Before You Plan a Joint Hen and Stag Do in London

A lot of couples these days love Jack and Jill parties rather than having a last night of freedom. Rihanna and Chris Brown have done it, so why can’t you. It can be a good choice for couples who have lots of mutual friends. But before you jump at the chance to plan a “sten do” or “hag night”, you need to consider a few things and plan an exciting affair where everybody can have fun and let their hair down without crossing the boundaries. Short of ideas? Here are some to give you a helping hand in planning a perfect night.

Fabulous Venues

Capital city is home to a cluster of hen and stag do venues in London that won’t let you down. From party boats and ships to elegant halls and historic houses, London city has it all. All you need to do is keep your party mood in mind and also your budget before picking a venue.

Things to Consider

First think, do your friends get along together or not. You don’t want any clashes after a few drinks. Also, ask yourself whether you and your fiancée mesh well with each other’s friends. After all, it’s your night to have fun. Maybe men prefer a Vegas style casino night while ladies love a masquerade ball at one of the ballrooms in London. Some might be comfortable with an informal party like Luau whilst some may prefer a formal dinner. You cannot please everyone and anyone but make sure to choose something that appeal to the majority.

Inspiring Unisex Ideas

How about a scavenger hunt? Everybody loves it and the best thing is it can be as modest or as raunchiest as you want. Another great idea is to plan a murder mystery party. Give them clues and let the real murderer get unveiled. Lords and ladies will both like the excitement involved in unlocking the secret.

Keep Some Separation

Even if you are planning a joint do in London, keep in mind that a stag or hen night about spending time with friends. Be it activities, meal, or an after party sleepover; ensure that you plan things to do separately too. And make sure that you are not glued to your partner during shared times.

If everything goes without any problems, your joint do will be one to remember for years to come. These ideas will help you plan a vivacious affair

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