Awe-Inspiring Wedding Ideas for Brides Over 40

Wedding Ideas for Brides Over 40

People often say, ‘if you are 40, you are too old to get married’. It is wrong, as life generally begins at 40. As a bride in London, you are never too old to have a dream wedding as per your choice. Here are few creative wedding ideas for London brides who are over 40:

Choice of the Venue

When planning your wedding as a 40 plus bride, you should consider the location of the ceremony. The location of your wedding influences all other decisions that you are planning to make. For example, if you are thinking about a poolside wedding, you will not get a long gown, are you? Thus, it is always important to find best London venues, and then go with some innovative ideas. Many older brides in London do not prefer having their weddings in churches. Instead, they love to hire large banquets, outdoor spaces, or unusual wedding venues.


When choosing a theme for your wedding, make sure that you do not plan so that it is overdone or looks tacky. From entrance to hall and food, incorporate your theme nicely to attract the guests. Use plenty of flowers, all matching colour scheme of your ceremony. Most common colours at London wedding include, white, red, blue, and pink. So, use any of these colours and work around the chosen colour scheme to bring out the desired theme.

Your Attire

The wedding dress is one of the crucial things that you have to decide much before you start planning the ceremony. You should be careful while selecting your attire, as most wedding dresses are created for younger brides. Stay away from princess-style gowns, rather go for something more simple and sober, matching your style and personality.

Just Have Fun

As an older bride, you do not need to be stressed about the wedding. Just have fun and enjoy it. You can even involve your children or step children in the wedding preparations to have great family fun. Plan your wedding in a private restaurant, or some historic museum. If you are planning a winter wedding, then have a sleigh ride outside and have an informal reception at London venues.

Use these ideas to plan your wonderful wedding in London. Nothing can stop you from being a beautiful bride, even if you are over 40.

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