7 Ideas to Decorate your Christmas Party Venue with Fabulous Handmade Arts

Christmas brings oceans glistening with the waves of happiness and prosperity to the life. Our heart dances with melodious carols ringing all around us. But the real excitement hides behind the idea of pioneering something new and rare to the Christmas every year. Break the law of being so advanced and tech-savvy rather be a bit artistic this fall.

Try something awe-inspiring and unusual to earn buckets full of praise and compliments from the guests at your Christmas bash. Go through the list of some inventive ideas mentioned below to adorn the venue with your arty eye.

Steal the Show with No-Fuss Kissing Balls

Christmas Decoration Ideas

Decorate the path leading to the grand entrance of your party premises by hanging up chic Styrofoam ball. Tie gleaming ribbons ending up with a beautiful knot to grip the ball stronger. You can further festoon them with multihued bows and festive twigs.

Spread the Charm of Beam Light

Christmas Beam Light

Get some mesmeric flowers with fresh tiny leaves and arrange them in an artistic manner around classy candlelit centrepieces placed on each table. Let the magical spell of soothing shaft of candle light spread all over the venue creating a serene kingdom. Try for Draper’s Hall, a mesmeric venue with well-polished services that also allows DIY decoration facilities.

Dangle up Golden Bells

Christmas Golden Bells

Give wonderful opportunity to your expensive table linen to flaunt its class with beribboned grace. Try out something innovative to it by choosing two opposite sides of the table, spread and cut in couple of analogous vertical incisions. Mark outline of these slits with strips in monochromatic tint to the basic cover’s colour. Also, hang the dazzling golden pair of bells with velvet ribbons on each side to get a jingle touch.

Fun with Stockings

Christmas Stockings Decoration

Pick out a few stockings painted in vibrant hues and treat them to give a basket shape. Drape this basket with tiny art pieces and eye-catching accessories and finally, place these on side tables.

Revamp Doors

Christmas Pinecones

Augment the beauty of your door with festive essence. Play creatively with pinecones and hang them with glossy silk ribbons on the knobs of cabinets developing Christmas mood at each corner.

Fruity Treat to Vase

Christmas Table Decoration

At the focal point of your celebration venue, place a big vase with candle holder inside it. Surround this candle holder with a heap of fresh cranberries, blueberries, kumquats and walnuts to lend a festive tinge.

Bring Stars Down to your Party Place

Christmas Paperbacks

Introduce finely imaginative luminaries with your keen arty vision. Take two coloured paper bags complimenting each other and cut their edges with decorative scissors. Pop up cute tiny stars at the bottom line of these bags and place them in front where every eye could relish this art.

Incorporate these exclusive decoration ideas this Christmas and feel the new spirit of festive zeal bundles up with sheer elegance and style. Get to us at Thecitycollection.org and choose a tasteful space for your event from our fine range of venues.

Top Christmas Party Venues in London

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