BBQ Party Ideas to Have Fun in the Sun

The aroma of grilling steaks, the smoking charcoal briquettes, and the hot sunny weather, nothing can beat a BBQ bash. Barbeques are a fun summer tradition that we dream about all through the freezing weather. As the weather gets warm and sun shines, Londoners begin to gather at London BBQ venues for hearty parties. For your next barbeque in London, take out some time to make it more fun and festive with these ideas.

Wild, Wild, West
Why not plan a western style BBQ in a warm summer evening. Arrange a bonfire and gather with your mates in cowboy outfits. Place stack of hay for the guests to sit and also cart wheels and wooden beer barrels to give a countryside look. Serve grilled pork chops, chicken, coleslaw, and corn bread for an authentic western style barbeque. Ask guests to wear blue jeans, cowboy boots, and hats.

Laid-Back Luau
Bring the Hawaiian tropics right in your BBQ venue with a luau party. To set the tropical party vibe, decorate the venue with tiki torches, paper lanterns, and grass skirts. Serve some Hawaiian delights to evoke the theme like roasted pig, marinated chicken, fruit cocktails, and coconut juice. Ask your guests to wear Hawaiian shirts for men and muumuu dresses for women.

Greek Grilling
Greeks are known for their lively nature and delicious food. Plan a fun Greek barbeque and dive into the colourful and mysterious culture. Play Zorba music in the background to get everyone in the party mood. Bring Greece in your venue with mosaics, terracotta pots, and white walls with blue tones. Delight your guests with typical Greek food like Lamb Kofte, Souvlaki, and grilled fish.

Next time you host a BBQ in London, choose any of these themes and ideas to give an unusual twist to your usual party.

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