5 Quirky Baby Shower Ideas and Themes

When you ask women about their best memories of life, majority of them will cater you with a reply, “Giving birth to a life. Becoming a mother is my best moment on this earth.’ We all believe that it is the best happening in anyone’s life. Isn’t it? So why not celebrate coming of a new life in your family? Yes. Then plan an evening celebrating and cherishing the mama-to-be with an intimate gathering.

Or, being a happy and excited family, you can plan a baby shower and surprise parents-to-be. Nowadays, baby shower surprises are really trending in London. So, it can be a good way of expressing your happiness, excitement and amorousness for the baby.Cherish the upcoming of a little fellow in this world with the couple, family and friends.

Now, to have a big bash of celebration is not at all easy as having an ice cream on a chilly winter night. During preparations, one needs to adhere to some basics in order to avoid confusion or mistakes. Here, you will get an idea on what can be done to add some freshness and excitement in traditional baby shower. And, one can bet as it will enhance the celebratory mood for everyone to remember for ages. So, let’s get started!

The English Tradition

London is famous for its events over an afternoon tea. Isn’t it? The quintessential English afternoon tea is a sure short way for any closed event. You can plan a tea party along with baby shower, inviting near and dear ones. Make arrangements for food and beverages such as sandwiches, chocolate macaroons, juices, candy apple and many more delicacies. And how can one forget the red velvety cake especially for the mama-to-be.One can simply plan an afternoon tea on a
terrace venue in London with Parisian decorations and surprise the lot.

TIP: When talks arise for beverages, try having on table non-alcoholic items as the celebration is to welcome the baby and their parents into a new world.

It’s Mom Time

It’s ‘she’ who gave you the happy news. So, pamper her, love her, and make her feel blessed as you all shower her with loads of love. Everyone goes for a baby shower, but you can add a twist in the celebration, and surprise ‘mama’ with a ‘Mommy shower’. Have some dedicated-to-her decorations, her favourite chocolates, fancy tablecloths and flowers. Give her gifts that she would love such as comfy cloths, gift vouchers or certificates for shopping, cosmetics, garments, manicure or pedicure and so on. Believe it, she will be extremely happy, excited and thrilled to experience so much love and attention.

It’s a ‘book shower’

Shower the parents-to-be with the best stock of books for them and their beautiful baby. Whether first baby or second, every child is born with different traits and characteristics. Thus, every child needs different nursing, care and love.So, ask every invitee to bring their favourite parenting, story, bedtime books or any other item that will be beneficial for couple. And, help them create a baby’s library of their own. You can also have a customized book-shaped cake for the evening.

Who won’t Love a Fairy tale?

Babies are said to be angels of God. Thus, why not plan a Fairy tale themed baby shower, especially when it’s a baby-girl. Make sure all decorations are related to fairy tales like mermaid, Rapunzel from Disney or any other story. Won’t it be best the favourites of mama-to-be? You can also request the invitees to bring soft toys and other adorable stuff related to fairy tales and Disney for mama and baby. Why not opt for a venue which allows you to be creative and new with your idea of celebration? There are many
party venues in London great in catering some of the best themed-parties for its clients.

Be a Child once again!

Who won’t love to be a child once again and live a carefree life? Don’t you want to be a lid once again? Well, everyone does and this makes for another great theme for celebration. As you are cherishing and thanking the couple for the good news, make them remember their kindergarten days. Make a video inclusive of pictures and other stuff of both, mama-to-be and dad-to-be. Cherish their golden years of childhood with their favourite songs, their cut pet-dialogues, and so on. Ask their close and dear ones to share their best memories about the couple with everyone.

Welcoming a new life in the family is undoubtedly the best thing in the life. Cuddling, caring for baby’s small needs, witnessing the beautiful baby sleeping serenely. I don’t know about others, but for me, the best part is watching a baby smile in sleep as if he/she is among the fairies of God and smiling with joy. So, plan something which will be retained for a lifetime by the couple. All in all, it’s their moment; make it the best for them!

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Showcase Your Product at Unique Exhibition Venues in London

Exhibition is a way through which you highlight the specific qualities of your product or service to a larger audience. It is a variant of advertisement, wherein you inform the audience. The main purpose, more often than not, is to persuade your audience in a positive manner. As such it is an event of huge importance, you should take care that your event remains a memorable affair.

However, making your event memorable is easier said than done. Do you really want to make your product-launching event an unforgettable affair? Then, why not go for unique exhibition venues in London? These venues apart from being distinctive, offer exceptional facilities. They will truly bring out the uniqueness of your product in the most remarkable manner. Here is the list of some of them.

Gibson Hall

Nestled in the heart of the city of London, it is one of the best venues to hire in London. Evoking a classical Victorian elegance, this venue integrates many facilities like excellent sound system, catering facilities, expert staff etc. The capacity of the Main Hall and the Garden is around 300 whereas the Garden Room can accommodate 250 guests. The menu here is also quite diverse. A delicious confluence of British, Global, International, and Modern European cuisines will keep the tummies of your guests in a happy mode.

Barbican Centre

It is the largest cultural and conference centre in Europe. With a stunning tropical ambience providing the background, this capacious place can hold more than 1900 people. Apart from the Main hall, the Conservatory and the Conservatory Terrace can also be used as a venue, the capacity being around 150. The banqueting facilities too are quite superb, ideal for cocktail, and buffet.

Bank of England Sports Centre

If you desire your product launch affair be close to nature, this is the venue to look out for. It is spacious venue combined with a * dance floor and a fenced lawn. The terrace room at this venue can hold up to 400 guests. In addition to that, the expert staff here will aid you in every step right from planning, management to delivering the plan to perfection. Moreover, the facilities of Balcony Bar, boardroom etc. will make sure that your affair remains hassle free.

Little Ship Club

The Little Ship Club has an enviable riverside location, only few minutes away from the heart of Britain’s financial hub. It is quite a unique venue overlooking the River Thames. The first class facilities of this venue right from catering to equipment will definitely win the heart of your guests. A lip-smacking menu and a diverse range of rooms from Claudworth Room to the Clubroom are an added feature. It is also quite spacious; the whole club can hold around 250 people. Book this venue at once and let your product launch event run smoothly.

Hire from one of these exceptionally unique venues today and make your product launch affair an unsurpassable event. All of the venues are well equipped to cater to your every whim and fancy and to serve you in the most beautiful manner.

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Hire Unusual Seminar Venues in London

Seminars are normally associated with formality and seriousness. If you, as a businessperson, want to give your seminar a touch of freshness, why not take it outside the cloistered rooms and organise your seminar in the open space? It will breathe in certain freshness to your seminar and serve as a refreshing change from the confined office spaces too.

So, this summer season, if you want to give your seminar a definitive edge over others, why don’t book seminar room venues in London with an open garden space? These venues in London are located in the heart of the city. Additionally, these venues come with all the facilities that will make your seminar, a successful affair. Hope these are enough reasons to arrange your business meeting or seminar at London venues with an open space this time.

Bank of England Sports Centre
Maximum Capacity: 400

The Bank of England Sports Centre is a sports club set in 32 acres quite close to Richmond Park. The venue has three function rooms, namely Balcony Bar, Green Room and Terrace Room. In addition to this, a fenced lawn outside the club is ideal for hosting business events under the Sun. Whether you are holding a seminar for 50 people or organising a conference for 300, this club manages all.

The facilities here include Wi-Fi, projector and drop down screens, spotlights and other sophisticated AV systems. In case, there are some technical glitches, technical support teams are present to fix the issues. As far as food is concerned, the on-site caterers at the club will provide A-class dining experience to your attendees. From three course meals to finger foods, the catering team at the club servers to your every need.

Barbican Centre
Maximum Capacity: 1943

It is the largest cultural and conference centre of Europe boasting a spacious ambience to hold your seminar in London. There are 11 function rooms in the Barbican Centre including the Garden Room. State-of-the-art AV, lighting and a variety of function rooms make this venue an extremely popular choice for holding huge conferences and seminars. The on-site caterer at this venue serves a delightful menu of delicious food accompanied with a lip-smacking variety of classic cocktails.

The Conservatory(at level 3) at the Barbican is probably one of the most unique venues in London. Housing a stunning diversity of flora and fauna, this unusual venue is available for corporate events. The maximum capacity of the Conservatory is 150 and the venue is ideal for both corporate events and formal dinner.

The City of London Club
Maximum Capacity: 300

It is one of the oldest clubs in the city of London. Its high-ceilinged and spacious period rooms are ideal for hosting business affairs like seminars and conferences. There are 10 function rooms in this club with the Garden Room being the best for holding seminar for around 50 delegates. All the facilities required for business affairs are available here too. Apart from this, the on-site caterers at this club serve delicious food and exquisite wines, in case you are hosting a cocktail party for your delegates.

The Roof Terrace at the City of London Club is an alfresco space where business parties are usually held. The maximum accommodation capacity is 50 and will be ideal for your business reception party after the seminar is over.

Venues can sometimes be the X factor for the success of your business seminar in London. Choose from these venues with open space the next time you hold a seminar and experience the difference.

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Romantic Wedding Venues in London

Wedding venues in London are one of the most active places of this city. Besides so much choice to sort from, people usually prefer this city for its unmatched views cutting across their sight, as they vow to each other a life time of companionship and true love. Realising your wedding dream shall be one of the most pressing factors in your search for a suitable wedding venue in London. There are wedding venues, which will be matchless with their backdrop reflecting an amazing view of the surroundings. Go through the list of these most romantic options for your big day:

The Sky bar:

The Sky Bar is one of the most romantic choices for a wedding in London. There are enough choices plaguing the city of London. But this wedding venue will be found standing apart from the rest of the choices, with its remarkable rooftop arrangements and beautiful views over London. You will have a sense of creating a memory, right at the time of booking for this wedding venue. You will be able to accommodate 200 guests for your eventful day.

The Skyline Suite and Roof Garden Terrace:

The Skyline Suite and Roof Garden Terrace is one of the most remarkable and suitable wedding destinations, with a pensive landscape formed by a rooftop garden and the most thrilling view of the St Pauls Cathedral. Your wedding will be memorable with the delights of the scenic views, witnessing your commingling of hearts. The amazing structure of the Skyline Suite and Roof Garden Terrace is set against the backdrop of the monumental beauty of St Pauls. Imagine yourself holding the hands of your beloved and saying your commitments at this amazing wedding venue.

Grange St Paul’s:

You must have heard the popularity of Grange St Pauls as a five star London hotel. There are a lot of things you can do over here. It offers a very amazing wedding venue in London, with the charms of English culture playing over here. With a very high capacity for 2000 guests, you will find it really meaningful with its amazing interiors and state of art facilities besieging the guests. You will find this wedding venue serving you with an exotic meal, decorations, and services.

The Royal Suite:

The Royal suite is a very famous wedding venue in London, with its scintillating interiors and elegance. You can have a specific ordered menu, catering you in your delectable taste and style. You can tailor your wedding in your very specific style over here, with an amazing backdrop that boasts of a cutting edge style. It is a very warm and welcoming wedding venue, with a highest capacity for 50 guests. If you foresee your wedding in a small, warm and welcoming wedding venue, you can have your big day celebrated over here.

West End on the Thames:

If you want to make a special arrangement for your wedding day, then look at this stunning venue. This amazing venue’s bespoke approach ensures that your event is tailored to your specific needs. West on the Thames is a romantic venue space and is also a famous landmark for unusual wedding ceremonies. Hire West End on the Thames and surprise your guests with an unusual experience of River Thames and make your wedding an unforgettable moment of your lifetime. Enjoy the cruise style wedding with beautiful backdrop of the River Thames.

The best part of these wedding venues is that they offer a fabulous stay close by, at a collection of London hotels, where they can book an accommodation for their relatives and friends travelling from far away.

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Hire Unusual Wedding Venues in London

An abundant choice of wedding venues often baffles you when it comes to selection of an ideal one. Venues of different types available in the City of London ease down the search. Numerous classic structures also adorn in this city which is one of the oldest on the globe. Besides, one even gets to choose from some of the most contemporary venue hire options in London.

Here are some of the most fascinating wedding venues in London categorised in varied kinds:

London Attractions:

For all those people who wish to have a beautiful and magnificent backdrop on their big day, London attractions become the ideal choices for venue hire. Fascinations like London Eye, St. Pauls Cathedral, and Tower of London are some of the destinations right in the heart of the city. The grandeur of these venues is sure to delight the guests and make the event worth cherishing.

Hotels Venues and Restaurants:

London is home to some of the most lavish hotels on the globe. There are five star and four star hotels which offer stunning venues for hire with unique decor and dazzling interiors. These venues are also preferred by those who are looking for accommodations in venue premises. Restaurants are another great choice to host wedding reception for small guest list. Hassle of hiring caterers is also reduced if one hires a hotel or a restaurant for the event. Hire from the hand-picked venues from the list and select the one as per your choice and comfort.

Halls to Hire:

If perfect wedding means huge celebrations for you, then banqueting halls to hire in London are ideal choice to make. There are some very finely designed halls available at reasonable costs. Livery halls are also available for wedding receptions.

Unusual Venues:

With prestigious River Thames flowing right in the heart of the city, there are venues offering stunning views of the river as a backdrop. A wedding on the shore of the river is a perfect idea of a romantic wedding. London Eye is an ideal choice to make if you are expecting just few of your close guests to bless you on your wedding.

So, one can have a wide choice to make a selection from different genres of wedding venues. The hosts are often spilt for choice with abundance of options available in central London. Hire central London venues to make it convenient for the guests to reach.

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Top Ball Party Venues in London and What Make Them the Best!

The scenario you give to a party is very crucial for the success of a party. Finding a perfect place for that beauteous party with couples rolling in each other’s arms can be found in central London, where splendid venues cluster for a fitting dance event. Pick one of these exuberant venues in the city, with a remarkable structure, a romantic past, and a thrilling ambience, which can help you realise a celebration with the hospitality that takes a good care of the guests on your list. Find perfect ball venues in London among these splendid spaces, and know exactly why these are called the best:

Glazier’s Hall
Glazier’s Hall is located in the cultural heart of the city, with the South Bank and Borough Market giving a look over the beautiful River Thames.

Rooms: Banqueting Hall, London Bridge Room, The Court Room, Library, and the River Room.
Capacity: 20 to 350 Guests
Special Features: dance floor, theatrical effects, themed decorations, sound systems, lighting specialists, floweriest, and in-house catering.
Cuisine Served: British, Global, and International.
The Difference: Cultural background with regalia of time reflected in its mansions.

Grange St. Paul’s
This venue has a vast capacity, and a splendid room choice, which is hard to list. Its varieties are going to flabbergast the hosts! Get an Exotic Venue like this for a ball that is etched in the memories of your guests.

Rooms: Churchill, Dickens, Lawrence, Nelson, Nightingale, Turner, Reynolds, Fleming, Johnson and others.
Capacity: 1,200-2,000 guests
Special Features: Themed decorations, lighting specialists, in-house catering, banqueting, and dance facilities.
Cuisine Served: British, French, Global, Indian, Italian, Japanese, Mediterranean, Modern European, Portuguese, Spanish, and Thai.
The Difference: an exquisite structure of contemporary art and architectural excellence. It is not only brilliant to watch, but also remarkably fresh to experience.

Tallow Chandlers Hall
It’s an exquisite site for luncheons and dinners. Plan the day with the brilliance of the interiors that can make for a splendid ball party in central London. It has a very Traditional Setting with long tables and a traditionally hospitable staff.

Rooms: Court Room, Courtyard, Parlour, and Hall
Capacity: 32 to 120 Guests
Special Features: lighting specialists, in-house catering, themed decorations, and others.
Cuisine Served: British, Global, and International
The Difference: Traditional sphere that reflects the grace of the older times. Long feast tables and a historic building.

Grange City Hotel
It is a perfect blend of iconic architecture and the contemporary flair of hospitality. A very Reverential Historical Setting makes it even more fascinating with its remarkable features.

Rooms: Auditorium, Beauchamp, Crown, Piazza, Wakefield, and Forum and Gallery.
Capacity: 80-600 guests
Special Features: staging, sound systems, in-house catering, coffer lights, PA system, and audiovisual support
Cuisine Served: British, French, Global, Indian, Italian, Japanese, Modern European, Portuguese, Spanish, and Thai.
The Difference: Gives a very elegant appeal reflected in by the past of the city, in the structure of Roman Piazza Wall.

Apart from usual balls for charity and award functions, you may go out of the box while hosting a ball party for unusual events. These unusual ball events may vary from Promotion of a Business to Wrap Party of any movie or series. You will be happy to find your guests actually enjoying a perfect event.

Don’t wait, Hire Now and ensure a successful ball event.

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4 Engaging Workshop Venues for You in London

From oration style to venue selection, everything counts for a successful workshop. With changing corporate trends, companies these days opt for modern approach towards workshop events to taste the tang of success. When it comes to event spaces, London boasts many options to allure. Organise workshops at finest venue and let your employees learn new corporate things whilst boosting motivation and team-building. There’s a reason why London is delineated as a paradise for corporate world.

We at Thecitycollection.org have listed renowned workshop venues for you.

The Law Society
The Law Society enchants you to the core for organizing a profound workshop event here. Mark the development of your business with colleagues and clients, in London with majestic approach of the venue. A glorious Grade II listed building with sweeping elegance and grace will define your style with ease. Pipe into the aura of professional character during the occasion and let the authentic features take your event to next level. Classic chandeliers, big windows, and wooden panelling add to the glistening appeal of the venue.
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The City Hotel
Let London’s contemporary approach boost corporate feel for your event. Classy interiors and well-furnished event spaces make it an à la mode venue to host a workshop. The matchless ambience engrosses everyone to experience the class and charisma. Greet your guests with delectable range of food and drinks during the event. Steeped in luxury near the River Thames, it offers a significant platform for your next big occasion.
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St. Martin–within–Ludgate

All your event need is a venue steeped in serenity with easy accessibility for guests. Tucked away near City Thameslink station, St. Martin-within-Ludgate is a beautiful and sophisticated space. An ideal place for workshops and other corporate events in London, it will surely exhilarate you with bespoke facilities and sheer professionalism. Captivate your guests with historic depth whilst inspiring setting of the venue.
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28 Portland Place

Nestled proudly since 1775, 28 Portland Place adorns the neoclassical townhouse architecture for all to admire. Let the splendid cream of royal décor highlighting every nook and corner of the venue, your event will get the grace to retain everyone’s attention. Offer grace to retain everyone’s attention. Offer sumptuous range of food and drinks augmented with warm ambiance of the place. The breakout facility makes sure that refreshment time doesn’t affect the overall workshop.

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Hop on to organise your next fervent event at any of these renowned workshop venues in London. Inspire your guests with an engrossing event, Thecitycollection.org offers exciting offers for distinct occasions. Get going with innovation in style!

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Dazzling DIY Decoration Ideas to Popularize Your Event

Wonders happen when your creative mind meditate to bring out something out of the world. Putting together some of the simplest things with extremely innovative ideas can be so interesting. And, as the saying goes, charity begins at home. Have you ever thought how creative can you go with those casual serving glasses, getting bored on your table? It is going to be a super fun while playing around tastefully with kitchen crockery, waste paper, umbrellas,and even pumpkins.

Be it a birthday, a wedding, Halloween, Christmas or any other special occasion, DIY decorations always work to impress your guests. We have got a superb collection of exclusive artistic concepts to add an edge to the décor of your next gala event.

Offer Wings to Birthday Bash
Keep aside those monotonous and repetitive decoration pieces and try out these artistic moves this time. Grace up the charm of birthday venue by embellishing it with your arty eye. Tantalise kids’ appetite with delicious cupcake parachutes hanging all around with glittery ropes and balloons. Treat their eyes with colourful fete of ribbons and paper art. Let them relish every bit of their special day with a blast of creativity and bliss.

Super Creative Wedding of the Fall
Lend a magical touch of exclusive DIY decoration ideas to accelerate the beauty of your wedding space. Bless the day with innovative shower of the tints, novelty, and grandeur. Let the ambience of your special day spark with a heavenly glow, just as a crystal pearl shines beneath the water bed. Set a serene and enchanting realm with artistic candle stands, luminous jars, and floral art.
You can plan a lavish wedding reception incorporating all your decoration concepts at the Draper’s Hall. Send us an enquiry on Thecitycollection.org to hire this venue on handsome rates.

Lend Shower of Tint to Summer Parties and BBQs
What comes at first in our mind after listening the term summer party is hues, juices, food, chilled drinks and hell lot of fun….Yeaahhh!! What if you make an eccentric mishmash of all these fascinating features? Garnish the table with multi-hued summer delight recipes of fruits and vegetables. Turn the refreshing drinks more tempting by serving them in dazzling glasses beautified your creative vision. Beat the heat of summer by embellishing the ambiance with cool colour scheme and aromatic flowers.

Sparkling Christmas Fete
Jingle Bell…Jingle Bell…Oohhoo… Actually it should be Glitter Bell…Glitter Bell…Glitters all the way!! Spread the melodious sound of Christmas bells dipped in the music of shimmering embellishment. Bedeck the Christmas party venue just the way you want. Create glittery pines and flamboyant balls accessorized with adorable buttons making a fine designing on it. Hang these art pieces on walls and ceilings to elate Santa with a flash of delight, the moment he arrives your party place.

Amused by the ideas, you can hire The Medieval Banquet to arrange DIY decoration Christmas party. It is a quirky venue to host a grand and sophisticated celebration in London. Contact us at Thecitycollection.org to know more about such exclusive venues, their special offers and booking facilities.

This is how you give a whole new flair of panache and merriment to your special occasions with utmost ease and creativity. Check these out and through a super hit bash, surprising all your guests.

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Top 5 Theatre Style Conference Venues in London

No second thought when it comes to organize a corporate meet. More than discussing professional affairs, a business get-together is a way to outline your class amongst the delegates. Break the ice of settling down in a round table space for business conferences. Taste the feel of interaction with your professional chaps in a theatrical seating venue.

If you are going to be the host of next conference, we have exciting options of spaces. Scan the following exclusively appointed conference venues with theatre style seating and stylish tints.

The Wellcome Collection
Taste the tang of corporate success by hosting a bespoke event with a blend of flamboyance and contentment. The Wellcome Collection has a hub of eight inspiring function spaces. Articulating a spell of refinement, it accommodates up to 200 heads in lavish venue with theatre seating. It ensures you the most amiable and flexible facilities fitting in to the requirements of your event, making it a bliss. This venue welcomes private parties in an equally humble and stylish manner as well. Enquire Now

Barbican Centre
Undergo an ultimate experience of class and innovation while sitting in the restful ambiance of the Barbican Centre. Its auditorium exudes the wow factor by underlining a pleasing panoramic view of tiered seating. Brilliant acoustics, smart designs and outstanding technical assistance of this venue make it the country’s finest conference cente. Stimulate your business mates by hosting a grand event in this model space with extraordinary sight lines, flexible configuration and unusual backdrops. Enquire Now

Mermaid Conference and Event Centre
Fetch your next business meeting to this cream of the crop venue, perfectly resting on northern bank of the Thames. The Mermaid Conference and Event Centre exhilarate you by providing six capacious and well-polished spaces to set an ideal corporate event. Exclusively appointed with state- of- the-art features and theatre style seating arrangement, it keeps the guests attentive and pleased. The breath-taking sweeping view of the river Thames will compel your guests to tap your back for picking this magnificent venue for the event.

If you have an event ready to reach you, then it is the right time to hire this plush venue. Fill the enquiry form with Thecitycollection.org and our team will facilitate you in getting this space on best rates. Enquire Now

The ICO Conference Centre
All you need is a captivating venue with professional standards to kick start a peaking conference. And this is what the ICO Conference Centre proffers you with, a twist of supremacy high tech equipment. Designed with a room layout providing more space, more facilities and more content, makes it stand out than other venues. Gear up to organise a sheer sophisticated meeting with your delegates at this fine space, well-furnished with latest synchronised interpretation system. Enquire Now

Royal College of Surgeons
An exclusive theatre seat lecture halls well-appointed with modern amenities is waiting for your business event. The Royal College of Surgeons owns sundry venue hire embellished with inspiring history and classy surroundings. It adds cachet to your events by providing a sumptuous package of bespoke facilities and sole aspect of professional decorum. Enquire Now

Be different, be classy and hire any of these venues for your most awaited event. Drop an enquiry at
Thecitycollection.org to enjoy a delightful service regarding event space hire, by our venue experts.

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How does it feel to find the Perfect London Venue?

Image Source: Telegraph UK

Who doesn’t love London parties? But do you know who loves them more? People who manage to find their ideal London venues. Along with numerous venues for hire in London, the City Collection brings you more today. Read on for a soulful and crazy insight into what it feels like to book your favourite party venue in London. Try not to cry:

1. “Is it Really True?”

Image Source: Giphy.com

Yes! Overcome with initial disbelief and self doubt, one is bound to go through the denial at first. You will not be able to believe that you have really found ‘the one’. In order to get back to reality, bite your finger or pinch someone else to get a slap back. We highly recommend the latter one, always works.

2. The Day Dreaming

Image Source: Giphy.com

As the realisation settles in, you start to reach a mental elation, filled with the possibilities of planning at the venue. This mental elation can be alarming to outside observers, but worry not! It’s all about a little 24x7 party going on in your mind, to have found your dream venue. This feeling can be checked with certain symptoms like loud greetings, smiling at strangers, and finding party supplies ideas everywhere, even at a hardware store!

3. “Can this be used at the venue?!”

Image Source: Giphy.com

By this point, the second stage overflows into the third where everything around you becomes about your venue. No matter where you are or what you are doing, the planning NEVER STOPS!

4. “I got to stop thinking!”

Image Source: Giphy.com

There are just a few words to illustrate to the reader what this feels like:

Venue! Party! Venue! Party! Venue! Party! Venue! Party...

Do this 120 times in an hour and you’ll know what this feels like.

5. “Why is it over already?!”
Image Source: Giphy.com

“Yay! My day has finally arrived”. Few hours later...

“Blimey! Is my party over already? Why! Why me!”
Image Source: Giphy.com

With this, we would like to say a silent prayer in the air for all those who went through sleepless nights, chewed pillows, and nail biting while planning their party. But hey! Who doesn’t love London parties?

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