Alice in Wonderland Party Ideas

Little girls always love Alice in Wonderland as a magical party idea. Whether you want to throw your very own Mad Hatter tea party, fantastical “un-birthday” party, a croquet game in your backyard, or malice in wonderland Halloween party, this theme is so flexible and fun. And it’s quite easy to pull together this theme with some key elements kept in mind. Are you ready to step into the world of wonder?

To invite your guests to the whimsical wonderland, make sure to send magical invites that they can’t resist to open. You can go for traditional paper invitations or use one of these magical ideas to make them more inviting.

  • Make your invitations look like the Queen of hearts playing card. Only a bit of printing and cutting is required and your invitations will be ready. Pair the back of the cards with a red ribbon to make them look even real.
  • Remember the ‘drink me’ potion? Why not send your message in a bottle. Roll up your invitations and slide them into small bottles with “Drink me” labels on them.
  • Whichever option you choose, make sure to incorporate familiar phrases from the book so your invites evoke the theme such as:

  1. ’Don’t be late for very important date’
  2. ’A very merry unbirthday’
  3. ’By order of the Queen of Hearts....’

Door Decorations
“Read the directions and directly you will be directed in the right direction”, remember this quote by the Doorknob? Right at the entrance of the venue, hang a large banner saying this. There’s no better way to tell someone to follow the directions to find the right way. Keeping up the theme, you can decorate the door as the rabbit hole, or the looking glass, or simply fix a doorknob like in the classic movie. Hang signs here and there saying, ‘this way’, ‘that way’, ‘wrong way’, ‘keep going’ and ‘off with your heads’ like in Disney’s Tugley Wood.

No matter which venue you choose, you’ll need a lot of décor additions to pull together this whimsical theme successfully. But there are in fact some alluring venue choices in London that might save you some useful bucks you have spent on decorations. First, think what type of venue will represent the wonderland the best, may be a utopia with strange creatures and plants? How about Barbican Centre Conservatory, a tropical oasis home to 2000 species of flora and fauna?

Remember the scene when Alice falls down the rabbit hole into an ancient hall? A historic hall with checkered floor, plenty of locked doors, and red curtains, don’t you think it’s easy to find such a hall for hire in a historic city like London. Let us make it easy for you. Inner Temple Main Hall is just what you are after. A lavish livery hall with checkered floor, lots of large doors and windows, and antique look. There is also a life- replica of chess in the gardens for kids. Doesn’t it make it a perfect choice for your Alice in Wonderland party?

Table Décor
Remember Mad Hatter’s tea party? That is the kind of table setting and whimsical look you have to create. Here is how:

  • Use colourful table clothes to cover the tables.
  • Use tiered plate stands, teapots, cups, and bone china.
  • Whimsical stacked teacups centrepieces are an impressive choice for Alice in Wonderland party. You can glue cups on saucers and then glue them one above the other with the smallest set on the top. Place large sunflowers or colourful feathers in the cup on the top. Make sure that you paint the teacups and saucers in bright colours.

Fantastical Food
We have some quirky themed food that the kids will fall in love with.

  • To all the bottles and bowls, attach labels that say ‘eat me’ or ‘drink me’.
  • Bake little cupcakes with the little ‘eat me’ written on them with icing.
  • Serve iced tea, edible mushrooms, and finger food like mini-muffins, grapes, and sugar cookies.
  • Make sure to delight your little guests with tea and lemonade served from teapots.
  • Boil some eggs and paint them to look like Humpty Dumpty who fell off the wall. Or you can ask kids to decorate the eggs themselves to make an activity out of it.
  • And when it comes to cake, why not make a traditional cake with pink frosting like the one in the movie. Or you can get an offbeat design baked that evokes the theme like a Teapot with “Eat Me or Drink Me” written on it.

Little Things that Count
It’s impossible to imagine an Alice in Wonderland party without flowers. Use oversized silk flowers to keep up the whimsical feel. Mix them up with little real flowers. To add a bit of spice to your flower arrangements, decorate them with glittered butterflies. Alongside, adorn the whole space with pink lawn flamingos, croquet mallets, and white rabbit stuffed animals to turn it into a wonderland.

Party Favours
You don’t want to send your little guests home from Wonderland empty handed. Why not give out fancy and fun favours like:

  • Rabbit ear headbands
  • Playing cards
  • Copies of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
  • White gloves
  • Beaded necklaces
  • Teapots

Alice in Wonderland is an all-time favourite theme for kids as well as adults. Throw a fun-filled fantabulous party for your little adventure lover this time.

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