Best Guide for Throwing Spectacular Game of Thrones Party!

If you have been on a tour to the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, the real world appears highly mundane and uninspiring. And if you are a true fan of “A Song of Ice and Fire,” there is no reason for you to tone down the grandeur of various occasions and make it dull and ordinary. We, at are pretty big fans of the gritty drama surrounding the Iron Throne ourselves, and so we thought how can one throw a magnificent Game of Thrones inspired party?
Game of Thrones Party in London
After the results of some serious brainstorming and collective thinking, we have come up with quite interesting Game of Thrones party ideas. From invites to decorations to venues, we have gotten it all figured out for you guys. Thus, let’s enjoy obsessing about the Thrones all over again, and recreating this absolutely marvelous piece of fiction as our reality.

GoT Theme Party: Appropriate Occasions?

Well, that’s simple. What are you going to celebrate at the soonest? It can be your birthday, anniversary, homecoming party, Halloween Party and a lot more.

Different Occassions of HBO GoT Party

Imagine a scenario where Lannisters are nothing but a bunch of rich, popular, mean kids; Baratheons are the brats and the bullies, who at times like to whine and crib a lot (yes, by all means, we are referring to Stannis here!) Starks are the Jocks who often protect the reputation of the school by winning in various games, and are just protective by nature, with a kind gentle heart. And then we have the beautiful ignored kids, with tremendous talent, surmounting to magic, but are yet to find their true potential or the right way - aka our beloved Daenerys dancing with the dragons in the far, far East! This totally sets the theme right for a high school prom, right? And with “Prom is coming” tagline, you are more than set to make a statement.

And if you would like to celebrate other events like your birthday, we have got plenty of suggestions for you. Besides, know that there is no Birthday in the realm of the 7 kingdoms, but only the Name Day.

Lastly, if you wish to host a Game of Thrones themed Wedding, please don’t! Seriously, you’re better off unmarried, alone and frustrated then to get married in the G0T-esque fashion. (Things about Jeoffrey and the purple wedding, and get into an impromptu celebration dance; but don’t, under any circumstances let your mind wander about Robb, Talisa or Catelyn Stark…or even the dire-wolf!)

GoT Theme Party: Perfect Invitations

Perfect invitations for a Game of Thrones Party in London

The Prom Night is Coming!
25 Is Coming!
You are welcomed under the hospitality of ________, of the House _________, the first of his name and…

Yeah, okay, you get the picture right? If you have read the book then you’d find scripting the content of the invited fairly simple. In case you haven’t, there are many cheat sheets available over the internet.
The catch is to print the invites in a theme and style that you prefer, and seal with a wax seal stamp which are easily available in the market.

GoT Theme Party: The Decorations

Game of Thrones Party Decorations House Sigils

From house sigils to candelabras to doormats and more, when it comes to decorating a GoT themed party, there is just no end to creativity. Here are a few essentials that you can of course consider, in order to add real depth to your preparations.

To begin with, we believe the host or the hostess should wear the paramount “Hand of the King” pin. That’s a pretty intense way of differentiating yourself from the crowd, but don’t take your new costume a tad too seriously. You know what happened to previous Hands of the King – Jon Arryn was poisoned, Ned got is head spiked somewhere in the Kings Landing, Tyrion – well, never mind the scar, and (spoiler alert if you haven’t completed watching season 4) someone murdered Tywin while he was happily squatting over his chamber pot! Anyway, no spoilers now, and well, various other decorations that you may include are:

  1. House Sigils Prints – You might not be as bright as Podrick Payne when it comes to recognizing the houses by their sigils, but you surely know that the three headed Dragon represents house Targaryen, Lion represents Lannisters, Wolf – Starks and a crowned black Stag is the sigil of the house Baratheon. Get the sigils printed on long sheet of papers and use them as wall art. Alternatively, you can also use the sigils as door and window hangings. And talking about sigils, there is an interesting use of them with glasses:
  2. Pint Glasses with Different House Sigils – yes! This is actually a thing, and one can easily find pint glasses with printed house sigils. Additionally, you can also opt for wax and Seal coasters carrying the sigil of different houses.
  3. Goblets for wine – let’s go completely medieval, shall we? Let’s get a few silver and mercury goblets and serve wine the way they do in the Game of Thrones? Obviously, if you manage to get the goblets, your GoT inspired theme party would not be anything less than EPIC!
  4. Dragon on the Wall – Apparently, these days you can have dragon printed on your walls. The markets are adrift with dragon styled wallpapers that you can use to add a completely new twist to the event.
  5. And please! A Dart board with Joffrey’s face on it – wouldn’t that be totally awesome? Would definitely make Arya proud of you! And that’s saying something!

GoT Themed Party: The Lightings

Lightings in Game of Thrones Themed Party

Okay, there is obviously a reason why we are dealing with lightings separately from the decorations. That’s because we would really love it if you paid extra attention to the lightings for the event. The only thing separating a Game of Thrones party from the rest is the lighting. And to make that difference stand apart, you are going to need candles! Copious amount of candles (you know you are a true GoT series follower if you read the previous line in the voice of Tyrion the imp!)

Now, if you cannot manage huge amounts of candles, you can supplement it with dimming the artificial lights. This, along with lamps and chandeliers would add brilliance to the event.

GoT Theme Party: The Costumes

So who are you dressing up as in your Game of Thrones party? Know that the Starks like a lot of fur in their clothing, however at Kings Landing, it’s particularly hot and you might want to dress in the light silks and satins. However, as Cersei Lannister once advised, it would do you well to include a bit of armor in your dressing gowns as well. Go through the patterns and select what you would like to wear to the gathering.

GoT Themed Party: The Perfect Venues

Game of Thrones Venue Hire

And well, what is a party all about without the most enviable venue, right? If you really wish to match the grandeur and appeal of the Game of Thrones, you need to have a proper venue for the occasion. And well, as luck would have it, we have found you some of the most perfect venue to host your GoT duo.
  1. Central Hall Westminster – This shining piece of our monarchial heritage is the perfect place for you to host your Game of Thrones theme party! Especially if you are planning a wedding (against our advice of course, but good luck anyway,) or any other large scale event. Book Central Hall Westminster for an epic perfect and truly royal Game of Thrones celebration.
  2. Draper’s Hall – And talking about the grand and royal affairs, another venue that catches our fancy is the Draper’s Hall. Everything about the hall, from its architecture, to ambiance, to décor and service, screams novelty and aristocracy. And the best part? You can book Draper’s Hall and enjoy a day of exquisite nobility.
  3. Tower of London – The epic series that the Game of Thrones has been, they require an equally historical landmark, and venue for hire at Tower of London seems to fit the bill quite perfectly. With the interiors that would help you recreate the medieval feel, with a stark resemblance to the Red Wedding (*cries a river*), it’s the perfect venue for an inspiring Game of Thrones party.
  4. Medieval Banquet – The perfect venue for recreating the magic of the Red Keep, or other parts of the castle, you can hire Medieval Banquet venue for a stellar Thrones themed party! With candles and attire, the venue is going to add radiance to the event.
Alright Gamers! This is all that we have for you today. Please share with us your opinions in the comments section below. And brace yourself, for the night is dark and full of terrors and of course, the winter is coming!

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