Choose and Hire from Different Types of Wedding Venues in London

A number of factors determine the choice of your wedding venue. London is home to a vibrant range of venues of multiple types. Make your wedding a dream come true with a unique choice of venues listed with us. Before you start looking for an ideal venue for your wedding ceremony or reception, think about the type of venue that suits the best for your occasion as well as your guests.

Here is a list of prominent types of London wedding venues that may help you shortlist an ideal one:

Hotel Venues
Hotels are high-end venues in London offering wonderful function rooms with luxury facilities and state of the art catering services. If budget is not a constraint, amazing four star and five star hotels are perfect to hold wedding receptions. They are not only well equipped with professional event planners but also a good choice for high capacity events. Grange St. Pauls is one of the best hotel venues holding prestigious events each year.

Historic Venue
Central London area is steeped in history and it is a great delight to hold your event at one of the historic venues in this area. Enquire about historic venues like Tower Bridge and Walkway and Tower of London if you want a royal wedding reception venue. Stately homes, livery halls and several other historic monuments offer spaces to hold events in London. Your wedding is sure to be one of its kinds if you arrange one at any of the historic venues in London.

Club Venues
Club venues are good choice to make if you are looking for a rather jazzy wedding reception. It is preferred mostly by the couple with young guests invited. Club venues play loud music and have stylish décor. Your wedding turns into a rather lively event if you hold it at one of the clubs like Club Ten.

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