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Your best mate is going to get hitched and you have the responsibility of throwing an absolute whirlwind bachelor party for him in the city? Then, plan the best bachelor party for him using the ideas given below. Right from invitation to themes to activities, this article covers every aspect and will help you in organising an unforgettable stag do for your best mate in London.

Selecting The Best Venue For The Day
Choosing the best venue should be your priority, as venue sometimes becomes the critical factor in shaping up the success of your stag do in London. Before you book a London stag do venue, make sure that it has best possible facilities like ideal location, an event management team, in-house catering facilities (in case, you need it), ravishing ambience and above all, apt parking space.

Apart from this, make a personal visit to the venue before giving the final nod. Do not just blindly follow what the venue team has to say about the facilities at the venue.

Invitation Ideas - Selection
While you are framing invitations for the stag do in London, make sure that your selection is just about perfect as it is of prime significance. Keep following things in mind before framing the invitation cards in your mind:

  • Your invitations should reflect the theme of your stag do in the most comprehensive manner. Sending out formal invitations would be a disaster. Likewise, if you have planned a BBQ party, then do mention it in your invitation card.
  • If you want to pepper up the glitzy quotient of your invitation card, add some complementary accessories to your invitation card. For example, there are websites like that have invitation cards with matching buttons and tees accompanying the card.
  • Order your invitations (in case through web) at least three months in advance so that you have enough time for delivering those invitation cards to your guests. If some of your friends live outside London, then deliver the cards at least 2 months in advance.
  • Always have the back-up of extra invitations at your hand. There is always a possibility of the guest list inflating due to several reasons (like last-minute guests).

Invitation Ideas - Themes
An uninspiring invitation card for a whirlwind stag party will be a dampener. Your invitation should be alluring, catchy and yet brief. Here are some of the ideas which you can incorporate for your stag do invitation card.

Sexy Lady
Bachelor parties often involve strippers, escorts, or sensual females in some form or another. Then what about having this as the theme of your invitation card? Have a caricature of a gorgeous woman donning sensual attires on the face of the card. The background of the card should be kept dark to convey the sense of fun and mystery.

Wild West Wanted Poster
It is one of the most popular themes for your stag do in London. Have the face of your mate on the invitation card and paint it with weird colours. Else, use photo-editing software to infuse old-fashioned “black and white” feel to the face. Afterwards, list out the crimes of your mate below the face like drinks, breaking traffic rules and others (do not put serious offends!).

Additionally, you can burn the edges of the invitation card to give it a real ’wild’ feel.

City Skyline
If you have plans of a night out after the main event is over, then include the skylines of London in your card. Pictures of the Shard, London Eye and buildings like the Canada Tower are quite appropriate. Along with this, include the itinerary of your stag affair. This will amplify the “party” pitch even more.

Stag Party Themes
Theme of your stag party should be exhilarating and lively at the same time. A boring theme muddles up the fun quotient. Try from the following themes:

The Hangover
Who can forget this comic caper devoted exclusively to the theme of bachelor party? Infuse the fun of this movie into your stag do in London. Head towards the most luxurious hotel suite in London and party like nothing else. Everything about your party should exude luxury and riches. Hire a luxury car but not chauffeur driven. At the suite, have the most expensive wine and then dance your time away. Afterwards, you can go for a drive (provided you have enough senses to drive safely). However, do not replicate the whole movie into your party (like forgetting your groom friend!)

Las Vegas
Las Vegas is literally synonymous with partying and unending revelry. So, what about recreating the magic of Sin city into your bachelor affair? Have a Casino board at the venue with cut outs of stars adding to the decor. Bring in deck of cards and have a game of Roulette with your buddies. Setting up a pop-up bar at the party venue will add to the glitz. In terms of music, play anything from Celine Dion to Blues to Led Zeppelin whatever the crowd’s favourite may be.

Swinging Sixties
Incorporate the flamboyance and vigour of sixties into your stag affair in London. Have brilliant shades like bright pink, red and orange adding life to the venue decor. Ask your guest to dress like characters of popular 60s television shows like ’Get Smart’, ’Gilligan Island’, ’Batman’ and ’The Flintstones’. If you want to be a bit audacious with clothing pattern, then ask your guests to dress themselves like Hippies. Adding Lava Lamps at the table will glorify the venue even more. When it comes to music, songs by Beatles, Led Zeppelin and Elvis Presley will dominate the playlist.

Party Decorations
As it will be the last day for your friend as a bachelor, try recreating the aura of bachelorhood through apt decorations of your party venue. Use following ideas:

  • Adorn the wall of the venue with the pictures of your friend having fun with his male friends. You can also paste childhood pictures of your friend. However, do remember to paste high-school and college pictures as these are often the best male bonding periods.
  • Hang a huge banner at the entrance of the party venue. The banner should have the theme imprinted on it. If budgets allow, you can also go for small banners at different locations in the interiors of the venue.
  • Set up a bar at the venue with the favourite drinks of your friend dressed onto the table.
  • Decor of the venue should complement the theme of your bachelor party. For example, if you have “casino” as the theme of the party then have a casino styled bar and a gaming table.

Party Food
As with the theme, food should also exude the sense of informality and fervour. Do not go for course meals or meals that require more preparation time. Choose those foods that are easy to make, delicious in taste and long-lasting. Try from the following options:

Finger Foods

Finger foods make for a very good choice in a bachelor party as they allow more variety and are easy to eat. Additionally, you can have them all through the party unlike course meals that may taste stale after some time. Place the food on the table in a buffet style and have small portions of it. As far as choices are concerned, go for cheese balls, chicken wings, mini corn dogs, jalapeno poppers, spring rolls, veggies with dips, crescent rolls, and pizza bagels. Do remember, however, that the portions served are small in .

Barbecued Food
If your stag party venue in London has an open space, consider having a barbecue. Include groom’s favourite BBQ food into the menu. Barbecue food offers a wide range like hotdogs, steaks, fish, sausages, hamburgers, and grilled kebabs.

If you want some accompaniment with these dishes, have French fries, pasta, vegetable salad, coleslaw, steamed vegetables and mashed potatoes.

If you are having pizza as food, then make sure that it has variations in terms of taste and ingredients. Party pizzas with multiple toppings on different sections would be a nice option.

If the venue has in-site caterers, then ask them for side dishes like cheese sticks, Caesar salad and garlic bread.

Drinks For Party
As far as drinks goes, wine, and champagne are the best possible options. Dark beer, Tequila and super chilled Vodka are other wonderful choices for drinks lovers.

If there would be some guests at the bachelor party who are teetotallers, then Watermelon Margaritas, Pomegranate Sparkler and other such refreshing non-alcoholic drinks will do.

Music For Party
The right choice for music will add an unparalleled charm to your bachelor party in the city. Some of the songs which should definitely feature on your playlist for your bachelor party are:

  • Girls, Girls, Girls – Motley Crue
  • Straight Outta Compton – N.W.A
  • Let There be Rock – AC/DC
  • Whole Lotta Love – Led Zeppelin
  • Desperado – The Eagles
  • Who would’ve Thought – Rancid
  • The End – The Doors
  • Bachelor Party – Danny Elfman
  • Who Let’s the Dogs Out – Baha Men
  • Candy Shop – 50 Cents

If you want more ideas for bachelor party songs, visit

Stag Party – Activities And Games
Games and activities are the soul of any party as they infuse the “fun” quotient into it. It applies to stag do too. Plan some engrossing games and activities so that your friend and all the guests are thoroughly entertained throughout the party.


Roasting the Groom
Have each guest of the party talk about the groom and the funniest incident related to him or the incident in which groom was involved. Being the closest friend of groom, you must have stories of some embarrassing incidents especially incidents involving groom and his old girlfriends. Share those stories and just roast the groom.

Scavenger Hunt
Plan a scavenger hunt for your friend. Hide any of his valuable items (especially if it relates to his would-be wife) and then give him hints. Set up intriguing mazes of riddles all across the party venue and leave a clue at different locations.

Truth or Dare
Modify this game to suit the ambience of the situation. Ask the ’would-be groom’ to do tasks only. When the turn comes to you and other guests, select only the “truth” option and in that ask those questions from guests that relate to groom’s life. This way you will come up with some surprising stories and some silly photo shots! (Especially, if the groom friend has been asked to do weird tasks).

Guessing the Stripper
If you are having stripper/s for the do, then this can be quite a fun. After strippers leave, ask guests about the stripper like her name, how long were her hair, what she was wearing, and many such questions. It will be quite hilarious when you hear different answers and guests arguing about the correct one.


Hangout in the City
After the stag do is complete, come out and have a blast in the city. Either, go for a long drive outside London or just drive through city’s most iconic attractions.

Pitching in at a Casino Club
Have a casino session at one of the casino clubs in London and have a blast there. Win some cash there and have fun. Remember it is a stag affair; therefore, make certain that you would not have those people with you who are avid gamblers. Keep it an informal and fun event not a serious business! To know more about casinos in London, visit

Movie Marathon
It is a great option for rejuvenating the male-bonding among all the male friends of the group. After the culmination of party, start a movie marathon with all the movies being ’guys’ one. Movies like The Hangover, Swingers, The Goonies, Ocean’s Eleven, and Very Bad Things top the list. Play one movie after another and let the Moviethon continue!

Bachelor party is once in a lifetime opportunityto relish the bachelorhood with your mates. Use following ideas and make your stag do an affair to remember.

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