A Guide to Plan a Kid’s Birthday Party on Thames

Is your kid’s birthday just around the corner? Why not add some thrill to his special day rather than throwing a casual birthday party at home. Make it a special one this time by planning a boat party on River Thames. Your little one would love to cut his birthday cake against the backdrop of Thames and have the time of his life. Make his birthday party the next hot topic in school with these Thames party ideas and tips.

Floating Venue
London is home to plenty of floating venues that are available to hire. Celebrate in style against the ever-changing unbeatable backdrop of Big Ben, London Eye, and Tower Bridge. Budget is not everything when choosing a boat. Make sure to consider the amenities you want. One may arrange fireworks display and others may not. But since choices are endless in London, choosing a venue is not something to worry about. Some of the best floating venues are HMS Belfast and HQS Wellington that you can think of.

Exciting Themes
What kids expect from a birthday party is fun. And what can be a better way to add fun to a party than theming it. To make the day special, you can choose a fun theme like Pilots and pursers. These little ship managers will definitely make your party run smoothly. Another great idea is to throw a Pirates Party. Get inspiration from “Pirates of the Caribbean” and dress your little pirate in chequered shirt, long boots, eye-patch, and yes, don’t forget the moustache.

Thrilling Speed Boat Ride
These little adventure seekers definitely want something exciting to do to keep the fun up. Many boats for hire in London arrange thrilling ride on a jet boat through the centre of the city. Weather jackets and buoyancy jackets are provided for safety reasons. Let all little guests have the ride of their life. HMS President is one of such venues that arrange speed boat rides for up to 12 guests at a time.

Fireworks Display
There is one thing than excites even the most level headed kid and that’s fireworks. End your little one’s birthday night with a bang with a sparkling fireworks display. Fill the sky with colourful explosions and make sure to click pictures. Many of the venues on water offer fireworks display arranged by professionals. It will make the birthday pictures memorable and exciting.

If your kid’s birthday is knocking the door, arrange a memorable one this time on Thames. These ideas and tips are sure to help you make the day even more special.

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