A Groom’s Guide to Planning a Wedding in London

Getting married? Congratulations! You are starting at more than a year of wedding planning madness, 12 months full of tension, bills, debts, family politics, and a lot more. But don’t panic. We have created a handy guide to help you know where to have an opinion, where to just help, and where to walk away. Wedding is all about picking your battles. Being a man, there may be several questions popping up in your mind like “hey, are we really spending £500 on a cake that is made of flour and sugar” and “do we really need to get married in a castle that costs the earth” Such things often get you into debates and fights. So what should be your game plan? Read on to find out.

Things to Keep an Eye On

There is whole lot of things that either you have to do on your own or have to pitch in to set things right.

You know that the zombie named venue will eat up most of your wedding budget. When choosing a venue with your fiancée, you need to say more than just, “Sure, honey, why not”. Here is the deal. Simply, cut short the guest list. Make it a no kids, no colleagues, and no dates affair. With a small number of guests, you can start looking for small wedding venues in London that will offer the same luxury ambience but on a budget.

Find a Tuxedo
First, decide whether you want something timeless or trendy. If your choice is classic, take inspiration from the timeless hero, James Bond. Bond’s classic black tuxedo paired with bow looks simply elegant yet stylish. As for groomsmen, you need to seek advice from the bride as she might have some views on synchronising with bridesmaids.

Figure It Out
Okay, your wedding will be a day when you will be photographed more than any other day in your life. You have to get fit before your big day so that buff belly doesn’t lurk through your shirt buttons. Leave your beloved dazzled with a fit and fine body.

Choose Your Team
Choosing groomsmen seems as difficult for the groom as choosing a football team is for the coach. When choosing the captain, obviously your best buddy wins. As for the rest of the team, a good rule of thumb is to include your brother and hers too, even if you are not close to them. You and your fiancée needn’t have same number of friends, unless your count is 2 and hers is 12.

Pick a Beautiful Ring
Your wedding ring is something that represents your love and stays forever with you. You cannot afford to ignore it. You have spent thousands of euros on wallets, laptops, mobiles, which are at the end perishable but the wedding ring is not. So buy a good one.

Plan Your Honeymoon
Take the lead to plan your honeymoon. Planning a honeymoon is way more convenient than planning a wedding in London. There are no etiquettes, no family drama, and no formalities. Make sure the destination is romantic like Paris, Hawaii, or unique like India or Malaysia.

“Touch Me Not” List

Don’t try to interfere with the bride-y stuff. Here are things that you should simply not try to help with.

Her Dress
Help her choose her dress the day you want her to choose your groomsmen. Let her choose her wedding dress on her own. If she asks for advice, be suggestive not overpowering.

Orchids or Roses, Rustic Lanterns or Candles, it hardly makes a difference. Does it? If your answer is no, you are a groom reading. Don’t interfere with wedding flowers and bouquets.

Make an Impression
Do you really want to make your partner feel special? Following things will help you leave a lasting impression (positive) on her mind before the big day.

Take Dance Lessons
Mere thought of dancing in front of guests may freak you out but you have to do it. You cannot skip your first dance. Why not take dancing lessons with your fiancée and make your first dance extra glamorous. Everybody does this, so why can’t you?

Curb Your Laughter
Your fiancée may be bookmarking 100 sites about wedding ideas or reading articles like 900+ centrepieces. It’s hard not to laugh but you have to curb your laughter. Respect her feelings and pretend to be excited about the flowers and cakes. After all, it’s the little things that count on your big day.

Take Her Out
Make the whole planning process romantic for both of you. If she is stressed out about something, take her for a hand-in-hand walk riverside. Or take her for a romantic dinner on a Thames cruise in London. It will make her feel special.

Planning a wedding takes a lot of time, money, and efforts. Make your wedding planning time go hassle-free with these ideas and tips.

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