A to Z of British Wedding

Click! Smile! Wham! Hitched!

If your wedding is just a snap away, here’s presenting you a complete checklist of London weddings! Think you are ready? You can’t be too sure until you have read this entry! Grab some popcorns perhaps, and figure out an A to Z anatomy of British Weddings!

A: Attire

a to z wedding planning guide at thecitycollection

You don’t want a disco dress code going on at your vintage wedding, do you?!

B: Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

b of wedding planning guide london at thecitycollection.org

Strut down the aisle with your gang.

C: Cake and Catering

guide for wedding planning at thecitycollection.org

Because who doesn’t love the food and porn related to it?!

D: Drinks and Dance

wedding planning london at thecitycollection

The best way to escape those awkward conversations with relatives at your wedding.

E: Entertainment

entertainment in wedding planning at thecitycollection

Bored guests are the last thing you want to see at your Special Day.

F: Favors and Namesakes

favours in london weddings at the city collection

Something for the guests to remember your Big Day by…after the hangover ends.

G: Guest List

wedding planning guide thecitycollection

Mind those uninvited guests and ex-partners……shhhhh!

H: Honeymoon

wedding planning guide london at thecitycollection

The most special and memorable vacation you will ever take in your life.

I: Invitations and Order of Service

wedding planning guide at the citycollection

To let the world (or just your dear ones) know, that you are getting hitched!

J: Jitters

wedding planning at thecitycollection

Say good bye to that impending panic attack or pre wedding jitters with beauty sleep and Spa.

K: Keeping the Kids Busy

keep kids engaged at london weddings - a guide by the city collection

An engaging corner for the kids to keep that running around, shouting, and creating chaos under check!

L: Location

location is important part of wedding planning in london at thecitycollection

A boat, lush green gardens, five star hotels, livery hall, top London attractions…..phew! Hire a wedding venue in London City perhaps as it suits you and your preferences.

M: Makeup and Hair

makeup and hair styles for wedding planning at thecitycollection.org

If you have two left hands when it comes to makeup and hairstyling, then a professional is strongly recommended…obviously!

N: (who’s) NEXT!

wedding planning guide at thecitycollection

A single friend actively wanting to mingle! An old aunt scanning the crowds to acquire the next big catch, now that you’re hitched!

O: the Big O!

incredible wedding planning guide at the city collection

Set the playing field! Prepare yourself for a trip to the 7 heavens and back. Perhaps all in one night.

P: Photographs

wedding planning guide london thecitycollection

Cameras can be dangerous in wrong hands. You will be seeing these photographs for the rest of your life after all.

Q: Questions

better wedding planning at thecitycollection.org

Get your stuff about bees and all sorted before, amongst other things!

R: Rings

rings while planning london wedding at thecitycollection.org

After all, these are the smallest handcuffs ever made(and a pricey token of your love).

S: Shoes

shoes in wedding planning london at thecitycollection.org

Make sure those are comfortable ones. Otherwise, power to you.

T: Themes

wedding planning themes and ideas at thecitycollection.org

Stick to the wedding theme! Always stick-to-the-theme!

U: Umbrellas

best london wedding planning guide at the city collection

Because London’s weather is THAT unpredictable. Especially when you have opted for an unusual outdoor wedding venue in London.

V: Vows and Speeches

vows in london wedding planning thecitycollection

How else will you hold your better half accountable during future arguments? Make sure to videotape that part if it helps.

W: Wedding Gown

Nothing else is the highlight of the Big Day, other than the bride and her dress.

X: X-es

Beware of such blasts from your or your partner’s past on this day.

Y: YOWO (You Only Wed Once)

Go on with that spirit, even if it’s not your first time.

Z: Zzzzzzzzz... and done

Cranky out-of-town guests? Don’t forget to arrange a cozy accommodation for them near your wedding venue.

Another fine outing comes to an end! Get in touch with us to plan the most beautiful wedding in town. Go ahead and explore some of the fanciest wedding venues in town! Planning a unique cultural wedding? Do explore our collection of finest Asian wedding venues in London. Our experienced venue experts are always up on their toes to help you out in wedding planning and venue bookings. Contact us now for any of your wedding planning and venue needs! If not, do make the most of this checklist! And feel free to invite us for your wedding!

Wishing you a blissful married!

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