7 Steps To Conduct a Business Workshop in London

As an entrepreneur or a professional, you may consider conducting a workshop or conference in London. You may know what you want, when you want, and even have a location in mind. But, how to make it effective. Here is a checklist on how you should conduct a corporate workshop in London. These steps will help you to plan a business workshop as per your company or organisation’s requirements.

Step One – Define the Objective
Outline the goals of your London workshop based on awareness, information, and skills. This will help you to create a list of specific skills and topics you will be covering throughout the event.

Step Two – Efficient Planning
Details of Workshop – Decide what you will discuss at the workshop. If you prefer a skill-building event, then plan the types of activities you will include in your event.

Proper Coordination – Plan early if you will like to invite experts from the industry to address your employees. Decide whether they will deliver short talks or not. You may need lot of supplies and materials for your event. Gather them all in advance.

Step Three – Reach Early
It is always important to reach your London venue early. It helps you to set up all equipment before your guests arrive. Test all audiovisual equipment a day before your corporate workshop. Arrange chairs and distribute workshop materials to save more time at your event. Make sure you greet your guests, as this will help you to build a stronger relationship with them.

Step Four – Introduction
Introduce yourself and ask your participants to introduce themselves too. Explain them the workshop objectives and limit the introduction to two or three specific questions, such as name, and what they hope to gain from your event.

Step Five – Interaction
You must create enough opportunities for your participants to interact. Give short and crisp information and allow your employees to ask questions. Create different groups to perform a task and ask them to report to the whole group.

Step Six – Breaks
Scheduling regular breaks will make your workshop more interesting. This will help the participants understand the information and reflect back as per your company’s needs. Hire a venue with breakout rooms, where your participants can attend their phone calls and other personal needs.

Step Seven – Follow Up
Always follow up the employees after the event. Ask them for feedback or give them time to reflect back on their experience. This will help you to get more insights into the success of your event.

Use these steps to plan a business workshop in London. Make sure you plan early and reach out to your participants in a professional way.

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