8 Ideas To Throw a Grand Anniversary Party in London

Time seems to have flown away since your wedding day. That wonderful time is here again. And it is time to plan an extraordinary celebration at one of the anniversary venues in London. You will have the most splendid time at the celebration with your spouse with these ideas:

1. A New Background to Your Wedding
Is there a venue you wanted to hire for your wedding, but could not hire? Fulfil your wistful dream this time, and hold your bride’s hand once again at that venue. This will give you a truly cherishable moment now, years after. Or you can look for a venue hire in central London this time, if you want a romantic space.

2. Relive Your Love
Live this day like your wedding day. You can tie the wedding knot again, and choose to say I do. Let this celebration be your reception.

3. Invite Everyone You Did the Last Time
Invite everyone who was there at your wedding the last time. You might have lost a few people since then from your lives. But you can send invites to their families and ask them to join in.

4. The Tradition of Gift
There is a tradition of bestowing something upon the spouse each year. You can toe the tradition, and get something for your life partner. If you are thoughtful, you can come up with a extraordinary, close to heart gift that you are sure your spouse will like.

5. Time for the Photo Shoot
Weddings and anniversaries are known for creating the most cherished moments in life. You can take this chance to plan a photo session with your relatives, and get some nice snapshots with your spouse.

6. Re-create the Menu
Choose the recipes that were served on your wedding day, reach the caterers who were there to make your wedding magical, and do the same on this anniversary too. Food and music have the deepest effect, and most crucial role to play in giving a right setting. Bring all that back again.

7. Plan a Right Music
Bring back the music that played on the enchanting eve of your wedding. Tap your feet on the vibrant music to set the mood of your anniversary.

8. Add Romance
You can add romance to this day, with a fresh entertainment like a romantic dance under dim light. Sway with your guests, and have a fun time with your wedding with the bride. Or look for a romantic idea for the occasion.

Try these ideas to organise an anniversary, which is a total recall of your bygone wedding day. This will sure bring a big smile on your spouse’s face.

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