A-Z of Planning Corporate Christmas Party in London-Part 1

Yes, folks it is actually that time of the year already. If you want to make the most of your company Christmas party, you need to start planning now! And if you’re thinking to skip the festive bash due to economic crisis, we beg you to reconsider. For many, this annual fest is much looked forward to event. So the management just can’t do away with that. We have created and A-Z list of important factors to consider when hosting an office Christmas party this year. It will take give you practical solutions to your party planning blues. So, keep reading.

A – Agenda
You do not want to disappoint your delegates, partners, and of course, potential clients, do you? A good rule of thumb is to prepare an agenda and stick to it. If you are not organized, mayhem will quickly takeover. A clear start, a fun middle, and a perfect end with some scheduled breaks in between are essential. Sometimes even the most entertaining speakers urge audience to keep checking their watches. So, make sure you pay attention to the timings of different aspects and keep the interests of the audience in mind. Do not make it too business oriented or the event will fall flat.

B – Book Early
Corporate festive celebrations demand acute attention to detail and thoughtful planning. It is hard to plan such events in a nick of time. So, you need to make all your bookings well ahead of time including the Christmas party venue, entertainers, caterers, and so forth. You do not want to end up pulling together a boring affair that employees forget the next morning.

C – Catering
A hungry stomach leads to an irritable employee. Serve enough food and make sure to publish your drinking policy in advance to avoid any misunderstandings. You can hire a venue that offers in-house caterers to avoid any stresses. These caterers create a bespoke menu keeping your specific requirements in view.

D – Date
There is no reason why you cannot hold your office Christmas party in January or even in February. Since it will be a lean time for venues, each will welcome your party with open arms without breaking your bank. Besides, most people would have been hearing Christmas carols from October onwards. A non-festive party would be a welcome surprise. No Santa hats, no cheesy Christmas songs, and no turkey dinner. Holding a festive soiree later also means that most of the invitees will be able to attend which is often not the case in December.

E – Entertainment
Break the myth that corporate Christmas soirees cannot be fun. Inject some entertainment into it and see how it becomes the hot topic next working day in the office. Make everybody leave feeling good by including them in fun activities. Consider the fact that not everybody wants to dance. Casino tables, video horseracing, or talent hunt will help lighten the mood and get in everyone in good spirits.

F – Food and Drink
When deciding your menu, take care of your Vegetarian guests and any golden agers with specific dietary requirements. And when it comes to the question, booze or no booze, it is generally regarded better to keep corporate parties alcohol free. However, if you plan to allow alcohol, hire a bartender to prepare and serve drinks. Do not have the company purchase alcohol, as you do not want any legal issues. And never allow employees to bring their own beer or wine. You can also set up a cash bar especially if your company cannot afford bonuses.

G – Goals
Are you hosting the festive bash just to meet the expectations of the employees? Or do you have some other reason in your mind. To make it truly work, you need to decide what you want to get out of the event. Do you want it to be a team building event or you want to impress your potential clients, reward your team for their hard work, or simply celebrate Xmas? Answering these questions will help you establish clear goals, making things easier whilst planning.

H – Hotel
If you’re expecting guests from other than London, it’s good to make accommodation arrangements for them. In fact, there are plenty of venues with accommodation facility whilst most of lavish London hotels have event facilities too.

I – Invitations
To ensure that most of the invitees turn into attendees, send out the invitations in advance. Send invitations a couple of months ahead, so that people can schedule your event in their diaries. If you don’t want to send paper invitations, you can go for e-invitations too. Make sure to send a few reminders before the event for a better turn-out.

J – Jack and Jill
A corporate Xmas bash doesn’t have to be about employees only. Serious brownie points can be won if you plan to include the partners or families of your employees. This way, your team can mix socially and build better relationships.

K – Keepsakes and Gifts
No matter whether your company has the budget for Christmas bonus or not, it’s generous to give Christmas gifts or keepsakes to your employees. These keepsakes will keep reminding them of the fun time they had at the party.

L – Location
One rule of hosting an office festive celebration is that you don’t hold it in the office. Office Christmas party is meant to be a refreshing break from working environment. And who would want to go back to office to have a party. You need to choose a unique location out of the office but within the city so that it’s easily accessible for all.

M –Musical Activities
Music helps to liven up the aura and encourages guests to let their hair down and have fun. Set a celebratory vibe with latest records. It will wake up the sleepiest and the most reserved employees. Play some hip numbers but don’t forget to include traditional Christmas songs.

Planning a company Xmas requires a lot of planning and preparation and so does the A-Z list. Stay connected with our blog to view the N-Z list or Part 2 of office Christmas party planning.

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