Children Party Ideas

Throwing a children party can be a mounting task as the preparations and themes should appeal to your kid and his/her friends. Be it decor or food or entertainment activities, everything should be planned from a kid’s perspective and not from an adult’s point of view.

If you are going to throw a party for your little one and his/her friends in London, here are some themes which will help you in organising an unforgettable children party that would be enjoyed by the little devils as well.

Mad Hatter
Since its publication in 1865, Alice in Wonderland has been a popular theme for parties. Even the characters of this fairy tale have been incorporated as party themes. One of the best known and most whimsical characters of this fairy tale is Mad Hatter which is immensely loved by kids. Then, why not have this idiosyncratic character as the theme for your kid’s party!

Decorate the venue in London with mismatched colour combinations like robin’s egg blue with hot pink. Set up small tables with brightly coloured tablecloths and have funny-looking centrepieces like the hat of this character itself! Add streamers, banners and crepe paper work all around the venue. Tea is necessary for Mad Hatter’s party, however, use decaffeinated tea like peppermint one for the kids. As far as food goes, have asymmetrical cake coupled with finger foods.

Dance Party
Infuse the vitality of dance into your kid’s party celebrations with this theme as every kid loves to dance. Choose specific ideas like ‘Hannah Montana’, ‘High School Musical’ or even ‘Mickey Mouse Club House’ for the celebrations. Reserve a large room at your party venue for the theme and turn it into a huge dance floor. Have large speakers with stereos or a DJ playing out selected playlist. Suspend twinkling lights off the ceiling and have small disco balls at different parts of the venue. You can also rent a strobe light and place it in a corner to give the ambience an even more appealing charm. Hang vibrantly coloured helium balloons to pepper up the atmosphere.

For food, opt for finger foods like pretzels, chicken nuggets and a cake decorated with frozen musical notes.

Red Carpet
Who doesn’t love to be the eye of attention at a party? If your little boy or girl is among them, then throw a red carpet affair for him/her. Roll out the red carpet and ask all the guests to dress up like their favourite celebrity. Set up a paparazzi area with some of your friends taking down pictures of little angels arriving in your little one’s bash. In the inside of the venue, place large cut outs of famous celebrities like Michael Jackson, Angelina Jolie and other A-listers. Place huge disco balls and keep the ambience relatively dark to evoke the atmosphere of Kodak Theatre in US.

In addition to this, have a huge cake with glittering decor on it. An even better idea is to have a camera-shaped cake depicting the press waiting outside.
Having a unique theme for your kid’s party will add to the charm of the event. Pick the best one according to your likings and let your party become the one to emulate.

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