Beyond Usual Rainbow Party Ideas

Londoners just can’t do without colours. Google colourful London and you’ll agree with the statement. And keeping that in mind, we’ve come up with few amazing colour party ideas. No matter what’s the occasion, most parties have a colour theme. But why not do some mix and match? When it comes to a coloured party, nothing can beat a rainbow! Rainbow parties are sure to look fun and festive but you can always go beyond rainbows to incorporate colours in your party. If you’re keen to give a scintillating effect to your party with colours, here are a few ideas, you’re sure to fall in love with.

Rainbow Party
When it comes to a coloured party, nothing can beat a rainbow! Serve your food and drinks in a distinct style to evoke the theme. Place tissue papers in seven different colours and arrange fruits in the platter in a line according to their colours. And serve drinks in different colours that look fabulous and are equally delicious. Make sure to complement your menu with cupcakes with rainbow topper.

As for the decoration, tie organza fabric dyed in different colours around the table like a skirt. And hang organza strips in different colours from the centre of the ceiling to the sides of the room creating a tent like structure. Tie coloured balloons to the back of the chair and use under table LED lights to create a festive ambience. For centrepieces, glue un-inflated balloons around a large thermocol ball and arrange them in vases. Your centrepieces are ready.

Sweet Candy Party
Life is a sweet candy store, isn’t it? If you believe in this quote, why not throw a sweet candy party this time. Not only the kids, even adults love candies, although covertly. Decorate your party space with details that look good enough to eat like balloon pops that would look like enlarged lollypops. Simply wrap balloons in cellophane and glue tube sticks to them and line them on the entryway. And it’s the best time to recycle those mini plastic bottles. Fill them with candies and sweet treats and give out as favours to the little ones.

Attach candy canes or lollipops to your invitations, as it’ll definitely excite the little guests to show up at your party. To create a delicious décor, you can use lollipops in more than one ways. Create garlands with them to hang in the backdrop or glue them to thermo coal balls to make beautiful centrepieces. Kids will love to join your birthday boy or girl in the candy land.

Confetti Party
No party is complete without balloons and confetti. Rather than hosting a run-of-the-mill affair like every year, this year, throw a confetti party. Fill clear balloons with confetti to add some colour and cuteness to your party ambience. A delicious cake covered with edible confetti will definitely get all the kids jumping with excitement. You can also glue confetti on white paper lanterns, favour bags, and boxes and make garlands with them to use in the decoration.

And not to mention, don’t forget the confetti poppers. It’ll enhance the element of surprise when the moment comes. You can also sprinkle edible confetti on cupcakes to add a splash of colour in it. And also a little glitter in your nails and eye make-up will heighten the effect. Don’t forget to sprinkle little thermocol balls on tables. Kids will definitely love to be a part of your funfetti party!

These ideas will surely help to create an eye-candy setting with rainbow colours but without being too obvious.

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