Booking a London Wedding Venue – Questions You Should Ask the Event Planner

Booking a wedding venue in London often involves several questions that you need to run through your event planner. No matter how silly and trivial your questions are, do not just hold back, and ask the event planner. You have booked the venue to hold the most memorable day of your life. So, you must ensure that you get right service to make your day more special.

Here are some important questions you must ask wedding planner while organising your ceremony at a London wedding venue:

When is the Best Time to Book a Venue?
The first question you must consider is the time to book a venue. You should ask the planner from when will be the venue accessible on your wedding day. Ask the planner for florists, decorators, caterers, and other suppliers, so that they can start decorating as early as 6 am.

How Would You Decorate the Venue?
Ask wedding planner if the venue provide anything for table décor. For example, you can ask for candles, ornaments, tea lights, flower vases, and so on. You can even research about what kinds of table settings are available with them. Whether they have white tablecloths or they give you other choices. Ask all these questions to your event planner.

Do they have enough people who can decorate tables or you need to get someone from outside to decorate? Is there an option that venues London will provide materials to decorate or you have to get them from outside? Ask as many questions you like and make sure the venue is decorated exactly the way your desire.

How Many Types of Menu are Available?
When should you give the final menu details? How many types of dishes can they serve? Or can they cater to a special dietary requirements? Discuss with your planner about what type of menu you need for your wedding. Ask them if they charge extra for corkage. And, can you bring your own drinks and serve them to guests with help of their staff? Will the venue staff help you purchase drinks of your choice? All these questions you must ask your event planner.

How Many People Will Be Available as Support Staff?
How many staff people will be working on the wedding day? Who will be managing them? Will anyone be available to us? Can we have a direct talk with staff members? Feel free to ask such questions while booking a venue in London.

Does the Venue Allow Live Band or DJ?
What about DJs and live music bands, will you allow them to set up before the ceremony starts? Will you offer drinks and food when they require? Is there any restriction on noise levels? Do not miss on such questions while hiring DJs or bands at your wedding event.

Other Miscellaneous Questions

  1. Ask your wedding planner about car parking facility at the venue.
  2. Do they have enough space to accommodate cars brought by your guests?
  3. Or do you have to make an alternate arrangement? Will they provide a cloakroom to your guests?
  4. Can they accommodate guests if you are planning an extended ceremony?
  5. What will be the bedroom charges, if you have a morning wedding and planning a reception in the evening?
  6. Are there enough changing rooms for guests to change dress for reception?

Make a list of all these miscellaneous questions and get queries solved from the planner.

Booking a London wedding venue is not a difficult task, but getting answers to these questions will be a perfect idea. Just approach your event planner at the venue and discuss things in advance to have a successful wedding.

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