-house catering, choose a party menu (finger food and buffet to make things easier)
  • Make a list of food items, paper goods, candles, and other supplies

Three Weeks Before

  • Arrange a babysitter if needed
  • Purchase or rent decorations as per the need like centrepieces, banners, Christmas lights, and of course tree
  • Think of what you are going to wear. Do not forget to purchase matching accessories. Being the host, you have to look perfect

One Week Before

  • Create a playlist of songs that you’d like to play in the party
  • Call invitees who haven’t RSVP’d
  • Confirm with vendors
  • Shop for all goods (except the unpreserved food items) like alcohol, canned goods, or pantry staples Order a beautiful cake if necessary
  • Buy and wrap gifts if you’re planning a gift exchange

Two Days Before

  • Shop for any last minute items you forgot
  • Plan your party makeup and hair style
  • Make sure your phone and camera batteries are charged

The day of the Party

  • Do not forget to air-freshen the rest rooms in the venue and check whether all the toiletries are there
  • Once all of it is done, all you need to do is relax and have fun

Planning a Xmas party is equally challenging as it is exciting. Follow this checklist and there won’t be any last minute hassles to ruin your party plans.

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