Brunel Museum - A Bizarre Backdrop for London Events

Every unique event calls for a unique venue. And Brunel Museum is one such unusual space that your guests will fall in love with. The Museum is located directly above Thames tunnel, which opened around 170 years ago. This is where Isambard Kingdom Brunel began his extra-ordinary career and built the first ever tunnel under the river. The museum is tucked in the midst of attractive gardens and overlooks a tranquil part of River Thames, promising a breath-taking backdrop. The museum has featured in TV shows and movies too. Within the extraordinary historic setting of the venue, there are quite a few spaces for hire.

The Engine House
The industrial building of the museum comprises of large spaces including the Upper Gallery, Mezzanine, and Lower Gallery. Take your party into the amazing setting of the Lower Gallery that can easily seat up 60 guests. For larger groups, the gallery and marquee in the garden can be used in conjunction to double the space. So you need not worry as far as spaciousness is concerned. Any buffet or a function is sure to turn into a marvellous event in its unique setting.

There’s also the Upper Gallery with electro-luminescent panels, telling the tale of Brunel and his experiments. Technical models, prints, statues, watercolours, and souvenirs too evoke the essence and existence of the Museum. The Mezzanine takes you to the souvenir shop and riverside café.

The Grand Entrance Hall
The Grand Entrance Hall where Mr Brunel almost drowned once is now available for hire after remaining closed for so many decades. It was inaccessible for over a century and a half. A huge secret chamber, this stonewalled space is half the of Shakespeare’s Globe theatre which makes it perfect for large-scale events. The museum is also fitting a performance stage and a gallery to make it fit for all types of occasions.

Terrace and Gardens
The museum is located in beautiful landscape encircling Brunel’s original shaft. The lawn and the sheltered garden are located on the south side brimming with greenery and trees. Right next to the Great Eastern grinding wheel, which makes a unique background, is a picnic table shaped like a ship that seat up to 20 people. On top of the Grand Entrance Hall is built a new compass garden with a huge sundial. The staircase leads to the chamber below which is now called the Grand Entrance Hall.

Granting that no event is complete without some entertainment, whether corporate or private, the museum can now arrange for your event to be hosted by one of the top actors from the school programme. Isambard Kingdom Brunel himself will welcome your party guests and give after-event speeches and you can hire a Victorian miner involved in the original mine work.

If you’re really looking to hire an unusual event venue in London, Brunel Museum can really be a good option. It promises a bizarre chamber-like backdrop and a professional event service.

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