Trending Seating Arrangements for Dinner Parties in London

What makes an event successful? The sophisticated mannerism of ladies and gentlemen gathered there or the elegant decoration gracing the whole arena? Is it the aromatic temptation of cuisine’s variety or that mood lightning lighting arrangements? Any event needs to have certain qualities to be an unforgettable experience for its people, especially when it comes to dinner in the city like London, the adequate and modern seating arrangement is stealing the show nowadays.

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Here, you will find some of the seating arrangements, being a talk of the town and gracing many dinner parties in the city and neighbourhood. Now, before hosting a dinner in London, you may consider any of these seating plans that would grace your elegant party.

Have a look!

Long conversations on Long Table

A long table at dinner will be no less than a family reunion table where all members face each other after a long time. It’s perfect for a rectangular hall where least space will go unattended.

Love it with the Cabaret

Here, all should be facing a stage for the whole night, which could be a gala night, some award ceremony, or a wedding. Facing the dais during such ceremony in a semicircle is a must.

Banquet has it for all

When you need no particular order for seating your guests, this seating arrangement is ideal. Tables at many places and all seated everywhere, but in equal numbers.

Have a great time with Hollow Square

It’s perfect for dinner discussions followed by some conference or other corporate events. The talk may continue with anyone across the table where you never know if you are the nurturing a relationship with the prospect business partner. Make the most of it.

Boardroom can be fun too

It’s a little bit different from long table seating as this one has more of a square table to be seated around than a rectangular table.

Go with Herringbone this season

It’s time to show off some style and class with new dinner seating arrangement this season. This way, one cheers with many people and have an awesome time during the dinner night.

Perfect Top Table and Spring

When the U-shape seating arrangement allows seating inside the U as well, it turns out to be the top table and springs-styled seating.

Call it Informal

Now here, the tables can either be square or round, it is exclusively the host’s choice. But one thing that needs to be kept in mind that total people having dinner on that table don’t have to be specific in number.

You can go with any of these seating arrangements, suiting the need of your event. Each of them is appropriate to pull off any dinner night successfully.

While hosting a dinner in London, make sure you choose the right venue where all your guests get comfortably seated. Now it’s easy to choose and hire dinner venues in London, as TheCityCollection is here to help you out.

Happy Dinner Night!

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Whimsical Ideas for a 1950’s Style Vintage Wedding

There is nothing more elegant than a fifties inspired wedding. Traditional outfits, classic decor, and a romance softer than rose petals. Sounds dreamy, right? Hence, it is hardly a surprise when we get daily enquiries from love-struck couples, looking for old-fashioned wedding venues and event suggestions. Thus, we are rolling out a brief guide, to help you get it right with vintage weddings.

For a timeless wedding affair, it is important to meet a few details. Pillbox hats, birdcage veils, art deco jewellery, vintage bridal gowns, professional makeup artist, and a perfect classical wedding venue are some of them. Below are some of the whimsical ideas you may consider, for an unforgettable vintage wedding. Agreed that throwing a vintage wedding bash isn’t easy, but we promise if done properly, the end results will be breathtakingly glamorous.

Hollywood’s Divas to Your Rescue

Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, and Audrey Hepburn are some of the greatest fashion and style icons. And we are proposing to follow their style for a flawless vintage look. If you have grown up worshipping these idols, getting their looking would be easier than slicing butter with knife. Besides, since these divas have revolutionised the fashion world, any stylist would simply love to work Monroe magic on you. Perhaps grab some popcorn and run a movie marathon of classics like Breakfast at Tiffany’s et al, and you would wake up as a perfect 50s diva.

Don’t Starve Yourself, The Curves Are In!

We would steer clear of those brides-to-be who are naturally skinny. If however you are pleasantly plump, no need to starve yourself now. Vintage dresses wraps around your curves so beautifully, it would cause a traffic jam even on deserted streets. Wonderful, isn’t it? Going dress shopping with your besties, perhaps bridesmaids and yet having that delicious slice of pizza, washing it down with a Kingfisher and ending a day with a delightful cupcake! Although you can safely enjoy these exuberant moments, we wouldn’t advise you to push your good luck too much. Besides, you might still want to watch what you eat, if you wish to adorn those hourglass silhouettes, fitted waists, and ballet tutu.

Try Different, Look Different

Have you picked up a dress yet? Or would you be going with your mother’s or granny’s dress! Umm, nice idea, and we are sure you must attach some sentiments to it, but are you sure? You wouldn’t want to look dull in a dress that doesn’t fit you proper, right? Of course, you can get it tailored to fit your contours, and if you find then end product pleasant enough, go for it with our best compliments!

If in case you don’t have the dress ready, Vintage Dress Stores contain some delightful surprises for you. Looking for a perfect vintage dress? Ensure you opt for three-quarter length sleeves, a boat neck, slim sloping shoulders, and a tiered lace. However, don’t be afraid to include modest designs, as the 50’s generation preferred wearing long lace sleeves. Modern designers will ensure that you will achieve the vintage look that you are after, so feel free to try something new.

Glam Up with Vintage Accessories!

If we can give one suggestion to make your vintage wedding splendid, it would invariably be to go big on accessories! Pillbox hats, birdcage veils, jewelled headbands, necklaces, and exquisite lacy headpieces are some of the must-add accessories. While the fur stoles shall keep you warm in a winter wedding, beautiful parasols are perfect to be worn as adorable spring accessories. And a bride in all those accessories, with perfect period attire is a sight to behold forever! How excited are you at the mention of all these accessories and dresses?

Pick a Professional Makeup Artist

It all depends on your makeup artist that how you would look on your wedding day. Picking a makeup artist can be overwhelming as it is difficult to gauge what he or she can do without seeing the portfolio. The most essential thing to remember while choosing an artist is the ‘trust’. Moreover, make sure he or she has past experience for performing vintage makeup and hairstyling.

Makeup Style

Whether you are enchanted by the Great Gatsby, or are planning an aristocratic affair such as Downton Abbey, sophisticated 1950’s makeup is back in style. Matte red lipstick, dark eyebrows, and winged eyeliner are the key to the vintage appearance. For a more dramatic look, you can use a spot of blusher.

Less is more

The colours, chunks and the typical pompousness may go and take a hike now. It is time to say goodbye to giant centrepieces, and extravagant gatherings. Vintage affairs are soft, sophisticated and timeless. For a vintage wedding, go soft on colours, have a welcoming sparkling chandelier, and include some greenery, just to recreate a romantic glitz. You can opt for this amazing garden wedding venue, perfect for hosting vintage weddings in London’s Bloomsbury. To bring detail into your wedding theme, do pay attention on every small aspect of your decor.

Stick to Graceful Hairstyles

Scarf-tied up do, side ponytail, soft set curls, and finger waves were some famous hairstyles of the 1950’s. These intriguing hairstyles are back in vogue to rule over our hearts. So, try these before the style re-writes history. In addition, a French twist is also good for those with long hair.

Make It Sparkle

50’s inspired weddings are meant to have that dazzling effect on the guests. To take things up a notch, use hatboxes on tables. Furthermore, a unique vintage flavour can be achieved by using some antique trunks around your reception area to make exquisite seating for guests. Old suitcases, gramophones, birdcages, and traditional flowers are some other objects enhancing the decors of the venue. Does it look exhausting to take care of the decorations and interiors? Simply opt for a wedding venue with offering facilities like decorations, florists and more. You see, planning a vintage wedding of your dreams isn’t as difficult as it may appear to be.

Savoury Quixotic and Vintage Wedding Venues

For a 50’s style celebration, it is important to opt for a befitting and quaint wedding venue. You might want to opt for older townhouses or boutique hotels to opt your wedding and receptions. You may also opt for churches, livery halls, old school buildings, courtyards, and vineyards, available for private hire. You may hire London’s huge and magnificent halls rendering perfect justice to the grand appeal with ease. Also, have a look around wedding reception venues in London, for some eclectic mix of alternatives. Besides, send us an enquiry now, and have a seasoned venue expert find you the best period wedding spaces at best prices.

Wining and Dining, Vintage Style!

Using a vintage food menu is a perfect way to capture the feel of good old days. Wedding food is one of the most important things that guests seem to remember. Fortunately, as the trend of vintage wedding is becoming popular, plenty of food providers have entered the market. As far as food caterer is concerned, either search online or ask your Grandmother to help you picking one up. However, opt for an artistic wedding venue in London and have it take care of the food preparations, silver goblets for wine and everything else truly vintage.

And, Don’t Forget to Arrive in Vintage Style

Add elegance and romance to your special day with a classic pink Limousine, Cadillac, or Chevrolet. These luxurious classics offer a uniformed service to enhance your wedding day experience. And while we are at it, you can also opt for an open-air ride, should the weather be kind. But, before making any booking, make sure that the car hire company has a proven track record and holds a large fleet of cars to choose from.

All these whimsical ideas will help you to give a vintage touch to your big day. Feel free to invite us at your enigmatic 50’s vintage style wedding!

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7 Hysterically Funny Birthday Fails You Should Avoid At All Cost

Get aboard to the hot mess express! A compilation of some funny epic fails happened on the birthday celebration that will make you say “What The F#ck”. Sadly though, they look hilarious on them, you can’t afford such a mess on your celebration. So look carefully, and avoid these hilarious yet horrible birthday fails at all cost.

1. I mean, Seriously? You had one job and you failed so miserably

Was it THAT tough? Was it THAT tough? Hunh?

2. Don’t rush on Anything. When the time is right, it’ll happen

But if you Do, then be ready for the consequences

3. Good wishes turn out to be tragic when delivered with a typo

...Which you Should turn off before somebody’s mood does...

4. Don’t forget the one you’re blowing might blow your mind and other things

Keep Calm and Tie it Tight Baby!

5. You might not be a grammar Nazi, but you can at least avoid these

...or you will be reminded of them once the little ones grow up!

6. Do not make them angry! Never ever!

Don’t even stir the balance of reliable parenting

7. Na-aa! Nope! Na-Da! Don’t even think about it! No freaking Way! Just Don’t!

Order it, instead of scaring the clown out of them

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7 Questions To Ask Your Wedding Venue

What to do, where to go, which venue needs to be finalised? And we know that the chaos of these questions is stressful. So don’t punish yourself with such stress. Just keep certain things in mind and ask these 7 questions to your wedding venue while hiring the perfect one and Voila! There you are!

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Hire Unusual Seminar Venues in London

Seminars are normally associated with formality and seriousness. If you, as a businessperson, want to give your seminar a touch of freshness, why not take it outside the cloistered rooms and organise your seminar in the open space? It will breathe in certain freshness to your seminar and serve as a refreshing change from the confined office spaces too.

So, this summer season, if you want to give your seminar a definitive edge over others, why don’t book seminar room venues in London with an open garden space? These venues in London are located in the heart of the city. Additionally, these venues come with all the facilities that will make your seminar, a successful affair. Hope these are enough reasons to arrange your business meeting or seminar at London venues with an open space this time.

Bank of England Sports Centre
Maximum Capacity: 400

The Bank of England Sports Centre is a sports club set in 32 acres quite close to Richmond Park. The venue has three function rooms, namely Balcony Bar, Green Room and Terrace Room. In addition to this, a fenced lawn outside the club is ideal for hosting business events under the Sun. Whether you are holding a seminar for 50 people or organising a conference for 300, this club manages all.

The facilities here include Wi-Fi, projector and drop down screens, spotlights and other sophisticated AV systems. In case, there are some technical glitches, technical support teams are present to fix the issues. As far as food is concerned, the on-site caterers at the club will provide A-class dining experience to your attendees. From three course meals to finger foods, the catering team at the club servers to your every need.

Barbican Centre
Maximum Capacity: 1943

It is the largest cultural and conference centre of Europe boasting a spacious ambience to hold your seminar in London. There are 11 function rooms in the Barbican Centre including the Garden Room. State-of-the-art AV, lighting and a variety of function rooms make this venue an extremely popular choice for holding huge conferences and seminars. The on-site caterer at this venue serves a delightful menu of delicious food accompanied with a lip-smacking variety of classic cocktails.

The Conservatory(at level 3) at the Barbican is probably one of the most unique venues in London. Housing a stunning diversity of flora and fauna, this unusual venue is available for corporate events. The maximum capacity of the Conservatory is 150 and the venue is ideal for both corporate events and formal dinner.

The City of London Club
Maximum Capacity: 300

It is one of the oldest clubs in the city of London. Its high-ceilinged and spacious period rooms are ideal for hosting business affairs like seminars and conferences. There are 10 function rooms in this club with the Garden Room being the best for holding seminar for around 50 delegates. All the facilities required for business affairs are available here too. Apart from this, the on-site caterers at this club serve delicious food and exquisite wines, in case you are hosting a cocktail party for your delegates.

The Roof Terrace at the City of London Club is an alfresco space where business parties are usually held. The maximum accommodation capacity is 50 and will be ideal for your business reception party after the seminar is over.

Venues can sometimes be the X factor for the success of your business seminar in London. Choose from these venues with open space the next time you hold a seminar and experience the difference.

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Scrumptious Naked Christmas Cakes for Santa

Sweet, scrumptious, and soft! Delightful range of cakes adds to relishing ambiance of your Christmas party. This year, ditch the old catering menu with a beautifully fashioned cake and opt for trending naked cakes. It’s time to make your Christmas shindigs in London more and more sweet with exquisitely baked cakes.

Undo the typically frosted cake with colourful icing this time and let funky new ‘naked cake’ take the limelight. omits the huh-hush for your celebration preparations. Let the rage for unfrosted beauties provides an interesting essence and taste for guests in London.

Here’s a delectable range of the sweet beauties making everyone the drool.
This sassy and glamorous cake will add up to the essence of Christmas with pure and royal looking red tone. Perfectly adorned with roses, it’s an impeccable confection to have at your celebrations. And, who doesn’t love red velvet cakes anyhow?

The colourful combination of creamy fillings and sweet brown cake made us fell in love with it. The subtle white stand enhances the overall look of this elementary naked cake. Get this layered cake to spread the love among family and friends.

If you love raw ad rustic, this naked cake will catch your attention for sure. White flowers elevate the overall élan, reflecting the ultimate beauty displaying ingredients.

Anyone would go absolutely bananas over this stunning and delectable strawberry naked cake. This heavenly four-layered decadent is a rage among cakes kids and adults even.

We just have one word to describe this stunningly cute four-layered chocolate cake decked with cherries dipped in lip-smacking nutella and buttercream: ultimate.

These scintillating naked splendors come in all flavours, shapes, and sizes topped with delightful ombre shades, flowers, and fruits. Let the delicious in-trend naked cakes, and cupcakes add delight to your merriments. Treat your sweet-tooth with these rustic yet classy delicacies. Merry Christmas!!

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Submit Your Wedding, Hen Night Or Corporate Event Photos to TheCityCollection is one amongst the leading London-based venue hire portal. With our partnered venues ranging over 100, we offer complete assistance to our clients in organising bespoke and desired events conveniently.

Lately we have seen a mounting traffic at our blog, especially for the picture based entries (2500+ daily views). If you are a budding/professional photographer, event planner, local event business, or just happen to cover an event sometime, we have got good news for you.

We are now welcoming entries for authentic photographic submissions, shot or based in London for different events. These events can range anywhere from a wedding, to hen/stag party, or a black-tie corporate event. We will acknowledge your work on our blog along with your photographs.

For more details about this, write to us at

Please abide by the following guidelines if you would like us to feature your entries:

1. You are submitting your own authentic images of events, allowing us to use them on our blog and other social media channels. If the photographs/images are not your original property, then you will be held liable for any consequences.

2. Each entry should contain at least 10 photographs, related to event types that we represent ( Anything out of context here will be considered invalid, and hence unacceptable.

3. Photographs must be attached with your email, not sent through services like Dropbox, WeTransfer, SendSpace, etc.

4. We would require a description about you (maximum 150 words) to be used for your acknowledgment on our blogs or social media channels.

We do not accept or reply to submissions that sound promotional or include any unnatural link(s).

6. In case, you meet all the criteria of a valid submission, we will inform it to you via email, within 7 working days.

7. Feel free to send us a write-up, if in case you want the same to go with the Picture blog. However, please ensure that the content is fresh and free from plagiarism. Consequently, we shall not consider posting any write up which is already published elsewhere.

We hold the right to remove a write-up or image submitted by you anytime, if it doesn’t meet any of the above criteria.

*Terms and Conditions apply

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Voila! 4 Ideas for Your Exceptional 18th Birthday Party in London!

Birthdays are cool with presents, wishes, surprises and so much more to enjoy on this day. And, when it’s the 18thbirthday, the celebrations need to be great and fun. Oh yeah! Now we are talking. So, for everyone who is soon entering the Eighteen Years Gang and looking forward to an amazing party time join us in planning the best celebration for YOU! We bring to you some unique ideas for planning a wonderful birthday bash. Pick up the best idea that relates to your persona and enjoy the attention with panache.

Let magic trail through the party all time!

Mexican Mania

One can easily plan for an affordable Mexican themed birthday party in London. Get in fun, fresh and celebratory mood with Mexican ambiance all around. Give a new look and feel to everything with flowers and garlands. Use bright block colours for tablecloth and fine Mexican music will surely add zing to it. The vivaciousness of Mexican culture lightens the mood filling every guest up with freshness.

Hey! Why not book the renowned cultural centre of Europe, Barbican Centre for the same? We reckon it a premium party venue with a taste of sophistication and style. It will make for a great 18th birthday venue in London.

Expert Tip
: Set up a beautiful piñata to add some more fun.

2. Musical Fiesta

Hey! Let yourself be immersed in a whimsical music party in Central London. You can also opt for a club offering all facilities and ambience for a glamorous celebration. Prepare a playlist with your top favourite songs for a marvellous DJ time on the floor. Grange St. Paul’s Club Ten provides a dynamic space for a private event with a dedicated bar.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to enter your adulthood while tender music treats you? Let your guests be enthralled by party mood with reverberating music and lively ambience of the club. Also, plan a twist in food appearances.

Expert Tip: Serve your guests tasty food in shapes of guitars, drums, flutes and more.

3. Hawaiian Luau

Dunk yourself in the tropical paradise with Hawaiian theme birthday party. One of the most admired and loved theme for parties will surely leave you spell bounded in its feel. This summer, celebrate your birthday wearing the very-famous Hawaiian garlands and treat your appetite with sumptuous food and drinks at tiki bar. Also, luau games and photo booth with crazy background settings will add a great flavour to your party.

Give your party the feel of the tropical land with items like pineapple plates, bamboo reeds, tiki torches, coloured lanterns and much more. The fresh feel of palm fronds and tropical flowers embodied in bold arrangements of Hawaii will enhance the decorations. Worried about finding the right party space for your themed 18th birthday? Opt for our Kanaloa Bar, a Hawaiian Themed Party venue in Holborn.

Expert Tip: Don’t forget to keep grass skirts for dance sessions and the hula moves.

4. Party on Thames!

How about taking your 18th birthday party up on Thames? Great idea, isn’t it? Plan a great celebration with DJ, dance and cocktails on a ship. Let your guests sail through the River Thames and dwell in the party mood. Enjoy the sunset on Thames and cut birthday cake with your best bunch of dear ones happily.

West End on the Thames can be your saviour for a party venue. With a capacity of 500 people, one can easily throw a bespoke birthday party. Also, a boat party never fails to impress anyone in London.

Expert Tip: A fine barbeque session would be unique, bringing a twist of tasty food to the party.

We won’t be barging you with a long list of ideas to make your 18th birthday memorable. It’s your birthday, so make it exciting, cool and worth remembering for ages. Well, yes! You won’t be 18 again in life, so why not welcome it in tailored fashion with music, booze and yummy food.

You can also browse through for more ravishing and vivid birthday venues in London. If you like our endeavours, why not share it with your friends? Oh and by the way, Happy 18th to you!

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Perfect Bridal Shoes for Beautiful Bridal Dress

Marilyn Monroe once said, “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.”
Invest some quality time in choosing the right pair of bridal shoes for your big day. If you want every aspect of your wedding to be perfect, don’t overlook that one item that will complete your bridal look – ‘The Wedding Shoes!’

Acknowledging this, we at not only bring you a list of best wedding venues for hire in London but also, keep you updated with latest trends and unique ideas. So, read further to know what all factors to keep in mind before selecting a perfect pair for your D-day.

Pick a nice pair of shoes that looks perfect with your bridal look and personality:

Comfort is the Key
When selecting bridal shoes, comfort is of utmost importance. You have to be on your feet all day, taking photographs, dancing, and mingling with the guests at the reception. So, always select shoes that best fit in your feet. Go for cute ballerinas and ditch those high heels to enjoy your day to the fullest. Look chic and feminine without adding height. Besides, if you are planning a winter wedding try out boots with leather or soft faux fur and trinkets to stay warm, yet stylish.

Consider the Heel Size
A low or medium heel is ideal for sheer comfort, style, and posture. Even a small heel can provide you great posture than no heel at all. However, you should also consider the height of your groom while selecting the heel . Most brides like their grooms to appear taller than them in wedding photographs. So, if your groom is taller, then go for higher heels. But, if you don’t fancy high heels, then your wedding is the best time to try them. For some added height, you can try wearing lower kitten heels or platform heels too.

Style of Your Wedding Shoes
The wedding décor and dress play an important role in choosing the style of your shoes. The rule of thumb says follow fancy shoes for simple bridal dresses and simple shoes for elegant gowns. You can wear simple bridal shoes with both elegant and plain dresses, but to enhance the simple wedding dress, you need to have more elaborated bridal shoes.

If you are getting married in the evening then try strappy evening sandals with a stunning gown. For a non-traditional wedding dress, buy non-traditional wedding shoes. Keep in mind you should always pick a shoe style and fabric that complements with your dress, personality, and the overall look.

Silk and satin are most popular choices for bridal shoes. However, your personal taste and wedding dress should have great impact on the shoes you choose. Shoes made of velvet, satin, lace, and silk are more feminine looking, while leather appears to be more bold and offbeat. For an outdoor wedding, consider fabrics such as silk and satin that are more durable and don’t tend to stain.

It’s important that your shoes should not only complement your dress and wedding décor, but they should reflect your personality too. A modern bride like you may choose shoes with chunky heels or flats, it’s your day, and it’s your style!

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Celebrate Memories in Style at Top Prom Venues in London

Beautiful Dresses! Tuxedos! Music! And Memories for Life!
Festivities, birthdays and anniversaries come every year but prom party never takes a U-turn for anyone. Make this once-in-a-lifetime celebration memorable with great arrangements, from décor to caterers and more. The colourful and exciting prom season will soon be in full swing. Let the ball dance, music and glamour, all get highlighted within the perfect ambience of a marvellous prom venue in London. makes sure you entice your glamorous guests to the core. Scroll down as our venue experts lists amazing prom venues for you.

Haberdashers’ Hall
A sassy and chic venue with authentic ambience to enhance the aura of the prom party, benevolent Haberdashers’ Hall in London does the entire trick. One of the finest places for hunkydory celebrations, this beautiful venue with tranquilising courtyard ensures fun, music and everything partylicious. Enjoy scrummy cuisine at this stunning place eloquently blended in traditional style and avant-garde approach of the city. The elegant and unique slant of the place will surely add spice to the matchless celebrations.
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The Skybar
The stunning view of London allures everyone with its charm, isn’t it? Then why not plan your prom party at a rooftop venue with great panoramic view. The Skybar at the Grange Holborn Hotel let you taste the tang of success for every type of event in London. Undergo the classiness and charm of graceful venue sprinkling the magic of glitz and glam to your merriments. Superb in class, it will make your prom memorable for all with its beauty and charisma. Treat your taste buds with a delicious range of food and drinks whilst enjoying the backdrop of London skyline.
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When everyone is opting for sweet and elegant prom party, plan for some twists and quirkiness at your celebrations. Revel in delightful evening of whoopee hoedown at Kanaloa in London. This unusual prom party venue breaks the norms of old style prom parties, with some eccentricity. The caramel soft ambience enables everyone to indulge in the fun, blended with music and special drinks. Prom is truly a one-time event; make it worth remembering for you and all.
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The Brewery
When class is defined by the venue, The Brewery tops it all. A venue with classic history to boast, it offers great ambience to enhance the essence of the party. The panache of this Grade II listed venue offers grandiose features to amplify party mood. The venue is equipped with latest sound system, changing colour lighting system and Wi-Fi. Groove in the fun with friends in the mesmerizing essential of the venue.
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No. 4 Hamilton Place
For a memorable prom party venue in London, all you need is an enthralling venue poised with glamour and grace. Set in a beautiful location, No. 4 Hamilton Place is a chic event space with exceptional visage to complement your party preparations. Add the Edwardian feel to regulate an amazing celebration complimented with music, dance and scrumptious food. The pleasant feel of the place engrosses everyone in the party mood. Delectable food and drinks served to keep you all energized till the end of the celebrations.
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Enticed by the grandiose and authentic features of these venues? Just hop on the preparation express and find your best venue to savour exciting offers and prices.

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