6 Things You Should Never Do At Formal Events

Life is all about having fun, making mistakes, and doing things that we are often afraid to do. And parties are the occasions that allow us all these opportunities. It’s fine to let your hair down in informal celebrations. But when it comes to corporate parties and social gatherings, your reputation matters. And having too good time can turn into embarrassment later. So better be safe than sorry! Follow these tips to wake up next morning with your head held high!

1. Don’t Over Drink!
The root of all mistakes, over drinking can make you do things that you would never do when sober. Spilling drinks on others, having fights, dancing like there’s no tomorrow, puking, and flirting with your colleagues, you can avoid all this by taking an oath to not drink more than 2 alcoholic drinks. Recall what kind of conversations you begin when drunk! Is it about politics and society? Or is it about sluts, fantasies, and blurting out emotions that you’d regret later? You know yourself better so drink accordingly. When you’re challenging the IT team for a dance-off, it’s time to go home.

2. Don’t Go Uninvited!
Try and not be the uninvited plus-one! It’s not that the host hates you, but at times there are limitations. May be the venue is small or they want to have a family time together and you just don’t fit in it. So if your neighbours are having a barbeque, don’t just go there invited. Chances are that either you’ll feel left out or embarrassed. Don’t be that person who goes to a party uninvited just to have free beer and feels offended when everyone goes to the bar 5 minutes later. And if you still go uninvited, try to be a good company.

3. Don’t Blow Your Own Horn!
So your boss is right there in front of you and you find it a perfect opportunity to step the corporate ladder, stop right there! It may be a corporate occasion but it’s time to network, drink, and large it up. Nobody wants to hear your boring ideas and stories so please “shut up and leave.” You don’t want to hear these quoted words from your boss, do you? It’s just not the right time to butter up your boss. The least you can do is be a good company.

4. Don’t Complain!
So you’re at a friend’s party and you don’t like the food, the party space, the decoration, or anything for that matter. Don’t complain about it. The person has invited you to celebrate his happiness and not moan and groan for what’s wrong in the party. Complaining = friendship over. So make sure to take your complaints to the grave.

5. Don’t Say Something Blasphemous!
You are surprised to see boring office colleagues mingling, drinking, and dancing with each other and having a good time. It’s okay if you want to be a part of the conversations. But this is not the right time to say something about the dress of your boss’s wife or joke about your boss’s accent. Or don’t bitch about any colleague having an affair with someone in the office. You don’t want to be the talk of the office the next day.

6. Don’t Dress Inappropriate!
How would you feel when you show up in a revealing dress with plunging neckline or a themed dress when everyone is dressed sober? You have to follow two rules when attending a formal event. First, it’s not the right time to play sexy siren so don’t reveal more than you usually would at office. Second, don’t wear your office attire but whatever it is, it has to be classy. A tea-length cocktail dress works perfect for such events.

Formal events are occasion to make your mom feel proud. If you follow these don’ts, nothing could possibly go wrong.

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