7 Old-Time Wedding Traditions You Can Skip

Even if you are a traditional bride, you don’t need to stick to all the customs and traditions that you’ve seen and heard of. Being yourself starts at home, or at your own wedding day.

Wish to do something different? Do not let the norms define you. Scratch them, and create your own. Read 7 of the most traditional and out-dated wedding traditions and why and how you can ditch them on your big day.

1. There is nothing like a white wedding gown! – Yeah, right!

It is still a wedding dress even if it’s not white one. You can add a splash of colour with a sash, cardigan, Jimmy Choo shoes, floral accessories, or colourful jewellery. The key is to be audacious and confident. Champagne gold, beige, light pink, and even black are some of the popular options that you can choose from. So, why not pick a unique wedding gown that will give a more contemporary look and feel.

2. Wear a long white wedding veil! – But, Curtains are for Walls

Being a modern bride, you don’t need to hide your face under a long white wedding veil. Skip this tradition by wearing a stylish headband, tiara, a magnificent feather fascinator or a few glittery hair barrettes. Some gorgeous brides even prefer to let their hair down without accessories (Hats off to them).

3. Your Father Must Walk You Down the Aisle – Like, whatever!

It is true that some brides admire this tradition, while some feel a little uncomfortable with this. There’s nothing wrong, if you want to have a close relative or a friend maybe, to walk down the aisle. If you want a dear one, not necessarily your father, to give you away at the altar, just go ahead with it. But, what if you don’t have anyone in mind? Then, the best way is to walk down the aisle alone or with your soon-to-be partner. Many couples find it a great way to start the love life together.

4. A Church Wedding is a Must! – Well, Maybe for You!

If you are the one who has always dreamt of a church wedding, well, nothing wrong with that. What we are proposing is that a church wedding is not the only option for you. If you want to choose an alternative venue to make your Big Day memorable and distinctive,then you can tie the knot in London at:

- Rather unique and alternative wedding venues

- Spectacular and large vintage banqueting halls

- Or, Get married at London’s historical attraction, and many more.

5. There is a Groom’s side and a Bride’s side! – So Bleh!

Are you comfortable with making your wedding a tug of war between the groom’s side and the bride’s side? If not, then no worries! You can easily dump this tradition and keep everyone together in a single seating arrangement. Banquet, reception, and cabaret are some of the alternative seating styles that will not only accommodate your entire guests, but will make everyone feel comfortable as well. If nothing else suits you, then go for a group seating, where everyone can cheer for you and your better half together.

6. Exchange Rings with Traditional Vows! – Maybe, not!

If you are tying the knot in vintage style, there’s nothing wrong with exchanging the traditional vows. But, if you are one of those, who like to do things differently then how about a glamorous singing/dancing performance or even a flash-mob if you like. Also, choose a different style of jewellery or keepsake instead of rings to exchange during the wedding ceremony.

8. Bar Shall Open Only After the Wedding Ceremony! – Go take a hike! Whatever.

Let the party set the flow by opening the bar early. On the same side, you don’t want your guests to drink like a fish before your wedding ceremony as it can create a little problem. The best way is to arrange a small table with a few selections of beer, wine, or champagne before the ceremony. And later on, open the full bar that complements the appetizing snacks, fruit punch, ice water, and many more. Thecitycollection.org offers several wedding venues like the Conservatory and Garden and St. Paul’s Hotel that offer alcohol license, varied alcohol choices and options to book along with their spaces in London.

These are some of the popular wedding traditions that can be altered with a modern twist. After all it is your wedding day and your choice to stick to the traditional way or your way.

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