A Step-by-Step Guide to Plan an Employee Award Ceremony in London

Whether your company is approaching its 100th year or it has just achieved a goal, recognising the achievement is significant. And, when you reside in the business centre of the world, keeping your employees happy becomes even more important. An award ceremony in London will not just help you to reward the deserving employees but also break the monotony. But when planning an award ceremony in London, logistics can be a bit nerve-wracking. Understanding the general headaches surrounding an award ceremony, we have created a step by step guide to give you a helping hand.

Who to Invite
First, create a list of award winners and ask if they will bring a guest with them. Next, make a list of VIPs like your regular clients, chairperson, speakers you have invited, and others. With all these, don’t forget those who competed for the award, the support staff. Before finalising your guest list, keep in mind that the ceremony is about winners. Lastly, consider inviting your key clients as it helps to strengthen the relationship.

Once you have your guest list ready, you can start looking for potential venues that can accommodate your invitees. Make sure that the venue is centrally located as central London is well-connected to transport links like tube, buses, and rail. But when booking one of the award venues in central London, keep in view the specific amenities you want like AV aids, parking, and catering. Talk to your event agent to know what the venue has to offer so you are aware of the cost. You don’t want to blow the budget allotted for the ceremony.

Seating Plans
Appropriate seating plan is crucial in making an award ceremony a huge success. It’s preferable to give the best seats to VIPs whilst award recipients also need to be seated within easy access to the stage. It is best to hire a venue that houses tiered seats. You can create the seating plan on a spreadsheet to make sure that guests are seated in the right places.

Orders your awards several weeks in advance so you have enough time to order a few extras if required. Keep the wordings engraved on the awards as per the nature of the event. If you do not have time to visit a local store to buy awards, visit http://www.trophiesandmedals.com/, a great online destination to purchase trophies and models in London.

What about those unsung heroes that contributed a lot to the success of the award winners? It would be great if you give out keepsakes to all the guests especially those who won’t receive any awards. They will not feel that they had to sit for the whole evening and then leave empty-handed.

The purpose of any event is to entertain guests and the award ceremony is no different. You need to make sure that audience sitting there is not watching their wrist watches over and over again. Include some entertaining activities to add a fun factor to your event. You would not like a rock band to perform during an employee award ceremony. Go for acrobatic cabaret, magic acts, or hire a pianist to platy soothing melodies during dinner hours.

An award ceremony is the best way to appreciate the valuable efforts of your workforce. Make sure to arrange a memorable ceremony with these ideas and tips.

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