Authentic Ideas to Decorate 2013 Chinese New Year Party in London

Chinese New Year 2013 in London is expected to be a grand celebration for people of all communities. And, if you wish to have a party in your own style, then host an event at London party venues. 10th February 2013 is your day, when you can invite your friends, family, and colleagues to join you in an oriental style celebration in London. If you are wondering how to decorate the party hall, then follow these authentic ideas. No Chinese New Year is complete without having the perfect oriental atmosphere. You need to decorate your party space so that it looks more festive. Here are few ideas that will help you make venues in London look more authentic:

Oriental Decorations
  • Hire a top London hotel venue, serving authentic Chinese cuisine along with space for parties and celebrations.
  • Red is the colour for good luck, so use this colour as main motif, along with silver and gold.
  • Place traditional Chinese wall hangings at your party hall. Make sure either they have words of wisdom or feature character cut outs for words, such as prosperity, luck, and happiness.
  • Place lucky bamboo all around the space.
  • You can buy some Chinese paper lanterns and line them around your hall.
  • For a usual party décor, use lot of confetti, streamers, and balloons.
  • Purchase strings of flower garlands and put them around mantel, tables, and door.
  • Flower arrangements with peach blossoms, chrysanthemums, and kumquat plants will symbolise luck, longevity, and prosperity.
  • To decorate walls, use posters of Chinese zodiac signs. A Chinese calendar looks great as wall décor too.
  • Arrange for clear glass bowls and fill them with plenty of lemons and oranges. Place these bowls on tables and use them as centrepieces.
  • Red tablecloths will look perfect for your buffet tables, and to add more oriental feel, use those with Chinese prints.

Tray of Togetherness
Tray of togetherness looks lovely as your table centrepiece. Fill this tray with eight dried fruits, each symbolising Chinese blessings. These fruits include:
  • Lychee Nut – Strong Family
  • Lotus Seeds – Fertility
  • Candid Melon – Good Health
  • Coconut – Unity
  • Kumquats – Prosperity
  • Longan – Many Good Sons
  • Peanuts – Longevity
  • Red Melon Seed – Joy

Follow these ideas and plan to host memorable Chinese New Year celebrations in 2013. Hire your party venues now so that you get to save a lot for your party.

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