Hire Unusual Seminar Venues in London

Seminars are normally associated with formality and seriousness. If you, as a businessperson, want to give your seminar a touch of freshness, why not take it outside the cloistered rooms and organise your seminar in the open space? It will breathe in certain freshness to your seminar and serve as a refreshing change from the confined office spaces too.

So, this summer season, if you want to give your seminar a definitive edge over others, why don’t book seminar room venues in London with an open garden space? These venues in London are located in the heart of the city. Additionally, these venues come with all the facilities that will make your seminar, a successful affair. Hope these are enough reasons to arrange your business meeting or seminar at London venues with an open space this time.

Bank of England Sports Centre
Maximum Capacity: 400

The Bank of England Sports Centre is a sports club set in 32 acres quite close to Richmond Park. The venue has three function rooms, namely Balcony Bar, Green Room and Terrace Room. In addition to this, a fenced lawn outside the club is ideal for hosting business events under the Sun. Whether you are holding a seminar for 50 people or organising a conference for 300, this club manages all.

The facilities here include Wi-Fi, projector and drop down screens, spotlights and other sophisticated AV systems. In case, there are some technical glitches, technical support teams are present to fix the issues. As far as food is concerned, the on-site caterers at the club will provide A-class dining experience to your attendees. From three course meals to finger foods, the catering team at the club servers to your every need.

Barbican Centre
Maximum Capacity: 1943

It is the largest cultural and conference centre of Europe boasting a spacious ambience to hold your seminar in London. There are 11 function rooms in the Barbican Centre including the Garden Room. State-of-the-art AV, lighting and a variety of function rooms make this venue an extremely popular choice for holding huge conferences and seminars. The on-site caterer at this venue serves a delightful menu of delicious food accompanied with a lip-smacking variety of classic cocktails.

The Conservatory(at level 3) at the Barbican is probably one of the most unique venues in London. Housing a stunning diversity of flora and fauna, this unusual venue is available for corporate events. The maximum capacity of the Conservatory is 150 and the venue is ideal for both corporate events and formal dinner.

The City of London Club
Maximum Capacity: 300

It is one of the oldest clubs in the city of London. Its high-ceilinged and spacious period rooms are ideal for hosting business affairs like seminars and conferences. There are 10 function rooms in this club with the Garden Room being the best for holding seminar for around 50 delegates. All the facilities required for business affairs are available here too. Apart from this, the on-site caterers at this club serve delicious food and exquisite wines, in case you are hosting a cocktail party for your delegates.

The Roof Terrace at the City of London Club is an alfresco space where business parties are usually held. The maximum accommodation capacity is 50 and will be ideal for your business reception party after the seminar is over.

Venues can sometimes be the X factor for the success of your business seminar in London. Choose from these venues with open space the next time you hold a seminar and experience the difference.

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Romantic Wedding Venues in London

Wedding venues in London are one of the most active places of this city. Besides so much choice to sort from, people usually prefer this city for its unmatched views cutting across their sight, as they vow to each other a life time of companionship and true love. Realising your wedding dream shall be one of the most pressing factors in your search for a suitable wedding venue in London. There are wedding venues, which will be matchless with their backdrop reflecting an amazing view of the surroundings. Go through the list of these most romantic options for your big day:

The Sky bar:

The Sky Bar is one of the most romantic choices for a wedding in London. There are enough choices plaguing the city of London. But this wedding venue will be found standing apart from the rest of the choices, with its remarkable rooftop arrangements and beautiful views over London. You will have a sense of creating a memory, right at the time of booking for this wedding venue. You will be able to accommodate 200 guests for your eventful day.

The Skyline Suite and Roof Garden Terrace:

The Skyline Suite and Roof Garden Terrace is one of the most remarkable and suitable wedding destinations, with a pensive landscape formed by a rooftop garden and the most thrilling view of the St Pauls Cathedral. Your wedding will be memorable with the delights of the scenic views, witnessing your commingling of hearts. The amazing structure of the Skyline Suite and Roof Garden Terrace is set against the backdrop of the monumental beauty of St Pauls. Imagine yourself holding the hands of your beloved and saying your commitments at this amazing wedding venue.

Grange St Paul’s:

You must have heard the popularity of Grange St Pauls as a five star London hotel. There are a lot of things you can do over here. It offers a very amazing wedding venue in London, with the charms of English culture playing over here. With a very high capacity for 2000 guests, you will find it really meaningful with its amazing interiors and state of art facilities besieging the guests. You will find this wedding venue serving you with an exotic meal, decorations, and services.

The Royal Suite:

The Royal suite is a very famous wedding venue in London, with its scintillating interiors and elegance. You can have a specific ordered menu, catering you in your delectable taste and style. You can tailor your wedding in your very specific style over here, with an amazing backdrop that boasts of a cutting edge style. It is a very warm and welcoming wedding venue, with a highest capacity for 50 guests. If you foresee your wedding in a small, warm and welcoming wedding venue, you can have your big day celebrated over here.

West End on the Thames:

If you want to make a special arrangement for your wedding day, then look at this stunning venue. This amazing venue’s bespoke approach ensures that your event is tailored to your specific needs. West on the Thames is a romantic venue space and is also a famous landmark for unusual wedding ceremonies. Hire West End on the Thames and surprise your guests with an unusual experience of River Thames and make your wedding an unforgettable moment of your lifetime. Enjoy the cruise style wedding with beautiful backdrop of the River Thames.

The best part of these wedding venues is that they offer a fabulous stay close by, at a collection of London hotels, where they can book an accommodation for their relatives and friends travelling from far away.

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Scrumptious Naked Christmas Cakes for Santa

Sweet, scrumptious, and soft! Delightful range of cakes adds to relishing ambiance of your Christmas party. This year, ditch the old catering menu with a beautifully fashioned cake and opt for trending naked cakes. It’s time to make your Christmas shindigs in London more and more sweet with exquisitely baked cakes.

Undo the typically frosted cake with colourful icing this time and let funky new ‘naked cake’ take the limelight. Thecitycollection.org omits the huh-hush for your celebration preparations. Let the rage for unfrosted beauties provides an interesting essence and taste for guests in London.

Here’s a delectable range of the sweet beauties making everyone the drool.
This sassy and glamorous cake will add up to the essence of Christmas with pure and royal looking red tone. Perfectly adorned with roses, it’s an impeccable confection to have at your celebrations. And, who doesn’t love red velvet cakes anyhow?

The colourful combination of creamy fillings and sweet brown cake made us fell in love with it. The subtle white stand enhances the overall look of this elementary naked cake. Get this layered cake to spread the love among family and friends.

If you love raw ad rustic, this naked cake will catch your attention for sure. White flowers elevate the overall élan, reflecting the ultimate beauty displaying ingredients.

Anyone would go absolutely bananas over this stunning and delectable strawberry naked cake. This heavenly four-layered decadent is a rage among cakes kids and adults even.

We just have one word to describe this stunningly cute four-layered chocolate cake decked with cherries dipped in lip-smacking nutella and buttercream: ultimate.

These scintillating naked splendors come in all flavours, shapes, and sizes topped with delightful ombre shades, flowers, and fruits. Let the delicious in-trend naked cakes, and cupcakes add delight to your merriments. Treat your sweet-tooth with these rustic yet classy delicacies. Merry Christmas!!

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Tips to Hunt the Best Wedding Caterer in London

The caterers really add spice and taste to your wedding. Enticing your guests and ruling their hearts with heavenly range of gastronomic delights, they will charm everyone with grace. Well, that’s true! The wedding caterers can do far more good than bad in your celebrations. From preparing the menu, looking at various other arrangements to serving the best in London, caterers can truly make your wedding more enjoyable and memorable for all.

We reckon that finding a caterer is easy, but deciding for a perfect one suiting your style and preparations can be a difficult task. Thoughtful of good food, we at Thecitycollection.org lists down some itsy-bitsy tips to help you single out a caterer for your big day.

Hop on to find the best!

Selecting the Caterers
  • Ask your friends and relatives for recommendations while listing down best caterers of the town.
  • Don’t miss out on your favourite restaurants. Confirm for their catering services. If not, they will surely provide recommendations for renowned establishments that cater.
  • Ask venues for preferred caterers list.
  • Grapevine is hidden depth of event planning. Ask your vendors for their references and contacts.
  • Opt for social media. There are many dedicated websites providing information on caterers available around your area.
During the Meeting…
After you have a hand full of numerous caterers in London, shortlist the most suitable and plan a meeting with them. Before you leave for the meet-up, make sure you have everything in place.

  • Try scheduling tastings during the meeting. This will save your time whilst providing the idea of catering.
  • It is always advised to get the rough draft prepared by the caterer itself to help you in budgeting.
  • Besides, the rough outline inclusive of menu options, cost per person, services, alcohol prices and more assists in planning the catering budget for the occasion.
  • Don’t forget to exchange business cards.
  • If considering recommendations, dedicate some time on searching their erstwhile clients’ reviews. Check number of guests served, best menu items, and if any extra charges were included on the final bill.

These Questions are Imperative…
  • Do you have the license?
  • Do you have commitments for any other event or occasion on the same day of our celebration?
  • What will the staff wear during the wedding?
  • Are you licensed to serve drinks?
  • Can we expect your assistance or recommendations from you on other preparation facets like decorators, lighting, and transportation?
  • We would like to tour the kitchen and facility.
  • Will there be an on-site coordinator or manager to supervise meal services and other aspects during the wedding?
  • Are you familiar with our chosen wedding venue?
  • What will be the ratio of staff to guests?
  • From where do you source the ingredients?
Now that you have an idea of what all you need to ask shortlisted caterers, go ahead!!

Add a dash of refreshment in your wedding celebrations with dedicated catering services. Cherish the moments with delightful food and finest collection of drinks. So roll up your sleeves to call in a caterer who provides the best feast for your dream wedding. We hope these tips contribute in deciding the unsurpassed. Happy Hunting!

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Celebrate Memories in Style at Top Prom Venues in London

Beautiful Dresses! Tuxedos! Music! And Memories for Life!
Festivities, birthdays and anniversaries come every year but prom party never takes a U-turn for anyone. Make this once-in-a-lifetime celebration memorable with great arrangements, from décor to caterers and more. The colourful and exciting prom season will soon be in full swing. Let the ball dance, music and glamour, all get highlighted within the perfect ambience of a marvellous prom venue in London. Thecitycollection.org makes sure you entice your glamorous guests to the core. Scroll down as our venue experts lists amazing prom venues for you.

Haberdashers’ Hall
A sassy and chic venue with authentic ambience to enhance the aura of the prom party, benevolent Haberdashers’ Hall in London does the entire trick. One of the finest places for hunkydory celebrations, this beautiful venue with tranquilising courtyard ensures fun, music and everything partylicious. Enjoy scrummy cuisine at this stunning place eloquently blended in traditional style and avant-garde approach of the city. The elegant and unique slant of the place will surely add spice to the matchless celebrations.
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The Skybar
The stunning view of London allures everyone with its charm, isn’t it? Then why not plan your prom party at a rooftop venue with great panoramic view. The Skybar at the Grange Holborn Hotel let you taste the tang of success for every type of event in London. Undergo the classiness and charm of graceful venue sprinkling the magic of glitz and glam to your merriments. Superb in class, it will make your prom memorable for all with its beauty and charisma. Treat your taste buds with a delicious range of food and drinks whilst enjoying the backdrop of London skyline.
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When everyone is opting for sweet and elegant prom party, plan for some twists and quirkiness at your celebrations. Revel in delightful evening of whoopee hoedown at Kanaloa in London. This unusual prom party venue breaks the norms of old style prom parties, with some eccentricity. The caramel soft ambience enables everyone to indulge in the fun, blended with music and special drinks. Prom is truly a one-time event; make it worth remembering for you and all.
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The Brewery
When class is defined by the venue, The Brewery tops it all. A venue with classic history to boast, it offers great ambience to enhance the essence of the party. The panache of this Grade II listed venue offers grandiose features to amplify party mood. The venue is equipped with latest sound system, changing colour lighting system and Wi-Fi. Groove in the fun with friends in the mesmerizing essential of the venue.
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No. 4 Hamilton Place
For a memorable prom party venue in London, all you need is an enthralling venue poised with glamour and grace. Set in a beautiful location, No. 4 Hamilton Place is a chic event space with exceptional visage to complement your party preparations. Add the Edwardian feel to regulate an amazing celebration complimented with music, dance and scrumptious food. The pleasant feel of the place engrosses everyone in the party mood. Delectable food and drinks served to keep you all energized till the end of the celebrations.
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Enticed by the grandiose and authentic features of these venues? Just hop on the preparation express and find your best venue to savour exciting offers and prices.

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4 Impressive Halal Catering Venues in London

Some cultural events like weddings, private dining and community meetings demand a particular catering style. If you are planning such an event, it’s always good to consider culinary preferences of your guests in account before selecting the venue. Delicious and well-prepared food adds zing to the occasion, making it more memorable.

Islamic weddings, events and social meetings require special Halal catering. It includes Indian, Lebanese, Pakistani, BBQ, Punjabi, Gujarati and many more cuisines. Acknowledging this, we at Thcitycollection.org bring you a comprehensive list of top London venues, offering best Halal catering facilities for your functions.

HMS President
Popularly known as floating jewel, HMS President features a perfect event space for hosting any function along with delicious halal catering. The team of experienced chefs ensure the use of good quality ingredients whilst following hygienic ways of cooking. Treat your taste buds and enjoy stunning views of the City of London along with views of famous landmarks. It will offer an ideal backdrop for a wonderful event making it one of the most pleasurable events for your guests.
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Blue Fin
Blue Fin is one of the most easily accessible and flexible venues in London offering special halal catering. Modern architecture and contemporary amenities make it a perfect place for hosting training events, corporate meetings, product launches, weddings and other celebrations. On-site hospitality team catering to individual requirements and creating bespoke menu for your guests. Tantalize your taste buds with mouth-watering halal cuisine whilst enjoying stunning views of Docklands, Tate Modern and St. Paul’s.
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Royal College of Surgeons
Gracefully located in Lincoln’s Inn Field, Royal College of Surgeons entices everyone with its interesting surgical history presentation. Offering an urbane setting for Islamic events and celebrations, the venue ensures dedicated services with arrangements for Halal catering. Enjoy the success of your occasion to the core as dedicated staff and scrumptious range of food and drinks adds flavours. Whether it’s wedding, corporate meeting or any intimate events, hire this space which easily caters to over 300 guests. The royal essence of the place attains every guest’s attention and appreciation.
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West End on the Thames

The chic setting and award-winning hospitality services of West End on Thames ensures success for every Islamic event. Organising an Islamic event in London gets more classy and interesting when planned at this venue. With lip-smacking and hygienic Halal catering, enjoy panoramic skyline of London on this dazzling boat venue. Ensuring that all your dear guests are dedicatedly catered and cared for, the venue is known for exemplary services and perfect ambience for your event.
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Intrigued by the amazing venues with your specific catering style? Hire any of these spaces and enjoy your event wholly. Connect with us to get more ideas and venue information in London.

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Relish your Celebrations at Kosher-Catering Venues in London

An event with cultural importance is the new ‘vogue’ thing to organise successfully, especially if you are in London. It is always great to plan everything as per the likeness and preferences of your guests. If you are planning a Jewish event, a benevolent venue with Kosher catering will surely ease off your worries for food. Be it a Jewish wedding, bar Mitzvah or a corporate meeting with Jewish delegates, a suitable venue with cultural understanding is a plus.

These days Kosher event menus have incorporated the new trends and tastes loved by people. So, why not enjoy delicious collection of contemporary cuisines and much more.Our experienced venue experts have listed some renowned venues with deep understanding of Kosher events.

No. 4 Hamilton Place
Here’s a stylish venue that doesn’t need any introduction. Stylish interiors, exceptional location, and baroque staircase are all prepped to make your Kosher event successful. This unique, elegant, and glamorous venue possesses striking roof overlooking Hyde Park, Edwardian dining room and a stunning conference centre.Be it any of your event, this renowned venue provides best Kosher services throughout the year. Located serenely in London with modernity, No. 4 Hamilton Place will melt your heart, adding a zing to the celebrations. Enquire Now

HMS President
How about organising your party in a historically renowned venue? HMS President offers a very scintillating place for celebrations with a range of latest amenities. Plan an amazing shindig in this venue to let your guest gossip about it all year long. If looking for a perfect wedding or a corporate event venue with lip-smacking Kosher catering, HMS President will make it memorable for all. Besides, the historical significance of the place makes it even more interesting for guests to witness the old warship while enjoying your event. Enquire Now

Royal College of Surgeons
When royalty gets defined in a true sense, you are surely at The Royal College of Surgeons.The perfect blend of contemporary and traditional setting, it makes for a dynamic venue with impeccable hospitality. And, who says that a surgeons’ place can’t be glamorous? Come, plan your next ambitious event here and witness your guests gasp in awe.Additionally, this startling venue can host corporate meetings, parties and more with a capacity of over 300 guests. Enquire Now

The Yacht London
Anchored on Thames River, The Yacht London offers refreshing and mesmerising panoramic views to marvel at. The cosmopolitan ambience and delicious food is admired by all across London. A riverside venue for civil ceremonies will also be a great idea, isn’t it? Besides, you can choose any of the 3 decks to host your event while enjoying a beautiful backdrop.Contemporary furniture, modern amenities and polished hospitality leaves everyone overwhelmed. Enquire Now

Every celebration demands some extra planning. A Kosher event is one of those, like seriously. So, avenue with all facilities and delicious food will set the party mood on fire. Come, browse through Thecitycollection.org to find many more venues suiting your style. Enjoy!

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Top 3 Dry-Hire Venues in London

London is breathing in new winds of change with every spin of day and night. Dry hire venue is a novel concept introduced recently in the happening city of London. It simply means just to hire a lavish well-appointed space with elegant interiors, amiable facilities and other features except catering. Dry-hire venues are suitable for both private and corporate events. Hosts who want a sheer hold on catering services or having nominal budget are often benefited with such spaces.

Take a quick look on top 3 dry-hire venues in London which amaze you with their attractive structure and heartfelt serves.

Armourers and Brasiers Hall
Embellished with goodness of vintage styled interiors, this venue will take you back to the glories of 16th and 17th century. Eye captivating Dutch paintings and dazzling lighting of George II brass chandeliers, speak volumes for this space. Armourers and Brasiers Hall is one of the finest options for organizing any sort of formal or informal events. It has a versatile array of costs and layouts for you. Come to us at Thecitycollection.org to book this pleasant space for your next event and get further regarding to the same.
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Drapers Hall
Accentuate on your classy tang amongst others by hiring this spectacular hall for weddings, birthday or corporate events. Apart from brilliantly designed interiors, it has a striking outdoor space enabling you to arrange a breath-taking BBQ party in crazy summers. This venue owns a fabulous bar to herd in with your folks to relish satiating wine, beer, scotch or any of your desired cocktails.
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The City of London Club

Whatever be the nature of your event, The City of London Club is fine enough to meet all your requirements in imposing mode. It owns a spectrum of impressive venues compelling you to stick at the place itself and keep on admiring it. An exemplary beauty is in decor of the hall where 150 heads can step in. Private roof top and garden room are amazing options to plan a spring celebration with peer.
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Pick any of these places as per your preferences for your next event. We at Thecitycollection.org, help you in finding gorgeous dry-hire venues in London where you can experience the best moments of your life.

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How to Save on Food and Beverages When Planning Events

After the venue hiring cost, it’s the food that eats up most of the event budget. And it’s the food that people remember the most of an event. This imperative budget blower is easy to manage if a few things are kept in mind. You can’t afford to fall short of food or hire a cheap caterer, but there are a few considerations that will help you cut down the food and beverages cost when planning an event in London. We know how much is it important to plan a ravishing event when you’re in London, the financial hub of Europe. And keeping that in view, here are a few factors to consider when planning an event in London.

Use What’s Available

When working it out with your event planner or chef, make sure to let him make suggestions based on the local produce. Seasonal and regional produce always proves to be cost-effective. So skip the idea of serving an international cuisine. Do a lot of locally grown fruit trays salads. It’s fulfilling as well as cheap.

Edible Centrepieces

It’s impossible to imagine an elite event table without a grand centrepiece. May be you are opting for something small like rustic lanterns, LED light vase, or something similar. As an alternative to these expensive table centrepieces, you can use edible centrepieces. Small cupcake stands with standard desserts and sweet treats work well. Or you can put glass bowls filled with fruits and veggies. These table arrangements will not only look eye-pleasing but are fulfilling and cost effective too. You’ll save huge bucks that you could have wasted on renting centrepieces.

Buffet or Plated

Think twice before you choose a caterer in London. It’s a common misconception that buffet is the most cost-effective serving style but it’s not. First, avoiding buffet, you’ll spend less on labour cost. Second, people are going to fill their plates regardless, so you’ll save on food as well. For buffet, the chef has to make more food than required just to make sure not to fall short which causes a lot of wastage of food. But buffet always allows guests more choices so there’s always something for everyone on the menu and it also encourages networking, as there is not set seating plan. If you choose to serve in buffet style, make sure to use smaller plates as people are less likely to consume much.

Control What’s Served

So you’ve hired the event staff to keep refilling the coffee cups of the attendees in a meeting or conference. That’s good because meetings are so boring and people need to refresh in between. But what if the staff refills the cup when there are hardly 5 minutes left in the break. A lot of pounds go to the drain this way. Always make sure that the staff serves people at the right time and in right portions. Ask the staff to fill glasses only on request.

Use Stand-up Tables

People eat more when seated, as it’s more comfortable. But stand-up tables are a nice option if you want the guests to concentrate on networking rather than on food. Stand-up tables mean they are less likely to eat all night which will save you money. This is especially preferable for cocktail receptions.

Queues are Okay

Don’t be afraid if there are a few lines at the bar. Although you don’t want long queues but small ones are okay. Five to six people waiting for the drinks will encourage networking and it is less likely for people to stand in the queue again to get their glass refilled. It will greatly reduce overindulging on cocktails.

Use Substitutes

Go Vegan if it’s okay with people. Veggies are always cheaper as compared to meat. And choose your substitutes wisely. Hake is a popular fish but costs way lesser. Soups are often overlooked. Soups are delicious, cheaper, and quite fulfilling leaving less room for other dishes.

These little things will help you a great deal in cutting down your food cost. Hopefully you’ll use these tips when planning your next event in London.

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You’d Better Think Twice Before Choosing a Caterer in London

What do you remember of your second cousin’s wedding? Yes, that’s right! It’s the food. Catering is the most important decision to make when planning an event. Bad food = a bad event. So make sure to sweat the details before you choose a caterer. And when you’re in London, the selection becomes even more difficult as the choice of event caterers in London is endless. So make sure you keep these considerations in view before making the final decision.

In-House Caterer or Not

Choosing the in-house caterer isn’t always disadvantageous. If you don’t have any idea which catering company to choose, the best possible choice is to go for a London venue with in-house catering facility. Consider the fact that these caterers are likely to deliver outstanding food and service which is why the venue has sealed a contract with them. Even if the venue allows outside caterers, make sure that you ask the event coordinator if they can recommend a company. Also, make sure to ask friends and family to shortlist the top three.

Know Your Budget

The first and foremost thing is to know your catering budget. Ask yourself how much important the food is in your event. Would a buffet style do it or do you want to serve a three-course sit down-meal? A few factors that can change the catering cost include the serving style (buffet, sit down, or platters passed), the number of guests, the number of courses you want, rentals, and of course, the experience of the caterer. The more flexible you are with these factors, the more chances you have to save money and create a menu tailored to suit your budget.

Ask Key Questions

Before actually scheduling any face-to-face interview with caterers, save your time and travel costs by asking a few questions on the phone. But before that, you should be able to answer a few questions about your event like the date, the reception venue, the duration, and budget. Here is a list of questions you can ask before picking the top three to schedule interviews with.

  1. Are you available for this date?
  2. What range of menus, cuisines, and courses do you offer within my budget?
  3. Do you offer rentals? And can I bring my own rentals?
  4. Do you offer alcohol? What’s the cost per bottle?
  5. Can I bring my own booze? Is there a corkage fee?
  6. How much time do you need before the event to set up?
  7. Who will be the event coordinator?
  8. How many people will serve the guests?
  9. Do you provide a wedding cake?
  10. Do you offer mixologists? If so, how many do I need?
  11. Do you serve the vegetarians and those with special dietary requirements?
  12. What’s the minimum and maximum number of guests?
  13. What’s the payment schedule?
  14. How much deposit is required for booking?
  15. Do you have a cancellation policy?
  16. Do you have a service charge? If so, what’s the average tipping cost?


Here comes the most important thing to consider before you choose a caterer. It’s simple yet a lot of people forget to ask this question. Make sure to check that they offer a menu tasting. You don’t want food that tastes something like two days old socks. Most of the companies happily arrange a menu tasting. Take a friend or your mother for advice. Taste a range of things to finalise a menu and make sure that you don’t have to worry about food anymore.

Look into Previous Events

Have you ever booked a photographer before looking at his portfolio? Then how can you book a caterer before looking at his previous events. It’s not just the food that matters. When it comes to creating a perfect event, you need to look into little details like how the food is presented, served, and how the waiters are dressed. Talk to the event caterer in detail about what kind of event atmosphere you are trying to achieve and what food type will complement it.

Choosing the caterer is half the battle when it comes to event planning. So, make sure that you do a lot of research before actually picking a caterer.

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