Activities and Ideas for Your Team Building Event in London

Looking for new sure-fire ways to bring together your workforce? Why not add a couple of team building dates to your yearly work diary. Putting together teams in your office is a real gamble. But using team building events can help you hit the jackpot. These activities work like wake-up-calls and fill all the employees with team spirit and energy. Along with office Christmas and New Year party, such events give employees something to look forward. And what can be a better time to plan a team building event than now when the weather is just perfect in London. Here are some team building activities that will help you reach your goal.

Challenge Catwalk

This is quite a fun way to get your employees work together and indulge in fun too. It focuses on the creative abilities of the workforce as the teams battle out to make outfits that they think will steal the show. Within the given timeframe, they have to design and produce a winning dress and find a model to showcase it on the ramp. To arrange the catwalk, you will need a venue that has flexible staging options. A fashion show venue in London can be the right choice.

London ‘Fun’opoly

If you reside anywhere in UK, this is a great game to bring your teams to the capital and have a fun time. This is a great team-building event based on the famous Monopoly board game. Your teams will be racing around London to find various iconic landmarks. But if they pick the wrong location, they will have to work harder to get back into the game.

Minute to Win It

Minute to Win It inspired activities are perfect as indoor corporate event energisers. The best thing is, these are not time consuming. This fast-paced event will get everyone laughing, cheering, and struggling to become the minute to win it champion. Here are some activities that you can include to enhance team spirit in your workforce.

(a) Bottoms Up
(b) Breakfast Scramble
(c) Blind Wall
(d) Moving on Up
(e) Bite The Biscuit

If you are looking to plan a team building event in London, these activities and ideas are sure to be a big hit among your employees.

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